Celebrate 10 years of the Sims Franchise with artwork inspired by The Sims

10 years of my life gone, playing a game that many would define as ‘silly’ and ‘stupid.  Yet I’d have to argue that the past 10 years has been quite enjoyable.  Sure, there are many downfalls with the various stupid things that EA has done with the series, but for the most part it has been a blast.  To celebrate the 10th year anniversary, EA has teamed up with various artists from Society6 to bring 10 pieces of artwork inspired by the franchise.  While I do give props to artists for taking the time to focus on a wonderful game, I had to admit…I don’t really care for any of the pieces that are available.  Okay, so maybe I do like this one:

However the piece in question isn’t worth $20 for a shirt, $25 for an art print, $30 for a laptop cover and $15 for an iPhone cover.  Good luck with your sales, artists and thanks for contributing these pieces of art regardless of my opinion.

Check out the 10 pieces of art here

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  1. Karlito says:

    Wow! some of these look like the where doing something else and they went like “let’s pretend this is a tribute to sims 10th” and collect the cash.

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