Dr. Pepper/EA’s Spore 1.06 Patch and 14 Mech Parts download

Well what do you know, I have picked up 3 bottles of Dr. Pepper with the promotional code and installed the 14 Spore Mech Parts patch that was shown off a few days back.  After installing, I noticed that it updated my Spore game to version 1.06.  So yeah, I can’t believe they are holding off an actual patch from the players :/  I can’t say what exactly the patch fixes because there is no notes but I’m sure it’ll eventually wind up at the official Spore site someday.  If you want to download the patch for yourself I have added it to the website.

LINKS UPDATED: Download now available! (2nd April 2013)


Spore Bots Parts Pack Notes:

  • This is an official Spore patch in terms that it came directly from http://www.spore.com untouched in terms of me uploading it.  However, according to MaxisCactus it is deemed ‘unofficial’ due to the fact that they haven’t officially released it themselves:  The “patch 1.06″ is not an EA/Maxis product. Please exercise caution and only download content from sources you trust. If you install this patch, you will have an unsupported build of the game, which may mean you won’t be able to get help from CS in the future.  This patch will allow you to play with the new parts in game, but you will not be able to publish them because it does not grant the entitlement necessary for publication. Rest assured that I haven’t modified it or touched it in any way whatsoever.
  • PC Instructions:  Install the patch using the setup.exe installer.  If that doesn’t work for you, extract the BP2_Data.package file and install it like a mod
  • Mac Instructions (or if you can’t get the PC version to install):  Go to Finder>Downloads>Spore_Patch_6> then right-click Spore or Spore Galactic Adventures, click “Show Package Contents” then Contents>Resources>Transgaming>C_drive>Spore_EP1>Data> then drag “BP2_Data.package” from the first window to the second and you’re done! (Thanks to Nicholas for sending in the tip)
  • Users are reporting you cannot share these creatures by the official exchange due to a lock issue.  However it has been reported that you can still share them by posting the PNG file – just not to the official site.  This may be fixed when EA releases the patch on their website and removes the lock code.
  • Installing GA after installing the Dr Pepper parts pack is unsupported. Click here to find out more about how to fix your game issues if you’ve followed this unsupported path.
  • Buy a Dr. Pepper if they are sold in your area to support them.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Thankyou, this is the most fantastic news, I’ve been searching for ages to get this patch!

  2. GiantDinoMan says:

    This is why I love this site. Because lots of goodies get shared whether EAxis likes it or not!

    You sir, are the most kindest and most generous person in the world. Thank you so much!

  3. sErgEantaEgis says:

    Oh Thanks!!!Thanks you so much!!Its people like you who are changing the bad opininons people got about Americans!!

  4. Anrik says:

    Yahooo!!! Thank you SO MUCH!!! :D
    I mean it! SO
    –> !!!MUCH!!! <–

  5. SporeFan says:

    I’t Didnt Work.

  6. Judhudson says:

    Any errors? Did it not install? I haven’t put up a note, but the patch is for PC only, so if you are on a Mac that may be why.

  7. Bionicle2809 says:

    Thanks for the patch! I’ll tell everyone about this site! Also, here a picture of the patch installer for you = http://i402.photobucket.com/albums/pp108/bionicle2809/SporePatch106-1.png

  8. lava1o says:

    do you install a new version of spore or fdo you upgrade the one you have?

  9. Judhudson says:

    Yes, thank you! :D

  10. Judhudson says:

    Eh? Nope, it updates from version 1.05 to 1.06 if that is what you mean :)

  11. csp says:

    it dosnt work on spanish spore

  12. Leonhart94 says:

    Is somewhere the mac patch? I’m absolutely unlucky in these days.

  13. Judhudson says:

    I don’t think they made one…That isn’t right :(

  14. Ben says:

    Thank you so much! This is just right timing, cause I just got a PC so I can use it on that! THANK YOU!

  15. Mark says:

    Thanks. I do live in the USA, but I don’t live anywhere near where the promotional Dr. Peppers are sold.

  16. lava1o says:

    it didnt work… and i dont got the spanish version i got the norwegian

  17. Judhudson says:

    Sorry Lava1o :( I’ll include a note, thanks for letting me know.

  18. GiantDinoMan says:

    Hey, it works! I can now see the Bot Parts icon in the Creature Creator! I have also tested the parts and they work well.

    However, I don’t live in America nor I speak English, but my installed Windows and Spore are both in English (USA) versions.

    Do you think this patch ONLY works with the English versions of either Windows or Spore? I really don’t know. All I know is that mine were both installed with the English versions, and the patch installation worked like a charm.

  19. Judhudson says:

    No idea – that’s a good theory. If more people can chime in that might just be the case, and all they need to do to get it to work is reinstall to English (of course, I’m sure that may be troubling for some as its not their native language).

  20. ultimatezob says:

    Does anyone know if you can publish creations with the Bot parts using this patch? Often EAxis will need a registration code in order to be able to publish. Could someone respond and let me know?

  21. KimsetScar says:

    Im Just Downloading. This is Great. I was one of the Dudes who lead in the MPN Protest and i really think this is a Brashness ! So.. Thhanks for making it aviable for us all ! I dont think were doing something wrong.. I mean there is a chance to get free codes announced.. Here is one too :D

    What shall we do else ? Buy a Dr-Pepper Soda ? :D

  22. Anonymous says:

    It didn’t work

  23. ultimatezob says:

    Hey KismetScar! I’m the guy (ultimatezob) who held the “dredgit” contest that you won. Do you think you could let me know (either by commenting on one of my creations or by responding on here) if you can publish the Bot parts?

  24. Very Thankful Sportan says:

    You sir are a saint

  25. Judhudson says:

    That’d be a good idea…May want to buy a soda if you have one available so they at least get some sort of payment in return (and because soda is great :) )

  26. Judhudson says:

    I dont believe there are any in-game restrictions Zob. Once you have them its yours. Only restriction are for those who don’t have the parts will not be able to use the creatures.

  27. It'smemario says:


  28. It'smemario says:

    could someone please make a patch for Mac? Pleeesaase! :(

  29. Are You GOD? says:

    You are the best eva. I shall erect a statue of you in every city in the world. hvzsd,jfkhgvbfjkbh,jnc,mgn,djgb,jghnbzdjj,h


  30. Seiniyta says:

    Most likely it’s possible for non-english spore games to put the langauge on English before installing the game.

  31. Dracomane says:

    It DOESN`T WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. GiantDinoMan says:

    Judhudson, I suspect this patch requires an English version of Windows. The problem is not the Spore language but the Windows language.

    This patch installs the same way Creepy and Cute setup does. The Bot Parts are installed and located in “C:\Programs Files\Electronic Arts\SPORE_BP2\”. And, of course, non-English versions of Windows don’t have the “Program Files” folder name.

    I have also attempted to run Spore by setting its language to my own native language by using the “-locale” command-line thingy, and it works, but the Bot Parts’ names still display in English.

    So, I believe that all the PC users MUST have an English version of Windows installed for this patch to work.

    This is all I could dig up, so far…

  33. Dracomane says:

    can someone explain me, how i can install it?????

  34. Seiniyta says:

    if it’s the program files issue: phew. The dutch version of Windows does has a program files folder :p

  35. GiantDinoMan says:

    I’m not sure if it is, but if that doesn’t work, then the Windows has to be an English version.

    This worked with me because my Windows is an English version.

  36. Annoyed Anonmous says:

    It ain’t Working… iv’e been repeatatly downloading it all day

  37. Dracomane says:

    @Seiniyta: can you give me the files folder???pls…, i would be delighted

  38. mew4228 says:

    HI! Thanks for the link, however it didnt work for me, i am in U.S., and it did download, but it didnt come up when i opened up Spore. Is there a particular place i need to save it in? Please hewp me! Thank you! ;)

  39. Dracomane says:


  40. Dracomane says:

    sry, i can`t, bec. i`m a german! sry!!

  41. ultimatezob says:

    So people are saying on spore.com that you can’t upload or share with this patch. I’m sure that it needs to be registered with your EA account, and it won’t work unless you have the specific codes.

  42. Gelca says:

    Can some one with a kind heart give a dumbass (me) a full CLEAR set of intructions on how to download the patch from this website.

  43. Gelca says:

    can some one give me a full and clear set of instructions to download this I’m to dumb to work it out :(

  44. Anonymous says:

    damn not for mac

  45. Rosie says:

    Sucks that we do not have this action in our country. Wrong move EA. Just wrong.

    Thanks for sharing Jud!

  46. Anonymous says:

    all it does for me is put it into a zip folder in my documents, how do i get it to work?

  47. Anonym says:

    “It appears to only work for those who are running English copies of Windows (and the Spore game according to the various comments). Will not work for Spanish or Norwegian versions.”

    I’m running a german Windows version and a german Ubuntu (Linux) copie and it works fine with Window 7 and Ubuntu (with wine)

  48. Anonymous says:

    i’ve just found the BP2 or the booster pack that has the bot parts but how do i upload it or whatever to get it working

  49. Judhudson says:

    Rosie, did it work for you by any chance?

  50. Judhudson says:

    By running the setup.exe file it should automatically install it for you.

  51. Judhudson says:

    This is so strange…I keep hearing mixed results :/

  52. Ben says:

    FOund out it works for mac. Yay! Get the above metioned BP2 file and install it like a mod. Only problem is you can’t upload things.

  53. Judhudson says:

    Thanks, re-updated the newspost again. If anyone has trouble – install it like a Mac user has to and you should be good to go (except for the whole sharing issue). If you want to fix that you need to get a Dr. Pepper code and go thru that mess.

  54. Josh says:

    Thank you.

  55. Rosie says:

    Haven’t tried it yet, since I’m also working at the moment but when I install it, I’ll let you know how things went!

  56. Beatnuki says:

    Awesome work Jud as always, just found out about this patch and the whole furore surrounding it, and you know what? My first reflex after EAxis failed me (I don’t think British Dr. Pepper has this promo going on) was to come to your site, and lo and behold, you’ve got the goods. Fantastic job!

    Hope everyone gets this working and they get it global and uploadable/shareable though. Even for EA, this is a messy Spore patch. :P

  57. bmpalmann says:

    Thanks for posting this, out of interest where do you save the file?

  58. Lawertend says:

    Hey, just so you know, this promotional thing also applies for TS3:

  59. Lawertend says:

    Oops, forgot the link:

  60. ZeekSlider says:

    Huh, is that why I can’t log into the server? Becuase I downloaded the parts from you because my dad has a contract with this promotion, meaning I can’t grab a bottle of Dr. Pepper for myself and enter the code I find. You know, what with being the distributer of the promotion itself and all…

  61. Pdt627 says:

    do i SERIOUSLY need to make a dr pepper acc or something? cuz i am NOT going to use my frkin street address or zip code or ANYTHING!

  62. Pdt627 says:

    woah… wait thats odd…. i typed in DR PEPPER ST and it asked some questions

  63. matheus says:

    oi sou brasileiro e adoro Spore e adorei esse patch

  64. Flipmister says:

    MARVELOUS! I don’t despise the Americans anymore! well, “dislike” XD

  65. Judhudson says:

    I’d use a fake name/address. And for ZeekSlider…I see no harm in using fake info to put in the code for yourself regardless if your dad is part of Dr. Pepper. Just use fake info except for the email addy.

  66. Flipmister says:

    Sad thing is it didn’t work

  67. Anonymous says:


  68. simillion says:

    Thanks Jud, Still Naughty Though you think you could get away with uploading store objects you bought?

  69. Phanton says:

    Could anyone who has a spare code, mail it to me? I’d really appreciate it. Don’t live in the US. Meh.

  70. Judhudson says:

    That’s possible, yet to see what TS3 has to offer.

  71. Infection says:

    Does it work on Vista? I keep getting error messages.

  72. Seiniyta says:

    I’ve successfully installed the bots parts on the Dutch version of Spore, on a dutch Windows 7. The only thing I need to have is a code :p

  73. XenoAlbedo says:

    HThank you sooo much. well, not only could I upload it, I made a creation that has the link tho this site in the description. NOW ANYONE CAN GET IT. TAKE THAT MAXIS

  74. Slizorfang says:

    Hey thanks alot! But, when ( its a matter of time) Maxis releases this patch and unblocks the code will my creation that I tryed sharing appear in the sporepedia?

  75. XenoAlbedo says:

    When I said i uploaded it I meant i could share it. ya, I could share it. Why can;t anyone else

  76. XenoAlbedo says:

    and will I get banned

  77. Ian says:

    So what happens when the REAL patch comes out, or we get ahold of a code? How would you patch it so sharing is available if it’s already patch 6?

  78. Stuart says:

    XenoAlbedo, no you won’t get banned with this. Do you get banned when you use a mod?

  79. XenoAlbedo says:

    Man, I can’t wait for the real patch to come out so when I do share, other people will see them, unlike when I press share now. I made some realy cool creatures

  80. Judhudson says:

    Well it would have to be a higher patch version as this one is currently locked for users who enter a code. So it could be say Patch v1.06.1 or something. That way those who picked it up can download that and finally be able to share. Of course this is all speculation. Who knows what they’ll do :P

  81. Albalrogue says:

    I’ve downloaded it but it says that the files in the zip file are damaged. I’ve got french windows vista.

  82. Judhudson says:

    Strange…What zip program are you using? Winzip? Either way, all you need is the BP2_package file – and according to many users, it’s not damaged so I can’t tell you why it is reporting that. Perhaps it is because of the French version?

  83. Czech Spore comunity says:

    We thank u very much!

  84. Anonymous says:

    thank you so much

  85. Anonymous says:

    I’m still going to get a Dr. Pepper anyway, mostly because I want one now.

  86. Anonymous says:

    how do you install the patch for pc.

  87. Random says:

    how do i get it to install the parts when i try it just opens ga and nothing happens

  88. Random says:

    i have windows xp and mac os on my laptop will it run it?

  89. Will says:

    Thankthankthank THANK YOU! I have been looking for HOURS for the patch, and Then it upgrades me STRAIGHT TO VERSION 2.001.00 and makes me waste a ahlf- hour trying.. Thanks! (If it doesn’t work, I am not going to be happy.)

  90. Anonymous says:

    It dosen’t work for me. When I click the link and press open, it keeps loading and loading and nothing happends.

  91. Anonymous says:

    Wait, it just takes forever to load, like 10 min. Why?

  92. Judhudson says:

    If the setup.exe file does not work, install the BP2_package file like a regular mod for Spore.

  93. R.E.D says:

    do i have to install the creepy and cute pack first?
    i dont have them so its looks like its updated from 1.4 to 1.6 and i got some error that says “please insert you spore dvd” do i have copy the crack?

  94. Eddy says:

    ive downloaded it now what? how do i get it on spore?

  95. Anonymous says:

    How do I get the Setup.Exe. up? PLEASE REPLY!

  96. Eddy says:

    Ive got it up now what do i click on???? plz i realy need this!!!!!!!

  97. NextToGone says:

    Thank you so much for this patch and I promise to buy extra DP’s in return. How ever, I am on a Mac. Do I unzip the file or just place it in the mod file from my downloader? And do I unzip it once it is in the correct file?


  99. Judhudson says:

    You just extract the BP2_package file from the zip into your mods and dis-regard the rest :)

  100. NextToGone says:

    Thank you! :)

  101. Kade says:

    Im a mac user and i have no idea how to get the BP2_package file to mods… Please give a more detailed description on how to install on mac! I cant do it!

  102. Judhudson says:

    Scroll down for a tutorial on how to install mods on a Mac – http://sporedum.net/spore-modding/how-to-install-mods/

  103. NextToGone says:

    Everything works like a charm. Thank you again and even though I don’t drink DP, I will buy a six pack at the least even if they go down the drain. :)

  104. Time Lord Wandering says:

    Um; theres a download Proplem for Vista. I Get to a hour into the download and it finishes early. When i attempt to open it it comes up with a error message saying “The Compressed File (File name) is Invalid” Please can you investergate.

  105. Judhudson says:

    Are you directly downloading it from the site, or have you saved the file to your desktop and then download it?

  106. bob says:

    II download the file and then extract it but when i open the extracted autorun nothing happens, plz help!

  107. Demayanaise says:

    Thank u sooo much! You are AWESOME

  108. mishiko says:

    it is great

  109. yeah right says:

    um is this legal if not no one cares right (by caring i mean can/will they do any thing to us if we download 

  110. SporeMaster says:

    THANK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  111. Sabrena says:

    it wont work fore me!

    i tryd so hard
    i have us verson spore and PC and it still wont work!!! im so discoraged can somebody help me?
    did i save it in the wrong spore i saved it right in spore GA’s folder

  112. John bob says:

    How do you install it after you have downloaded it??

  113. Sporeizcool says:

    I have the same fricken problem…

  114. It happen to me toooooo……………………………..

  115. Annonimus says:

    Uh, it says it’s a broken archive when I try to decompress it.

  116. groxbr says:

    estou fazendo download!

  117. andrim says:

    im gonna try this out thank you!

  118. andrim says:

    if this works i love you

  119. helllhound301 says:

    you r the bomb ive been wanting this for ages i thought id have to import the codes thanx you have save me allot of money

  120. andrim says:

    WINRAR came up and i dont no y,u need 2 buy it

  121. andrim (again) says:


  122. LOL says:

    OMG OMG!

  123. Anonymous says:

    Um, please respond to this, but, i downloaded it but i have no idea how i get the download thing you put up as a picture, and i have U.S windows.

  124. Aghk says:


  125. Arnayy says:

    Bought Dr Pepper but trying to download after entering codes is impossible because it keeps me going in circles between spore.com and drpepper.com, so
    thanks a million for posting the file.

  126. Mystieznu says:

    Thanx madlie for this update :))

  127. XenoAlbedo says:


  128. The Allies says:

    A deadly blow has been struck against the EAxis armies. A fine job, gentlemen, fine job indeed.

  129. Judhudson says:

    Eh? I dont think it has been released from the official site for free – its still with the promotion unless I’m mistaken. According to fellow downloaders who picked it up for here, you can’t share unless you download it via using the Dr. Pepper Code. However if you install it from here and it does become available for everyone thru official means, then all players have to do is reinstall their game and patch. As for losing your data, just backup your ‘My Spore Creations’ in your document folder and you should be safe.

  130. XenoAlbedo says:

    when i said i would lose my data. i meant the saved planets data. like with empires. I cant let my Doomosa die.

  131. Anonymous says:

    That promo is retarded. I had to make an account on Dr. Pepper .com and EA.com, then got screwed when I had to log in to Spore.com, which I can’t do because I can’t register the game. They had the worst idea to sell it like this. In short? ELECTRONIC ARTS! WHAT THEY HECK ARE YOU GUYS THINKING? THEY DON’T EVEN SELL DR.PEPPER EVERYWHERE!

  132. wwwwww says:

    hey do you only need 1 to get them all
    or do you have to buy 14 dr.peppers

  133. ch97 says:

    Thanks! It worked, and for some reoson, I can still share all my creations!! Yay!

  134. VERY GRATEFULL says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! they dont sell the maked doctor pepper where i live thank you so much!

  135. addadas says:


  136. ... says:

    WoW its …. Awesome Thx for this link for spore Patch 1.6

  137. Anonymous says:

    Ugh I has problems!! somebody help plz!

  138. Alex says:

    havent installed yet but looks kewl. Stupid of them 2 hold bac the patch =P Thanx hope they release it soon

  139. Anonymous says:

    I cant Download im in usa THIS STINKS

  140. Duke Leto says:


  141. Aaron says:


  142. Axel says:

    Omg ty, i was looking for new on spore website, but i found nonbe, then i saw that you had to drink Dr. Pepper to get it, i live in se so i cant, so i got furious, but now… THAAANKK YOOOOOUUUU :D :D :D

  143. what happens if you download this then find a docter pepper with the code and install it?

  144. Judhudson says:

    From what I heard, I think after you download this, you can go to the doctor pepper website and put in the code and follow the instructions. Your account should unlock and you can share them properly.

  145. thanks ill get right to downloading then

  146. ok i downloaded but where do i save it to? i have a PC just so you know.

  147. D says:

    Erm, how do you extract a package, it’s not a zip.

  148. Anonymous says:

    Thank you very much!

  149. jackson says:


  150. jackson says:

    uhh…. DOH! i just realized some thing. does this work on the creature creator version? if it does’nt im gonna hurt myself. possibly a punch to face. and also it could be forcing my fist in my mouth, oh, wait, i can already do that!

  151. Judhudson says:

    I think a few claimed that it would also work with the Spore Creature Creator – but I cannot confirm that.

  152. jackson says:


  153. Anonymous says:


  154. Jason says:

    ..I think I love you. 0.0

  155. whocares? says:

    It wont downlload, it just sits there, :( help? plz?

  156. Coutterboy says:

    I found out that i was able to download it from this site while using google chrome, then going to downloads, thene opening the file using  winzip, high-lighting all the items that showed up, thene clicl install! thats how i did it and it works but im still not able to upload the creations.

  157. kevin says:

    there is something wrong with the sporeapp is it possible that you could upload the sporeapp

  158. s says:


  159. kroltan says:

    %¨$&¨%$¨*(&*¨%#&$&()*(*&¨%&¨$%¨&*(& but i am trying again…

  160. simillion says:

    11,949 views! If you do this again You’ll have Millions of hits!

  161. Jaydex says:

    Wow These Parts look Sweet!!!

  162. MasterOfOrange(spore) says:

    yeah, :( it wont work for me, i keep trying and trying and i also have the best windows….windows 7 D: can you please help

  163. Judhudson says:

    Do you have Winzip? What about right-clicking and saving file? It should download – the link still works on my end.

  164. Itchy Flea says:

    Just downloaded fine for me. Couldn’t install it though. I forgot I had uninstalled Spore so I could install CnC3. =)
    Thanks for the download though.
    Dr. Pepper isn’t sold in my country so like many people, I would have missed out like most Spore players.

  165. i have parts! says:

    i have the parts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  166. LOLDUDE says:

    Exactly… how again do you install it? Do you install it directly into the data folder or do you extract the the files… or do you install it like a mod?

  167. LOLDUDE says:

    I tried installing it directly into data folder… didn’t work. You need to put how to install it NAO!

  168. HELP says:


  169. Anonymous says:

    i was able to publish my creations

  170. HELP says:

    just got it on i found a file of spore
    but the legs dont move

  171. 찌지리 says:

    ㅋㅋ 난 한국사람입니다 ㅎ

  172. Chris says:

    Thanks so much! Works awesome! Just click setup.exe after download.

  173. me!! says:

    I <3 his patch and the parts TANK YOU!!!

  174. Anonymous says:

    I live in Australia and I’m using Windows Vista and it won’t work! It says “Time Out” or something like that…I’m using a laptop! Any tips? Please help! :(

  175. Anonymous says:

    it says my zip folder is empty whenever i try to extract anything and if i try to just open it it says that the zip is invalid! i need help

  176. Anonymous says:

    It screwed up my spore now i can’t go into spore anymore :(

  177. sakata666 says:

    I dont no if i works but THANKS

  178. king951118 says:

    Wow COOL!!!!!!!

  179. Anonymous says:

    Hey. CBEEAAAE98ZV free reusable promotion code, only useable once per dr.pepper account. YW =d

  180. ??? says:

    Help… I put the “BP2_Data.package” in spore data … but when i open up the creature editor the bot parts wont show up!
    PS:I have french Windows and french Spore

  181. ??? says:

    And i have winrar so i don’t have to extract it

  182. Jaydex says:

    I hope they release a new Spore or expansions. This has only been the latest updates in like months!! Come on people love this game

  183. Anonymous says:

    This Dr Pepper promotion makes no sense, wouldn’t EA make MORE money if they let anyone from anywhere buy the patch? Instead they only get revenue from US players. Doesn’t make sense on any angle.

  184. Anonymous says:

    i luv u so much

  185. Anounamous says:

    I hope thios time I DL this it wont screw up the cabnet file

  186. Anonymous says:

    i will not work

  187. Annonamous says:

    i bought the dr peppers but every time i try to download it screws me with internal errors or customer satisfaction survey thank you

  188. Ducky says:

    thx and by the way does some body have the crack for this patch cause i don`t have the spore cd anymore so i need a no cd-crack for this so i can play it with the parts

  189. jack says:

    wheres the download button

  190. c3h8 says:

    Be Careful! I had Spore Galactic Adventures, with patch 1.5.1 and a few mods. The patch ruined many of the graphics: the icons, stats, logos, were all destroyed by this patch. I reccomend that you only use the .package file inside.

  191. EPIC101 says:


  192. 개죽이의 제자 says:

    풋 지나가던 개죽이가 웃겠군

  193. Justin says:


  194. thebestjj says:

    m’m m’m gooooood thaaaaakss

  195. Anonymous says:

    i need it and it didnt work :(

  196. bigmont says:


    I finally requested the code, despite the cast I drink 4-5 cans of Diet Dr.Pepper a day.

    I got the code, and it seemed everything went wrong.

    Finally I red this followed the instructions and all went well.

    It is so easy, I can not figure out why Dr. Pepper and EA made it so hard for MAC users.

    I do appreciate the game support. Just wish it wasn’t so hard.

  197. Anonymous says:

    Thanks! I love it.

  198. Anonymous says:

    Why do people use macs? i never saw a reason, they seem to be much harder to use than a pc because of all the stuph you go thru to install stuff and it usually dusnt work anyways.

  199. Emaan606 says:

    I waited for like an hour, and when i went on spore, the parts werent there! SOS

  200. Spiralsuare says:

    It ant working

  201. bird on spore says:

    i cant wait i just downloaded it!!!! twank wooo!!!!

  202. Joshua says:

    Ugh, it won’t let me open the file. I press Open after pressing the download link and it comes up with nothing. I’m using Vista. Is that a problem?

  203. Anonymous says:

    mine isn’t working.

  204. Anonymous says:

    It said it was sucessful but wont let spore load now :/ now i have to re-install everything..

  205. ComTek says:

    thanks :) saved me ;)

  206. I have install the fucking part and I am not getting anything WHAT THE FUCK SOME ONE TELL ME NOW!

  207. $porephantom says:


  208. prapika says:

    i have a mac, it doesent work!

  209. pc need helpz says:

    how do you get it to work? I downloaded it and it took me to spore but I didn’t have the parts.

  210. Anonymous says:

    вы америкашки лошары!

  211. Anonymous says:

    It did’nt work! >:(

  212. ThatOddGuy says:

    THANK U! I ♥ ROBOT PARTS! Can’t wait to download them…oce I move, I’ll be able to! Right now my computer’s too slow, but I’ve seen some previews of the parts online and OMG, I can’t wait!!

  213. anonymous says:

    when i try to open it it says that the folder is invalid

  214. anonymous says:

    I have the file in a compressed (zipped) folder. what do I do with it now?

  215. gader says:

    im from russia !
    i love spore!

  216. anonymous says:

    This is taking soooooo long to download. :(

  217. breeb says:

    I can’t get it to install right. when I got it to download, it popped up in downloads, but what do I do with it from there? when I try to install it, it says I’m already up to date, even when I don’t have the parts! D:

  218. NoahThepwner says:

    cant get it to work

  219. 오옷 외국인 ㄳ ㄳ (Thank you!)

  220. anonymous says:

    downloading now :)

  221. anonymous says:

    will it work for windows vista?

  222. Marconel says:

    It banned my account

  223. Marconel says:

    dont install it it will ban u >:[

  224. Marconel says:

    @@@OMFG ! 1 @ !#$!@# BANNED!@!@#@#@!$ FFS DO NOT INSTALL IT!!1!

  225. Anonymous says:

    i hope this works with steam

  226. Marconel says:

    it doesent

  227. Marconel says:

    i think

  228. Anonymous says:

    does it rly ban u?

  229. Judhudson says:

    As far as I know, no it does not. But I own a proper one that I redeemed with a code. This is the first time I heard someone say that.

  230. Anonymous says:

    Ya i was reading the comments to make sure it was safe to install so it would be nice if this could be confirmed or no mech parts for me. :’(

  231. Mr.Spore says:

    I was just trying to download this and it seemed to take a long time so i canceled the download (if it was downloading) i cliked on the link and then cliked open, the message disapered and there was a loading thing at the top of the screen, did i do this right and is this suppose to happen?

  232. Judhudson says:

    Try right clicking on the file and saving it?

  233. Mr.Spore says:

    where–in deatail–should i save it – i have a pc with windows 7

  234. (.)(.) says:

    :( no sirvio

  235. 96037 says:

    i put in an actual code at drpepper.com, and uit messed up my spore game, will this do the same? or is this different , becuase the patche that came with the bot parts from drpepper was all messed up, it said somthing about not matching my spore files, i think. i have spore in english AND windows XP in english. any know what happed? i asked maxis and they sent me a link to this page.

  236. Anonymous says:

    why can’t i use it?is there a problem?

  237. Anonymous says:

    how do you uninstall it?!?!?!?!!?!?!?! it fuckin’ broke my spore so now i can’t play!!!!!!!!!! FUCK YOU!!!!!!

  238. Eliot says:

    If you can not take file from here, that call at here

  239. breeb says:

    the last time I tried to install this, it was empty. what the heck?!

  240. jay says:

    i have got an problem:
    i cant install
    i have spore but he’s say not

  241. jay says:

    /Users/ilja/Desktop/Afbeelding 2 12-57-18.png

  242. jay says:


  243. Gabby says:

    Thank you so much, but I already made a spaceship concerning this for other countries, well at least I can delete it.

  244. Sporemaker96 says:

    How/where can i download mac version <:(

  245. RedFlame99 says:


  246. Sidarta says:

    The Brazil thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  247. Sergio says:

    Pero, puede compartir las creaciones con estos piezas de robot?

  248. Sergio says:

    But, you can share the creations with these bot parts?

  249. Lucario_Guy says:

    THERE IS NO MAC PATCH. EAxis hates Mac users and will never release one. Luckily, I’m a PC user. :P

  250. Some one says:

    when i try to unzip the files into the Spore/Data catergory it say :”Access Denied:” can someone plzz help me

  251. MalumZ says:

    how do i install it with setup.exe?

  252. kinkj31 says:

    mine worked

  253. I B says:

    ! C:\Users\Ian\Downloads\Spore_Patch_6.zip: Cannot create BP2_Data.package
    ! Access is denied.

    Thats my problem

  254. I B says:

    Using Vista

  255. Starkiller86 says:

    How do you install it on a Mac?

  256. Chann says:

    I installed it but none of the parts show up.

  257. sporelover says:

    my game is stupid now!
    my characters cant walk anymore!

  258. Awesome says:

    Thanks for these parts, just great. Im always looking to upgrade my Spore!

  259. Guy A says:

    Hey, this is awesome that you gave us this but, is this legal and…will I be able to post creations without the patch still? Anyone out there able to post creatures with the mech parts?

  260. Banana says:

    What do you mean “install it like a mod?” I want these robot parts, but I just don’t know what you mean by that.

  261. DinoMan21779 says:

    Thank you very much guys!

  262. davi says:

    releases the crack spore galactic adventures 1.5.1

  263. PowarPro says:

    OOOOOOOHHHHHH MMMMMMMMMMMMMYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you SO much!!! i just heard of this today and now I’m downloading it right this second! you are awesome!

  264. SPOREGUY says:

    I have a laptop. i dont have the files i need to install it into! help please!!!!

  265. Jeremizzle says:

    Thank you, sir. That was very kind of you.

  266. mikkel19981998 says:

    It work fanks

  267. crazytaco23 says:

    Ok, when it gets to the final installation, it says I have to patch SPORE. How do I do that and why won’t it install on my Galactic Adventures game?

  268. forky says:

    is the downoad suppose to only opanable with saving it, and is it supposed to take five hours?

  269. Judhudson says:

    That may be due to this sites server…I dunno. However I’ll try to get it fixed by June as we’re suppose to move to a much bigger and faster server.

  270. 19crash97 says:

    I am a PC user, I have Windows 7 but once i click on the app. it doesn’t even start … HELP!

  271. Druark (Spore Screen name) says:

    AWSOME i’ve seen so many people with this thanks alot for it I hope it works ill tell if it does!

  272. Druark (Spore Screen name) says:

    Thanks for noting you broke my spore game i start it and all i get is a black screen then an error

  273. Druark (Spore Screen name) says:


  274. Chaz says:

    I have installed it but after i do there is no message saying its worked, and when i try to start up spore it doesent even start it just goes into not responding

  275. AppleySaucey says:

    Downloading right now… kinda scared from all the comments of “IT BROKE MAH SPORE” and “IT DONT WORK” But i hope it does work. Or else i will find you!

  276. Superduper44 says:

    IT WORKED PERFECTLY and i have a czech spore and a czech windows vista, thank you so much

  277. Thisoneguy says:

    I need help. I installed it, but nothing happened, they aren’t there when I’m playing. They didn’t appear, nothing changed.

  278. DREAMEr says:

    Thank you it´s working!!!!!!!!!!!!

  279. LOPO says:

    Ummm when i install it and play my spore people and everything else wont have animation? Can you help?

  280. lol says:

    i has pc but whn i try to open it it ways that i has an error and i cant open any file in the folder

  281. lol says:

    nvm it was another patch the one that dont worked :P i never downloaded this cuz it was a sloooooooooooooooooow download

  282. Juan Campos says:

    Hey guys! if it doesn’t work for you I have the solution (work’s only with the Creepy and Cute parts pack)
    1. Copy the file “BP2_Data.package” and rename it “BoosterPack_02.package”
    2.Paste it in “Program Files\Electronic Arts\Spore_BP1″ so in that directory you have both files “BoosterPack_01.package” and “BoosterPack_02.package”
    3. Run the game and enjoy (it works in every language)

  283. alex says:


    although it takes long to download at least i get it once again TY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :) :P xD :] !_!

  284. alex says:

    can u install galactic adventures after getting bot parts?

  285. Isabella says:

    THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D

  286. Juan Campos says:

    No, you can’t install GA after installing this parch, it will not work

  287. Juan Campos says:

    Sorry… I mean Patch.. no Parch xD

  288. vineet says:

    SNiff sniff DUDE your robot parts MESSED up my game now when i start it,it says SPORE GALACTIC ADVENTURES CANNOT READ DISC PLEASE INSERT A DVD DRIVE what the hell doess that mean plz help me plz i have PC

  289. vineet says:

    SNiff sniff DUDE your robot parts MESSED up my game now when i start it,it says SPORE GALACTIC ADVENTURES CANNOT READ DISC PLEASE INSERT A DVD DRIVE what the hell doess that mean plz help me plz i have PC D: D: :( :( :( Snif sniff

  290. Hudahud says:

    i only have electronic arts in program data not program files

  291. Pablo says:

    Hey, can you tell me where to find the crack for this?…

  292. armadillo328 says:

    OMG!!! THANK YOU!!! I have been looking for this for about a week!

  293. sporeGamer24seven says:

    where can i get the creatures on the two pictures below the installer pic?

  294. Enrique says:

    Every time I click download it asks if I want to open or save this zipped file. I click open to begin downloading but nothing happens after that besides closing that window. Help??? I REALLY want these parts. WHAT AM I DOING WRONG?!?!?!?!

  295. Juan Campos says:

    Hey! maybe you wanna check this web page: http://spore-aventuras.blogspot.com/2010/06/crack-de-spore-y-miniimagen.html
    I’ts in spanish, but it has the instructions on how to make this work

  296. anonimous says:

    Ummm….. i have a little….ok BIG problem…after i install it and go into the game,all the creatures are like…..stiff? don’t move,don’t dance,don’t anything!
    what the hell?

  297. Mukidori says:

    Мне удалось скачать и очень хорошо! В основном в голову, ноги / руки! На английский язык и наоборот: I managed to download and very good! Notably, the heads of the hands / feet!

  298. Mukidori says:

    Но мне очень нравится !!!!!!!!!!!!! Извините все, но я русский! Английский: Sorry everyone, but I am Russian!

  299. Teddy says:

    WTF you peice of sh** you broke my f***ing spore and when i un and reinsatlled spore, icant edit or create and now all i can do is look at my cells so F*** you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  300. teressa says:

    thx. all i did was open the file and extract them. and one of the buttons said setup so i clicked that and i downloaded it thanks a lot.

  301. anthony says:

    igot it and i live in uk haha

  302. Bryan199811 says:

    I want a dr.pepper code!!!  Can you pm me one on the sporums?  (I’m Bryan199811)

  303. vavava says:

    Eu ainda vou abaixar espero que seja legal a voce sabe como consequir as partes que o grox tem

  304. Vega says:

    Dose anyone have a crack for this?
    I can’t find one.

  305. TheZigger says:

    Does anyone know why the patch take so long to install? (check out my creations, i have the same name here as i do on spore)

  306. TheZigger says:

    It won’t work so someone please post one of the Dr. Pepper codes so everyone can install it for free, unless of course every single code is different.

  307. Anthony says:

    Is it safe to download? Since people say that if you download this patch right now you wont be able to share them with the parts, is it true? And if it is would i be able to share them once a patch is given?

  308. Anthony says:

    Does the Dr. Pepper have to say something about spore the bottle? Or can i just get a random one? Cuz i already bough two already but it doesnt have any code. Oh and i am from the U.S. Is it supposed to be a size that has it? Like… large or something?

  309. Judhudson says:

    It should have a yellow cap, and the bottle will have the EA logo on it with renders from various games.

  310. Judhudson says:

    This patch has worked for some, and screwed up the games of others. I can’t pinpoint the reason why it does this – it was pulled directly from the EA servers untouched so any faults is technically on EA (although it isn’t suppose to be downloaded technically without a code, thus that may be why).

    Download at your own risk and have your games nearby in case something goes screwy is the best advice I can give.

  311. ali says:


    i have problem

    1.I installed spore

    2.I installed bot parts

    3.I installed creepy & cute

    4. I installed GA

    but in the create mode i can not use the bite & sing & sight & more
    please help me


  312. Teb Dolloff says:

    Even if this doesnt work for me I appreciate the fact that you pu tthis up, I live in Maine and I am pretty sure the availability of this offer is not here but in every other state… I know how you feel out of USA people.

  313. Saint Pastabeard says:

    Ummmm… Which Setup.exe do you use? There’s like a billion……

  314. Me says:

    joy! its not a lie!

  315. St. Pastabeard says:

    A word of warning: it is possible to create a creature with no social parts like this. DO NOT TRY TO ALLY CREATURES WITH ROBOT PARTS IN CREATURE STAGE!!!!!!!! They may not have any social parts, and spore WILL crash when you try to social them.

  316. Devil says:

    I tried to donload it and i click on the link below… i had to wait 3 hours before the dowload was complete!! and i don’t know if it works on french version…

    please help me!

  317. Yo says:

    Um hey hud i havent used the download yet and i wa just wondering do i have to e in america cu i live i Australia?

  318. Yo says:

    Woops missed sum words, lol…

  319. Hey says:


  320. Hey says:

    its slow thats all

  321. Judhudson says:

    Nope, this should be able to install for any region. But as I mentioned – it works for some, it does not work for others. I wish I knew why, but I have no idea – file came directly from EA Server. So have your games handy in case something messes up.

  322. T.A.D.P.O.L.E says:

    Thanks alot i’m really glad :D

  323. t.o.a.d says:

    THANK YOU! i always wanted to build a robot creature you are clearly the best :P

  324. Kilker says:

    hey, i love spore, but i own this game 4 the steam network, How do i install it without screwing anything up on my account/computer? thx.

  325. Bla says:

    Um…I’m using a Mac, and I don’t see ‘downloads’ in Finder…this is my dad’s computer, so I suppose he could have made some adjustments, but I don’t know. Can you help me?

  326. daniel says:

    no me funsiono

  327. Bla says:

    Uh…please completely disregard that last comment, but I do have an issue.

  328. Bla says:

    I installed it, and I followed the exact instructions. I then loaded Spore GA, and it worked perfectly. So, I entered the creature creator, and it loaded quickly. The only problem is, no new parts! :( Please help me! I am very happy with Spore GA the way it is, but I am very excited about this patch. Thank you!

  329. Bla says:

    It says to drag ‘BP2_Data.package’ from the first window to the second, but in the second window I saw a folder that was labeled ‘Data,’ but I just left it out of the folder. Could it be possible that the reason it didn’t work is because I left it out of the Data folder? I am going to try putting it in there right now, and then starting up Spore again, and I will tell you whether or not it worked…

  330. Bla says:

    OH MY GOD! I DID IT! THANK YOU SO MUCH! :D So, yeah: All I had to do was put it in the Data folder!

  331. grox999 says:

    Thank god someones found it!!!!!!!!!!!     :-D

  332. No, i was on the Spore wiki and there it ses that you cannot put bot creations onlinje if having this softwer. sorry to disapoint youuiuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuiuz

  333. lol says:

    I dont know how to install a mod!!!!! IM DOOMED!!!!

  334. lol says:


  335. lol says:

    Is there another way? please Reply!!

  336. Pyr0maniac says:

    Holy crap thank youuuu

  337. sporefreak says:

    cheers only one setback it has screwed up ma space gaem everything is either glitched, distorted or disappered

  338. Xglp says:

    it’s cool!!! It’s work for me!!! I live in hungary so I wery lucky that I found this site!

  339. very pissed off says:

    opened up spore patch 6 and right-clicked the spore option, but there was no option for “show package contents”
    help me DX

  340. kody says:

    please put up spore flora editor when you get it

  341. Judhudson says:

    Spore Flora editor was never released. It can be accessed thru some sort of hack/mod – but its so buggy when you try to use it it crashes :(

  342. DJP3 says:


  343. Kyle says:

    I was able to share creations with the parts and had no problems at all!

    Also, I noticed I stopped getting messages saying “Spore GA has stoped responding”. I think it might be a bug fix included in the patch!

  344. Jake says:

    It didnt work, it started to install then showed me a page with folders and didnt do anything. I’ll try again

  345. Unknown says:

    Thanks so much you got to tell me you spore account i am so going to subscribe.

  346. Sadface says:

    cant see new stuff cant approve comments cant comment others cant see new creations… its bad dont download it

  347. jared says:

    when i try to extract the file it sais ” an unexpected error occured not allowing you to extract the selected files.” something like that

  348. dtfjh says:

    i didnt work i downloaded it played on spore and there is nothing different help plz

  349. JESPER says:

    how to unstall

  350. uKkeRr says:

    i got an idea!!! what about if, before triyng to install it, copy all game data on a usb, and, if it screws your game, uninstall everything(spore) install it again, and get back all your game data with the usb data( i tried this once to get my data from a pc to another and it worked) i’m from méxico and haven’t tried to install this though.

  351. greenygal says:

    EA said this patch was only for pc, so no, there ain’t gonna to be a patch for mac users

  352. Caveyiswow says:

    LIke what kind of bad thangs did you say about Americans?

  353. Sn1p3R23 says:


  354. Jake says:


  355. jajo says:

    Uuuuh…i installed it compited…but when i star the game there is bone pack installed…but not the robo one..

  356. Skullcruncher says:

    DUDE U FRIGGIN ROCK! Oh and btw don’t just try the autorun try the autorun and the setup exe. :D xD :D

  357. michael says:

    Omg how can i repay you? Sex, Drug’s, Money? Or better :L

  358. Great says:

    thanks man, I download this, follow your instructions and CORRUPTED MY GAME. :/

    idk which is worse, THIS or the fact that trying it officially wouldn’t allow me to download the parts either!

  359. benji252 says:

    Damn! I downloaded and everything, but when I went into Spore nothing was there!

  360. Bob01 says:

    HORRIBLE. changed NOTHING on my game.

  361. FrOBOT says:

    WHY THE HELL my computer says that i need winzip to open this file!

  362. Elmore 207 says:

    This patch is brilliant apart from two little things.IT DOESNT WORK , it says that i need a BP2 data disk when i went into my documents to start actually putting it on spore one of the things had BP2 in its name but i didnt go along with it. the other thing is NOW THE FIRST EMPIRE I MEET I BECOME i dont even get their empire. But it would be cool if i met the grox first.

  363. Damn!, it takes one million years to download it!!! XO

  364. Drehstuhl says:

    Wow! Thanks! It ran right through very quickly, installed perfectly, updated my version, and works great!

  365. huh? says:

    hi can anyone give me a code?

  366. HERE!!! The answer to EVERYBODY’S PROBLEMS!!!

    First, after you have downloaded the Patch and it’s in My Documents, click Spore Patch 6.

    Second, click setup (if your on Xp or vista, it should show a picture of a window with a blue tool bar on the top) then click Run. THEN, it should come up with the window at the top of this page. Then just do what you normally do when you first installed Spore. It takes like a few seconds, no joke. Hope this helps!

  367. camilo says:

    I have a problem when I install I set up normally when I get parts and everything. But ciaturas no longer move or do anything not bite, do not beat, no love, etc. and the walk test mode but not move their legs or head, do any of the actions of the tester. it is not only animals but also other creatures co, can someone tell me how to fix it or that I do,

    please answer.

  368. Neo says:


    when i try to extract the file it sais ” an unexpected error occured not allowing you to extract the selected files.” something like that

    Download it again

  369. i have theses and they suck, its not worth it [my game still plays but if i play a planet it just crashes when ever i die in creature stage and screws up a lot of other things...]

  370. Joey says:

    It worked fine and now I can play bot part adventures! And, for some reason, I can also share bot creations!

  371. 123boing says:

    its awesome!!!!!!
    problem is, not a lot of mouth movement

  372. 123boing says:


  373. jesper says:

    HELP i download it its funny but its overwite
    creepy and cute HOW TO UNINSTAL¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿????????????????????????/

  374. Ah-le-le? It works perfectly for me…strangely I can publish my work as well.

  375. SPorelover says:

    I cant download/dont know where plz halp

  376. Micah says:

    It wont play my game!!

  377. Crayforspore says:

    im not wasteing my time on this how about we all buy the package not install!!!!THAT’S WHAT I DID!!!

  378. Crayforspore says:

    im gonna see if this works or not, it should cause I have windows vista

  379. Dude if like this fails on me i’ma cry. I reeeeeeeaaaaaaallly want these parts….

  380. oat says:

    I crack a little.

  381. marty says:

    i have to say. I got one of the dr. pepper 20oz and got a code and wow didnt know the rite aid next to me sold any. Thank you Dr.pepper.

  382. Shadow says:

    For Spoooooortaaaaaaaa!

  383. BuffleMuffle says:

    I downloaded the file, but in the middle, it said “Decompression Failed”
    and stopped downloading. HELP!!

    Im on a mac.

  384. BuffleMuffle says:


    HORRIBLE. changed NOTHING on my game.

  385. Guy says:

    In accordance to the mech parts not being able to be published, that’s not true! A buddy of mine published a creature with mech parts just a few months ago…

  386. Guy says:

    uh… another thing… Im on the Mac Pro, and when I go to the Spore folder, all there is is a readme.txt, and the application. Any help?

  387. zodikzzz says:

    can use crack or not????????

  388. dudeditto says:

    It worked and it’s awesome!!!

  389. try extracting the files then click the black button with the 3 grey arrows on it in the extracted folder and now i got a qwestion why aint my creepy and cute creations uploding on to the spore website

  390. Ben Kestner says:

    I hate too say it, even if Dr Pepper and EA games are screwing with me, downloading and sharing user content is half the fun of this game. I saw some comments that said they got the online stuff to work? You lucky basterds, I cant even log in anymore. All I can do now I guess is make a new EA account and try the Dr Pepper bullshit again. Thanks for tryin tho.

  391. ava says:

    right after i installed the patch,I choose a planet to begin a game,but its just blank and my game doesn’t begin :((

  392. Yuuzo says:

    Umm… guys… it doesn´t work with mac and I heard that u must install Galactic Adventures – expansion BEFORE u install this.
    1. Does anyone know how to uninstall this becouse I don´t want to screw my Spore.
    2. Does this conflict with Creepy And Cute??

  393. Cluaran says:

    Guys, if you don’t know how to uninstall, you don’t know anything about computers… That’s something so simple… But ok.

    1. Go to the control panel and find an icon related to programs or hardware… It must be one related to programs… For sure.. I’m saying this because SPORE works on Windows Xp, Vista and 7 (excluding Mac)… And the control panel is different in each operative system. You must find where to uninstall the program on the panel. After you enter the window which shows all of the installed programs, the patch 1.06 must be on the top, or close. If you can’t find, click in help, in the Start menu and type “unninstalling a program”.

    2. No, it doesn’t affect Creepy and Cute… Creepy and Cute had some bug corrections, but 1.06 has nothing to do with that…

  394. Erikonr says:

    It works without problems, Thank you very much!

  395. aarpopikyiy says:

    sertbed gois untugio juliiop

  396. it dont have 14 parts

  397. matthew says:

    it only has 2 mouths 2 eyes 2 arms and 2 legs and 2 feet and 2 hands and 2 details
    wait thats 14 nvm

  398. matthew says:

    Ben Kestner:

    I hate too say it, even if Dr Pepper and EA games are screwing with me, downloading and sharing user content is half the fun of this game. I saw some comments that said they got the online stuff to work? You lucky basterds, I cant even log in anymore. All I can do now I guess is make a new EA account and try the Dr Pepper bullshit again. Thanks for tryin tho.

    you dont need to reinstall it just make a new account and ur parts will still be there its a package it will allways be there

  399. I only have trial on a Toshiba laptop.Will it still work?

  400. Doody says:

    Can u put up the png of both the creations pictured?

  401. Cheyenne says:

    I dwnloaded it as a “compressed folder”. The I tried and it didn’t work. Someone please help! =(

  402. chris says:

    you da man man

  403. Kristin says:

    Ummm, I have a mac and when i finished downloading it there was a folder, but it didn’t have a spore icon for the parts pack???? what am i supposed to do…. like, do i click other things or something

  404. Annoyed says:


  405. Zach says:

    Make sure you check up on what program opens this file, if your situation is similar to mine it will open with internet explorer (BAD!) go straight to the source in the “spore_patch_6.zip” folder and select the “setup exe.”, ten it will go just liek any other patch or expansion.

  406. EV1LBUNNY26 says:

    i downloaded the stuff and now every thing in da campain says BAD_DATA its shit!!!!!!!

  407. EV1LBUNNY26 says:

    but the bot bits worked and i made like 100 creatersres :)

  408. Somebody says:

    Will it work if you dont buy a dr pepper?

  409. Somebody says:

    Does it let me save my creations and use them in GA and Tribal-Space Stages?

  410. Somebody says:

    And it takes years to download

  411. Somebody says:

    Works Perfectly! Great Job!

  412. dominic says:

    thank yoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!

  413. shinrock says:

    Hey man! I have a problem! My creatures won’t move or do anything! Can someone please help me cuz i don’t want to uninstall and reinstall all over again!

  414. wormhole73 says:

    i did everything and it did not work BLARG wuts wrong i haz pc and i live in america

  415. wormhole73 says:

    actully i just downloaded it and got happy and started to play spore but no robo parts
    (i played it after it was done)

    P.S wtfs wrong

  416. wormhole73 says:


    HERE!!! The answer to EVERYBODY’S PROBLEMS!!!
    First, after you have downloaded the Patch and it’s in My Documents, click Spore Patch 6.
    Second, click setup (if your on Xp or vista, it should show a picture of a window with a blue tool bar on the top) then click Run. THEN, it should come up with the window at the top of this page. Then just do what you normally do when you first installed Spore. It takes like a few seconds, no joke. Hope this helps!

    thanks man

  417. pie says:

    Does it have virus :O?

  418. logan says:

    its gonna be cool

  419. logan says:

    its new its here it is the bot patch!!!!!!!!
    now you can create robot creatures !111

  420. dragonlord 9 says:

    it dosnt coming any “instalate spore:botparts”! please help me.

  421. ROROR says:

    Does Anybody Here Does Knows How To Create Mods For Spore?

  422. WARNING! says:

    if you install this you spore galactic adventures will go f*** i can see any anymation he can´t hold items and when a creature die it stand still…stupid patch :( now i need reisntall my spore bye bye captains and adventures

  423. I finally got the other games galactic adventures and spore.

  424. Scorus says:

    I installed it but theres no parts

  425. okay, first of all, IS THERE A TORRENT TO THIS? i have slow internet download speed but a fast torrent downloader, where can i get a torrent of this? second, there is a fix for the BAD_DATA thing because i encountered it myself (FIX:http://www.branev.com/2009/07/spore-fix-for-the-bad_data-problem/) but there are other links. and lastly, does the bot parts glitch spore?

  426. Acuan says:

    Fuck with this website

  427. Tomtoot says:

    This may be a bit silly but where is the download?

  428. eskeleto says:

    i cant download it
    it says’ you dont have SPORE SPORE CREATOR’
    i haz a spore acc and spore….
    Maybe its a scam?

  429. piegie says:

    you realy should call them cyborg parts.
    now i can make a grox.

  430. piegie says:

    heeeeeeeeeelp wen i go onto spore it doesn’t startup properly and all i get is a picture of the galaxy that u can spin no files
    no creator no nothin. pls help me.

  431. piegie says:

    please reply what should i do do i reinstal my game please reply

  432. piegie says:

    ur not very helpful. >:(

  433. piegie says:

    omg help me please im losing all hope in spore


  434. harriett says:

    i needz halp!!!!! i cant install it!!!! and piegie, dont lose hope, least you will have to do is re-install it, right?

  435. harriett says:


    Hey man! I have a problem! My creatures won’t move or do anything! Can someone please help me cuz i don’t want to uninstall and reinstall all over again!

    u dont have to. if u has GA it will do dat NEway. mine does it.

  436. anoniem1997 says:

    ik kan hem niet downloaden als ik op de link op deze site klik krijg ik het venster met openen/opslaan/annuleren als ik op opslaan klik gaat hij 10 seconden downloaden en dan springt hij weg en heeft hij niets gedownloag wat moet ik doen

  437. anoniem1997 says:

    how its possible it works on your PC i can’t even download it see comment 43 plz

  438. anoniem1997 says:

    i no whats the problem, if you can’t install it you need to hold this site on then it works whit me it works

  439. great no virus thanks

  440. logan says:

    this pack is awesome!!

  441. Cheese2325 says:

    I need help!!! I am not getting any ROBOT Parts

    Please Relpy to this if you know why!

  442. Mike says:

    A lot of people have been complaining that this patch is for the PC only. They are WRONG!!! You CAN use this patch for a Mac. When it asks you if you want to open or save, you click save. You then open it in whatever file browser you have, and install it like a mod. I have a Windows Vista, but opening it didn’t work, so I’m going to try this.

  443. demon says:

    CBEEAAA41NWH re-useable code…. but i dont know does it work??? but it is VERY UNFAIR TO GIVE THAT PACK TO ONLY FOR AMERICANS!!! BHUU EA SUCKS!

  444. Hrafnkell says:

    Where do you put the files!!!

  445. Hrafnkell says:


    CBEEAAA41NWH re-useable code…. but i dont know does it work??? but it is VERY UNFAIR TO GIVE THAT PACK TO ONLY FOR AMERICANS!!! BHUU EA SUCKS!

  446. I am trying to install patch 5 but SPORE says that I must uninstall patch 6 first. I tried doing this but the file says I must unistall SPORE first to unistall pathc 6. If I do that, I will lose all my progress so pls can someone help me out here? Thx

  447. BudaPenjuin says:

    im on a mac and im lost on how to install it from show the package contents pls help!!

  448. BubbleBlower says:

    NEVER INSTALL THIS! Because it will crash,especially if you have Galactic Adventures.Then you must uninstall and install SPORE again,along with all upgrades >:(

  449. cookie says:

    It’s because you use mac. Mac just sucks.

  450. DO NOT says:

    this is stupid doe this never if you get creepy and cute its overwite its i must ours uninstal and install creepy and cute and galactic advantures help someone?

  451. Help me says:

    Where to enter the CBEEAAA41NWH code?

  452. BubbleBlower says:

    Another problem:My Creepy and Cute will no longer download.

  453. BubbleBlower says:

    If if bugs up your game but you still want the pack just (hopefully)wait for Maxis to publish it from user demand.

  454. BubbleBlower says:

    I had to re-download all of my OWN creations when I re-install.

  455. Spore Master says:

    When I installed it it worked! EA IS AWSOME!!!!

  456. matthew says:

    how do you get mech parts

  457. matthew says:

    how get it

  458. Cake says:

    The cake is a lie?

  459. Maylily11x says:

    Wait, I JUST installed it… I’ve already installed the patches and creepy and cute, I haven’t bought galactic adventure yet but I plan to ver soon. Will this affect it? What can I do because I don’t wan’t to uninstall spore.

  460. chuck39 says:

    make it into a patch know

  461. Ohlahonnah says:

    Spore Master:

    When I installed it it worked! EA IS AWSOME!!!!

    Lol I’m sitting here for an half hour bored now lmao

  462. Tigerman4527 says:

    So…It works with copies that you’ve bought/installed on Steam…?

  463. Mocha2007 says:

    Hey, this doesn’t work. I downloaded it, and it said “Insert next disc to continue”

  464. AHHHH i dont know what to do, i want the parts so badly but i dont want my spore game to crash or my computer to get a viruse

    i wish maxis/ ea (whoever does it) should make a patch for it but i bet that will never happen

  465. LaddonSux :D says:


  466. M says:

    Random PROFESSIONAL MMO player:

    I am trying to install patch 5 but SPORE says that I must uninstall patch 6 first. I tried doing this but the file says I must unistall SPORE first to unistall pathc 6. If I do that, I will lose all my progress so pls can someone help me out here? Thx

    I had to unnstall spore to install GA, and i didnt lose data. Idk if this is just cause im on a mac though.


  468. SuporeMaster says:

    I live in the Netherlands and I’ve downloaded it. You have to place it in C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\SPORE\Data . I have the parts now :D

  469. w says:

    wasabi+sushi+gengibre+salsa de anguila=combinacion deliciosa

  470. uroker2010 says:

    Yes it does work and I have even tried it. Ea just hasn’t unlocked it. that’s why they didn’t officially release it. But you can still create with them and use them. you can upload the creations to a different website, because you can’t publish them on the sporium sporepedia in game.

  471. uroker2010 says:


    A lot of people have been complaining that this patch is for the PC only. They are WRONG!!! You CAN use this patch for a Mac. When it asks you if you want to open or save, you click save. You then open it in whatever file browser you have, and install it like a mod. I have a Windows Vista, but opening it didn’t work, so I’m going to try this.

    you are correct.

  472. uroker2010 says:

    Name (not really required):

    okay, first of all, IS THERE A TORRENT TO THIS? i have slow internet download speed but a fast torrent downloader, where can i get a torrent of this? second, there is a fix for the BAD_DATA thing because i encountered it myself (FIX:http://www.branev.com/2009/07/spore-fix-for-the-bad_data-problem/) but there are other links. and lastly, does the bot parts glitch spore?

    No they don’t glitch spore, because they were made for spore. they are just add-on expansion just like creey and cute expansion is.

  473. uroker2010 says:

    But everyone needs to learn that read on screen when installing the bot expansion patch add-on. Do it correctly and you should have no problems!

  474. uroker2010 says:


    A lot of people have been complaining that this patch is for the PC only. They are WRONG!!! You CAN use this patch for a Mac. When it asks you if you want to open or save, you click save. You then open it in whatever file browser you have, and install it like a mod. I have a Windows Vista, but opening it didn’t work, so I’m going to try this.

    You can do it like the mod way. Just remember you have to put it in the right folder in the spore program folder on your hard drive.

  475. uroker2010 says:

    It should work both ways. Mac or PC as long you follow the directions correctly.

  476. massella 42 says:


    It’s because you use mac. Mac just sucks.

    HEY! I use mac, and it is equally good as windows. Ya know that feeling of not being equally considered like americans because they have the patch? That’s how mac users feel of windows only games. Anyway, i am sure that EA will release the patch after the contract finishes, witch will be this February. But while I wait, I can deal with the crashes…

  477. sfdhkjhgl says:

    this doesn’t work, now i have to reinstall my spore and the galactic adventures….

  478. TiffTaff says:

    Actually no. It doesn’t crash on a mac. If your is crashing then your obviously doing something wrong. So before you insult or accuse these awesome parts FIGURE YOUR CRAP OUT!

  479. Ervinache says:

    WowwThanks very much at me work!!!

  480. Uroker2012 says:

    Yeah it does work. I tried so. Yes it works. It is the last patch we all get.

  481. Uroker2012 says:

    DO NOT:

    this is stupid doe this never if you get creepy and cute its overwite its i must ours uninstal and install creepy and cute and galactic advantures help someone?

    The way the order goes is:
    Spore,creept&cute,Spore GA then last is the botz expansion patch.

  482. Uroker2012 says:

    No it doesn’t over write it.

  483. Fowburner says:


    Users are reporting you cannot share these creatures by the official exchange due to a lock issue. However it has been reported that you can still share them by posting the PNG file – just not to the official site. This may be fixed when EA releases the patch on their website and removes the lock code.

    I don’t think EA will make any more patches to Spore. They haven’t done so for two year, maybe because they think EA Origins is more important. EA is going down the crapper really fast…

  484. plgni says:

    for some strange reason it quickly installed no problem and it didn’t remove galactic adventures or creepy and cute even when it installed a new version

  485. Emilia says:

    Botti osista on ainakin minulle hyötyä. Tarvitsen niitä seikkailuun tulevaisuuksien kaupunki…. JA MITÄ IHMETTÄ HETI KUN PAINAN VÄLIÄ NIIN TEKSTIN ALLE TULEE JOKU TYHMÄ PUNANE RAITA!!!

  486. Emilia says:

    Miten ne ladataan? Tiedän koodin mutta en minne se pistetään! Katoin spore wikiasta tietoa mutta ei löytynyt…

  487. Great website you have here but I was wanting to know if you
    knew of any user discussion forums that cover the same topics discussed in this article?
    I’d really like to be a part of group where I can get advice from other experienced individuals that share the same interest. If you have any recommendations, please let me know. Many thanks!

  488. Ranistus says:

    Why does the link take me to a place with a cat saying: the files were lost :\

  489. File is no longer being hosted there. Darn.

  490. TheXenomorph1 says:

    yeah ea, make it a real patch now. that everyone can download. for free.

  491. Madmango98 says:

    dont work with Steam Version !

  492. Sterling says:

    Ahoy Mateys, Please check out my site , I talk about how I like Magic.
    Thanks a lot

  493. Cameron says:

    Will it work with the GA disc?

  494. Cameron says:

    It didn’t work… and i have a mac :( Please help!

  495. Grateful Guy says:

    Hmm? I actually wanted to fix my GA legs not moving glitch using this. Hope it does!

  496. A fow says:

    Thanks it works

  497. Rodrigo says:

    I need crack code :’( help me !

  498. Rugs says:

    Why it says uninstall spore. I’ve uninstalled and installing Bot parts. But it says must have spore

  499. Rugs says:

    Please make a crack for 1.6!

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