Sims 3 Expansion Pack Poll

The polls that I publish will only be up for a short amount of time, until the highest choice has enough votes out of 100 where the other choices can not beat it.  The results of the Expansion Pack poll are:

Pets: 8% – 7 votes

Seasons: 55% – 46 votes

Superstar: 19% – 17 votes

Open for Business: 13% – 11 votes

Other: 5% – 4 votes

I agree with the choice and one suggestion was a “transport pack”, this sound like a great idea but if EA does release something along those lines I think it would be a stuff pack.


  1. says:

    I had a feeling Seasons would win. Pets used to be the most requested but I think Seasons now is. Probably because it was the most successful Sims 2 EP. I would definitely love to have weather in the game again. :)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yeah i would love to see weather in the game as well as open for business. i also liked nightlife and the dating feature but you can’t really go out to dinner with someone in the sims 3 unless they add on to the neighborhood.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I want Sims 3 Wild Weather!!! Its like seasons but with Blizzards and natural disasters and in blizzards you cant drive and if your house doesnt have house insurance and a natural disaster comes and wrecks your house you can either stay at a friends for awhile depending on your relastionship and then you have to earn some money to build a new house!! :D:D E-mail me if you like my idea and e mail me some more ideas: [email protected]

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