The Sims 3 World Adventures…errr Travel Adventures?

Believe it our not, The Sims team had a different name in mind for the first expansion…SimFans.de found a very small image hidden on the EA servers of an early boxart image for The Sims 3 World Adventures…or should I say, The Sims 3 Travel Adventures.  Personally, the ‘Travel Adventures box looks more pleasing then what we have now 😛

  • Kyle

    seems like they had some more locations in mind too, rather than just two….

  • http://www.sims3cri.com Paperpin

    Hi there,

    it’s Paperpin from Sims3Cri writing :)
    I just wanted to inform you that “Travel Adventures” is the name of this first EP in Italy, as “World Adventure” is the title given to The Sims 2 Bon Voyage in my country. I don’t know the reasons behind this choice, but that’s the way EA works for Italy :)

    • http://www.simprograms.com Judhudson

      Hmmm…I wonder what is with the inconsistency between the naming in other countries. I do remember that Bon Voyage was ‘World Adventures’ for Sims 2. Did they plan to use Travel Adventures as the name in all locations and decided to change it…weird.

  • http://www.sims3cri.com Paperpin

    I really don’t know the reason why this happens. Many EPs had their name changed in Italy, but it wasn’t due to a translation. Open for Business = Funky Business, Apartment Life = Live with friends, Bon Voyage = World Adventure…who knows.

    As a member of the Italian community, however, I can ensure that all the Italian players are appalled at this fact…