Sims 2 – Michael Jackson’s Thriller

I’m about 8 months late posting this, but it’s too cool not to post.  This is for BlackEssence :)


  1. Dani says:

    Hi Judhudson! I don’t writte english very well…But I
    saw a picture in yahoo called ”Michael Jackson Lot” it’s a huge picture of Michael, i’m not sure about what you use to make it but it’s the most awsom that I never saw before! Congratulations and I really wanna know how you did it! Please please please because I really wanna make it on my simcity

    • Judhudson says:

      Thank you :) I used one of the tables in the game. Basically I resized the image in a paint program and pretended that each tile is a pixel and eyeballed it that way. Took a heck of a long time, guess which is why I haven’t done anymore!

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