Insight on ‘Apartments’ in The Sims 3 Late Night

Sims 3 Nieuws picked up on SimGuruNita’s post about ‘apartments’ in The Sims 3 Late Night.  Here’s what she had to share with us:

We do not have apartments in the same way Apartment Life had an apartment. Your Sims are able to live in high rise like structures, some luxurious, some a bit more middle class. In them, your Sims are limited in how and where they can build (like an apartment). There’s a lobby downstairs with a callbox and elevator. You may see other Sims move in and out, but your active Sims are the ONLY ones who really live there.

We focused on the coolest part of living in an apartment – the view, the limited space, the elevator entrance, but do not have complex gameplay built around communal living.

Thank you Sims 3 Nieuws for pointing this out :)


  1. betty says:

    That’s really disappointing. For all that it’s an open neighborhood, sometimes it seems that the social aspect of Sims 3 is really lacking compared to Sims 2. There are far fewer social interactions that you can do in a family or on a date, for instance, and no group outings either. I wouldn’t go back, but I sure wish EA would pay more attention to making the socials better and including different kinds.

  2. GizmonicInstitute says:

    There’s going to be group and romantic outings with Late Night. Grant mentioned it in his Twitter takeover thing. As for apartments, so they’re saying you can live in them, but there’s no socializing with your neighbors and knocking on neighbors doors? What’s the callbox for then if it’s just your sim? And does that mean only one sim family can move into a building?

  3. Bob says:

    This is just another real let down,
    “but do not have complex gameplay built around communal living.” They just could not be bothered !!!!!! I really hope they do not try and mesh another two aspects from different Ep’s together in one ever again!

  4. Electronic Sim says:

    This is pushing The Sims once again for RPG and lazy players…

    Every time I try to reconnect with the series by reading the news I feel this game is way past its prime…

  5. says:

    Ugh, I can’t agree more with you guys.  Huge disappointment!  Apartments are not all that complex; if anything, a basic version that allows for visiting neighbors and having NPC roommates.  So much for the urban EP that I dreamed about.  Sure, LN sounds great, but if it’s the only urban pack, then this series is a waste in the urban department (which has unused potential).  What the hell is EA trying to do with The Sims?  Who the hell cares if less macho boys play the damn game; quit trying to impress them with this pathetic RPG crap and focus on the ones who truly appreciate the game.  They don’t make up the majority of the players and it baffles my mind why EA wants to please the RPG crowd.  Perhaps a Sims 3-style stories is needed as a standalone.  I hope enough complaints cause EA to rethink their stupidity.  I’ve never been this irritated with Sims in my life.  It’s not just apartments, it’s the whole series that has drifted away from the original point of it.  Yeah, we can go back to Sims 2, but why tease us with what Sims 3 could do and then not stick with the type of game that it should be?  *sigh*

  6. karen says:

    THIS SUCKS! I wanted Apartments badly. I was so excited that we will be getting to live in them and with other families just like apartment life in sims 2.

  7. Robodl95 says:

    Why does TS3 claim to be an improvement when nearly everything (besides the BIG things like the open neighborhood, and CAS) just falls flat? Everything from LN is a rehashed version of something we’ve had in previous game yet it doesn’t do any of these things better

  8. Chris says:

    The Sims series gets father from a simulataion with every expansion that Sims 3 gets. This is the ONLY game that I enjoyed playing up until The Sims 3 came out. I hate it so bad but I really think I’m completely finished with The Sims 3. The Sims 2 was WAY better than this wanna be RPG crap. I believe that most players of RPGs probably would never play The Sims no matter what they did anyway. Most of them think of it as a girls game anyway so even if they did play it, most would never admit it. I don’t like the whole concept of these fake apartments or the fact that there is no microphone. Why have a band with no singer? It’s like they think of a great idea and then only follow it about half way through. I wish a new team would take over The Sims series. I’m tired of Rodiek and Humble.

  9. Chris says:

    Ok, so this is probably the least RPGish of the expansions to date but I feel like the whole celebrity lifestyle that they have been describing sounds kind of RPGish. When I have to follow a path that they have set out for me to follow, it’s RPGish to me. The Sims team has not tried to hide the fact that they want RPG elements in The Sims 3 series because they want to draw in new players. It just seems that to date, that has been their main focus with this installment of The Sims. As a long time player and fan, I hate that the only game I loved has turned into something that I don’t want to play anymore. Sorry for the whining but it seems personal because of the time I have spent with The Sims series.

  10. says:

    It’s not that it’s an RPG EP but the game in general clearly has taken the direction of an RPG, just not like Zelda of course.  But it still has more RPG elements than the other two games, which had none.  The point of Sims 3 was to give us what Sims 1 and 2 couldn’t give us, and then some.  Otherwise, why not just make The Sims RPG like the Mario games had one?  I hate it when they think that they have a great idea and it fails.  Just leave the game alone.  It wasn’t a success because of it being an RPG wannabe, it was a success because of it NOT being an RPG wannabe.  Perhaps firing some people or moving them to other departments would be a solution.  Better yet, get people who know about Sims and who are true fans work on the game.  Then we’ll see a major change since you’ll see more passion in it.  All additions to Sims should be relevant to what it was meant to be as a game.  I shudder to think what Sims 4 will bring.

  11. Alex says:

    Aw, that’s disappointing. :(
    I don’t see the point of them being ‘Apartments’ if there’s technically only one family in there. I was really hoping there would be an ‘apartment door’ type object so you could make rowhouses as well as tower blocks. I guess we can hope there’ll improve on this in the future, but if they’re adding apartments now then it sounds unlikely.

  12. Sam says:

    OMG! seriously its not that dissapointing! if you think about it they can’t fit nightlife and apartment life together. its just not possible unless u really stretch the game! they arent even supposed to be apartments! its just a penthouse for the more popular people to live in. look on the bright side! VAMPIRES AND PARTYS!!!!! if anything your all dissapointing for blabbering on about EA not being perfect enough for you!

  13. Chris says:

    Sam, you can already have parties and they suck. I have a sneaky suspicion that the parties that you will be able to have with the Late Night Expansion won’t be much better than what you can already do but you will at least have a few extra scenery objects (like the bubble blower) to make them look prettier. Vampires do sound promising but so far, anytime I have gotten my hopes up for The Sims 3 or it’s expansions, I have been completely let down so I dare not get my hopes up again.

  14. says:

    Sam, if it never were for our complaints, the game wouldn’t have improved over time.  Complaints work to a certain extent.  Just look at the failure of Bon Voyage because of Securom.  Besides, I don’t buy that it’s not possible because you make it as though an apartment system is a mega thing.  A special door and the option to visit neighbors can suffice.  Whenever you exit a neighbor’s apartment, that apartment will disappear temporarily until you revisit it.  I guess what’s disappointing is that this may be the only city EP and it had so much potential.  It’s just half-assed, really.  Personally, while new ideas are fun, at this point, improved remakes would’ve been much better.  And then you have those who take whatever EA feeds them and dares not question anything.  If you have all that money to blow for half-assed products, then by all means, more power to you.  Then again, EA can’t even fix the game, so why am I surprised.  

  15. brooke says:

    It’s not that disappointing, this EP isn’t an Apartment life expansion so i understand why they wouldn’t be focused on that

  16. says:

    I understand that, too, but truth be told, the lack of DJ booths are really the biggest pet peeve for me for an EP that focuses on clubs and nightlife.

  17. Thomas says:

    I agree with just about every comment! EA really made TS3 a lacking gameplay game compare to TS2! It seems like they’re almost taking away the “fun parts” about the sims with each new installment! With the original Sims, we had SO MUCH to do and play with! Each EP was packed with items and fun activites, it was fantastic! With TS2 it seems like the cut the amount of things and made it more serious! And then with TS3 it looks like they really didn’t add much! Wish they would add the fun activities back and make it a real casual, fun, free and creative game!

  18. Nikola says:

    The Sims 4 will definitely come out, only a question of when … In The Sims 3 series does not have apartment life that was in The Sims 2 and it’s disappointing, you can not bathe in the sea as possible in The Sims 2 Bon Voyage Travel, A trip to The Sims 3 already came out … As errors in the patches were not in second ..  The Sims 4 will definitely come out, or will EA wants to wean the sims fans … :(( (

  19. Nikola says:

    The Sims 4 will definitely come out, only a question of when … In The Sims 3 series does not have apartment life that was in The Sims 2 and it’s disappointing, you can not bathe in the sea as possible in The Sims 2 Bon Voyage Travel, A trip to The Sims 3 already came out … As errors in the patches were not in second ..  The Sims 4 will definitely come out, or will EA wants to wean the sims fans … :((((((((

  20. Thomas says:

    @Nikola I’ve heard from someone at EA that right when a base game installment of TS comes out, a few weeks later they set up a team to work on the next addition to The Sims! So I’m sure The Sims 4 is definitely under development! 

  21. Seth H. says:

    Come on guys, it’s not the end of the world.  Have you seen the other stuff that is going to be added?  (breast sliders, ftw!) 😉

  22. Sam says:

    what im just trying to say is that it does have potencial and they arent finished yet give it a while and maybe you will be suprised and chris i personally think that the parties will be great and now we have mixing and other thingss sooo….

  23. acee says:

    I don’t seem to fit the RPG element of a game to this new EP. sure the new career is more like ambitions’ doctor career, but it is not the focus of the game, but rather the whole night life of the sims. The small parts of the game does not justify the whole feature of the game. LN is more about social life, which by far the most “true to the sims” EP…

    I for one love AL, but unless we have played the game and tried out apartment living, we don’t know what’s going to happen then…

  24. Thomas says:

    @Sam and Seth H, oh I haven given up on EA yet! Just hope they realize the need to add more items and activities!

  25. Simillion says:

    I don’t think that AL is in LN, I just think LN wanted to have more glam with having penthouses etc.. cause LN seems to be a mix of NL and SS

    Now if I’m wrong, and Ambitions was a mixture of Open for business… I quit. EA Doesn’t want this series to succeed!

  26. goog says:

    Well, there were RPG elements in Ts1’s Makin’ Magic… just letting everyone know.

    But yea, I’m a little disappointed and very peeved, but then again I guess half-assed apartments are better than no apartments at all. I already have built faux-apartments in the game by just putting multiple families in one lot (I don’t really play the apartments, I just have them as a city backdrop)

  27. says:

    Hey, if they add actual working apartments, a DJ booth, a mic, a diving board, and the ability to swim in the ocean in future EPs, then I’ll be happy.  I won’t even care what else is future EPs.  I just want those things and I’ll be happy.  Let’s see what future EPs will bring us.  

  28. popsyturvee says:

    How disappointing! Just one Family/Sim per building!? They gotta stop doing rabbit holes/ and semi-rabbit holes! What I love about the Sims, is building shops, apartments, and hotels, building them from the ground up! Certainly a step-back from Apartment Life! Why can’t they do at least 4 or more families per building?…then I will be fine with it. They should not include an apartment feature in Late Night if it’s not as good or better as Apartment Life, or do it in a separate EP where it is a main feature! And please! Lay off the RPG players! They have their own game. Sims has it’s own unique niche. What made it popular was because of it’s unique open ended gameplay. Can they just be contented with their own group of players who made the game successful!?

  29. Miki says:

    Ok it’s not that bad and honestly, those who are complaining about this will just buy the expansion when it comes out anyway. Just a note, this isn’t an apartment EP. Also, some of you guys need to know what an RPG is. You guys are throwing the term around here like crazy, and have no idea what it means.

  30. Kevin says:

    I really just want apartments. I am tempted to switch back to TS2 because of this, but there are a few nifty features in TS3 that I would really, really miss. And more at-home activities (can we have pianos back, please?).

  31. says:

    Kevin, there are pianos in Late Night. In fact, there are pianos, drums, and a bass in Late Night. We just need a mic and it’ll be complete, but no mic.

    Miki, just like people have the right to kiss ass, we have the right to bitch, specifically when we’ve purchased the game (seeing as how the only way to know whether you’ll like it is by playing the game and demos do not exist; not everyone pirates things either). I never said that I wasn’t going to buy it, nor did most of the other complaints. If we never complained, the game wouldn’t have been as improved as it has been (so to speak).

  32. Nikola says:

    Realize that this is the Night EP, but if you are already a nice apartment that I do, I think this is for the family is very small, but I make a city with 555 lots and a large number of houses with 4 floors, as well as apartments, What will I with if they can not be converted into apartments …:(Can EA – double-decker, a baby carriage and graffiti that will be able to draw on the wall in action mode?
    I can hardly wait The Sims 4, because every third serial stupid Sims, The Sims 4 probably better …Number 3 is the unlucky number, …The Sims 1 – sucksThe Sims 2 – BestThe Sims 3 – sucksThe Sims 4 – crap

  33. Jack says:

    I think that the sims four planned for December 2011 … EA put 2 expansion of The Sims 2 headline in one place  in The Sims 3…

  34. adyohana says:

    i miss hot date and nightlife where we can order menu in restaurant and then BOWLING. Ah damn who am I to tell EA what must be done. T_T

  35. lilone says:

    Well this is new in Sim 3, so they’ll possibly add more later. Seems like the people most disappointed with this is Sims 2 fans. Anne-shut up.

  36. Anne says:

    I will not quarrel, some have weak computer, but I have great for The Sims 4, because l know what the graphics on it, more realistic than the sims 3, and you, Lilone, “do not good computer and you would not sims 4 !!!

  37. Sherly says:

    i totally agree with Miki! I get mad sometimes cause i see people saying “oh, i miss blah blah of the sims 2″ but then they complain that the sims 3 is mixing up expansion packs from the sims 2! umm hello weren’t u asking for that? The development team is only trying to please the customers but not matter what they do it’s not good enough. As for the RPG term, i agree with Miki. RPG= Role playing game… most roleplaying games have magic fighting,adventures,etc. BUT that doesnt mean that’s what a game shoud have if it’s called an rpg. The sims is a simulation game…simulation of what? Humans lives. In a sense The sims is a roleplaying game. Furthermore, the EP is not an apartment EP. This EP is supposed to focus on nightlife; the apartments were just an extra. soo just stop ur whinning, if u miss the sims 2 so much then go play it! no one is stopping u!

  38. Viola says:

    far as I know,TS3 EP is now more of a RPG than simulation. We play The Sims because we want to play simulation game.. For those who are new to Sims, first try to play ts or ts2 and find out what is the real simulation. We compare TS3 with previous TS2 because we just want to make TS3 better . @ Sherly if you want to play rpg game try mass effect 2. Good for you. XD

  39. fred says:

    whats with all the ass kissing from mikki, sam, and sherly?  the sims 3 lost the charm sims 2 had and the expansion packs arnt making it any better. dont get me wrong i like the sims 3 but its not as fun as sims 2. they took out important features that made the first game fun. and slowly adding them back in ep’s but half assing it.

  40. Sammy D. says:

    Okay, so I am a little bummed out here. I am running out of room in my neighborhood. I was really hoping for apartments!!! They were one of my favorite parts of TS2. Hopefully if we all complain enough they will eventually do an apartment life for this. Just because they are adding penthouses doesn’t mean they can’t expand on the apartment idea later… That’s what I’m hoping for anyways…

  41. anonymous says:

    What a disappointment (but also wasn’t expecting anything like apartments in this one, but still very disappointing) “We focused on the coolest part of living in an apartment – the view, the limited space, the elevator entrance, but do not have complex gameplay built around communal living.” In my opinion, I think it should be more complex, but I guess we can’t have EVERYTHING  from the sims 2. . .

  42. Jp says:

    wow.i guess i should be glad i never had AL coz nw i can fully enjoy the penthouse thing. i also think that it shouldnt be refered to as a apartment.that may still come. this thing is a penthouse. i like the idea of the view. yes, certainly the urban stuff must be incorporated more. and i think we need a new term for rpg, coz i realised in sims 3 they have these ‘goals’ for you, its not that open. thank you for those who didnt complain about l.n , those who did, you have some grounds, and i totally agree that the ppl in the sims 3 developing team should wake up a bit. oh and whats up with ambitions for making fires and illnesses happen to sims but never to your own sims?? thats the big flaw. and why are the ep’s coming out so fast? they havent even fixed all the old problems. i never patched my sims2 games, they worked fine. lastly, i want my weather!

  43. Adrian says:

    so far with sims 3 ive been alittle disappointed… i expected it to hav at least most of the great features of sims 2 wen really it doesnt or at least it will in the future like placeable lots etc. another thing that disappointed me was how u cant go INTO most community lots… of course i hav gotten used to it but it was still a let down. for a long time ive been wishing for apartments, and ive heard something bout them being in late night but i also heard that the so called “apartments” are actualy just penthouse lofts that only hav one family in them… if thats true that will be a HUGE disappointment. also i hav a sad feeling that the high rise buildings arent buildings at all but just “objects” if thats true then it will just be another sad let down that just makes me want to go back to sims2 even with its so so graphics (compareed to sims 3)and i hav to add that today i actualy went back to play sims 2 because i missed its… amazing difference. i must say ea ur hurting the sims and its players… from wat ive heard im not the only one with this thought… please make huge differences by studying the greatness of the last sims and seeing were u went wrong with sims 3… even tho sims 3 is a good game im not saying it isnt but there are huge differences from the other sims that are hard to give up.

  44. Sarah says:

    Honestly, I get what your all saying. Both side’s are right, they have missed a lot of things that Sim’s 2 had. What I always miss when I play Sims 3 is probably the small cutscene’s and that little memories pannel. But there are also a lot of good things that you can enjoy when it comes to Sims 3 as well. You can go places (though you may complain that you can’t go in them) the system isn’t as slow and doesn’t crash like it did for Sims 2 (for me at least) there are new clothes, I enjoy the personality option, and the graphics. The graphics are great. There are always good side’s to the bad one’s and bad one’s to the good one’s. So lets just try and look for the good one’s. I am honestly looking forward to the vampire’s and new career options, though you may argue that it is RPGish. But, guys, lets be honest. EA doesn’t care anymore. They SHOULD try and bring everything and more into one (which I hope they will do) but they just don’t care. We’re the old players that stay faithfull to Sims even though we’re/you guys are furious with them because we’re the old one’s. They are now trying to bring in the new players and make even more of a profit with showing new players amazing things. And lets be honest, even though you all hate it, hate being ripped off like this after being so faithfull, you can’t help but continue buying it because you hope that maybe it will be good. Best thing to do guys? All stop buying the game’s/expansions, and they’ll start feeling the sudden change in profit if enough people join in, and will begin to ask fellow gamers what happened and you can tell them all the same answers. Its not the same as before. But personally, I’m looking forward to this, sure its changed, but with you guys being so upset its hurting what I was looking so much foward too. Good luck, and I hope we do see a change, but I still love all the systems even this one. Even with the many differences there are good things about it too that you have to look for. Don’t look for the things that are different, but the things that you enjoy and are happy with :)

  45. jenah says:

    i must say i enjoy the sims3 and so up set people are complaining about what you’ve missed from sim2 i think you should give EA a break because sim3 only came out this year and there is probably more to come so give them a break ! im so happy with the sim3 , and everything about it =]

  46. Sophie says:

    The thing I’m most disappointed about tbh is that my sims don’t have time to do anything! Before anything else EA seriously needs to sort out the time issue – by the time my sims have got to the bars/nightclubs it’s nearly closed – I end up using cheats to max their needs all the time cos otherwise there’s not time for anything else! One of the other things I miss is the building part. I don’t think I would go back to TS2, purely because of the way the neighbourhood is done, where there’s no loading. But I miss watching my sims eat out – when they do go out to bars, there’s no other sims there – even hotspots! Hopefully patches will fix this :) overall like LN, but think it shouldn’t have tried to cram two ideas (Nightlife and AL) together – it’s just meant that less time is spent makng them really good.

  47. Tasha says:

    well I have felt like sarah and I just could bring myself to get used to those graphics now that I have been playin TS3 I have late night and your right there is never anyone at the clubs but me I need up dancing buy myself most of the time. In TS2 the club was always packed :) the really need to fix this

  48. Bri says:

    Alright guys, I understand that many of you are dissappointed with the Sims 3 so far. But let’s remember, did Sims 2 have apartments the first year it came out? Did it have animals the first month it came out? Did it have seasons the first day it came out? No. It took periods of time for things like those to be added in as expansion facts. In Sims 2 Nightlife they didn’t have apartments (they came out when Sims 2 Apartment Life was released), so why should we be critisiczing the Sims 3 Late Night for not having aparments? Making expansions and adding new places and things to the game takes a lot of time and money. The company that has been making Sims 3 games has been making them faster because their fans want them out faster. And when they do come out, the fans are upset because their not “good” when the company didn’t have as much time to make them and improve them as much because their fans want games out fast. Seriously, I’m sure the company that makes these games will improve the game over time and will improve it a lot. But honestly, we have to be patience and be grateful with what the Sims 3 has offered us now. :)

  49. Orion says:

    TS3 is extremely well done, especially with the addition of the Late Night expansion. However, I, like many others, feel that the High-Rise buildings should be more related to the Apartment-style buildings from TS2. Of course, Late Night definitely adds a lot more things into the game, so it’s not like I have much of a complaint at all. I’m extremely happy with it all and will just be waiting to be able to build a nice apartment complex when the time comes, which I’m sure it will sooner or later. And sadly, EA is just another gaming company that falls in with the rest, where they become more concerned with the immediate profit from the game instead of spending the extra few months on making sure everything is ready and playable. But hey, money is money, and that’s the reason they do it…

    So, here’s to waiting for more expansions. (Also waiting for another one for Spore.) :)

  50. SHANNON says:


  51. Jenbanks says:

    Y’all are so focused on how it’s not like sims 2 EP that your forgetting something important…its not sims 2. If it’s that horrible then don’t play it. Stop ruining it for the people who may like it with your onesided opinions please!

  52. TheTimeVortex says:

    Don’t have the EP but hoping that maybe someone out there might have a mod to let other Sims live in apartments besides your family. They do mods for everything these days 😮

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