‘How to make a mummy’ in Sims 3 World Adventures machinima

Let me get this straight.  If a skinny mummy moves that slow, then how slow would a fat mummy move? 😛

Props to Sims 3 Nieuws for the find

  • http://Website Sims 3 freak

    do you have to have world adventures insalled ?? :S

    • http://www.simprograms.com Judhudson

      @Sims 3 Freak – yes

  • http://Website Simsisawesome

    OMG OMG it actually works!!! that is so awesome lol my sim is a mummie from that !!

  • http://Website Simsisawesome

    im gonna teach my friends this!

  • http://Website Shavaughn

    Thank GOD! My Sim got turned into a mummy and it’s been driving me nuts at how slow he is! Lol now I can switch him back! Thank you!

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    hey, what a good article!