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GamesCom 2010 is underway from August 18 – 22 and EA will be showing off many of their upcoming games.  Among the Sim/Spore ones, fans who attend will be able to check out The Sims 3 on Consoles, The Sims 3 Late Night, The Sims 3 Fast Lane Stuff, The Sims Medieval, MySims SkyHeroes and DarkSpore.

This post was established to keep users up-to-date on every single bit of information coming out of the event.  It’s going to be constantly updated – so keep checking back!

Sites in attendance (thanks to InfiniteSims for the list)

SimWay | SimsExchange | SimFans | SimTimes | Sims 3 Nieuws | Simlicious | Sunset Valley Times | Sims-3.net | Sims 3 Marktplatz | Sims 3 Forum | Sims Forum | Akisima | Blacky Panther | The Sims Zone | SimsNetwork | Sims Planet 2 | SmartSims


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Late Night

What we first got to see was the new world known as Bridgeport.  The world looks great but it is not in my opinion.  The center is just filled with tall buildings, making it very difficult to view.  You have a large bridge in Bridgeport and if you go across that bridge into the hills you will come to the normal houses where many celebrities live. The houses there all have a pool and look very modern. Whether there are empty lots, I have not seen / asked.

There are a lot of clubs in Bridgeport.  Some are very exclusive and you have to be of really high status and have many friends to go to them but there are small bars where you can get (non alcoholic) drinks you can drink.  Almost all clubs have open and closing times.  Sims will eventually go back home when it is closing and you get to see when the club opens again.  You also get the possibility to build a club.  You can then drop an object that lets you control how exclusive the club (like the bulbs in the tombs of WA) as well as to likely allow you to adjust the opening hours (which we have not seen).  Your sims will be able to dance on the table/counter.  You also have some new dance moves.

Simlicious – preview for The Sims 3 Late Night

SimTimes provided many of the Sim fansites with live tweets from EA’s presentation of The Sims 3 Late Night from GamesCom 2010.  Here are the notes:

  • Neighborhood isn’t so full…
  • Bridgeport is the name
  • The home is the highest floor
  • You reach the penthouse with an elevator
  • You can set the color of the hot tub
  • Arcade machines!
  • There’s a bubble machine again
  • Large aquarium for the wall
  • With the cursor on the thumb of your sim you can see his star level
  • Sims can dance on the tables
  • A drink can remove all bad moodlets or your sim can learn faster
  • The vampire bar is really dark with some red spots
  • Vampires are more functional. They can buy plasma in hospital
  • Bridgeport is an island connected with bridges
  • You can see through the swimming pool with windows on the lower level
  • A special object makes your lot to a bar
  • Bridgeport is really urban
  • You can build swimming pools on every level
  • You have to buy special multilevel penthouses
  • Call the butler with the cellphone
  • A butler costs 1200§/week
  • The superstar career also relates to the new celeb feature
  • You can pay off the paparazzi
  • You can play for tips in the subway
  • Special food truck parking lot
  • Late is more hooking up than romance
  • Late Night presentation has finished

We’re also told that hot tubs are big deal new addition in Late Night. And – brace yourself – you can even “WooHoo” in them (that means S-E-X, giggle!!). So as you work your way up to a super deluxe penthouse with sweeping views of the city, you’ll definitely want to leave room for a fancy jacuzzi. The sky seems to be the limit in terms of decorating too, and you can even have one of those uber-baller status aquarium window-wall set-ups so it looks like your kitchen and your living room are separated by a slice of ocean.

Oxygen bars seem to be making a comeback in Late Night too; we saw one in almost every bar we visited. Different flavors of oxygen affect your Sim’s mood in different ways, so you can actually use them to facilitate whatever other activities you want your Sim to partake in.

GamesRadar – The Sims 3: Late Night – Good clean debauchery

Late Night is primarily about living that VIP lifestyle by boosting your celebrity status and getting to know the bouncers so they’ll let you in on sight. A new lifetime wish could be to own a penthouse, which you can then deck out with a hot tub on the balcony and tons of swanky furniture. A couple of character traits have been added as well: your sim can be shy or have star quality, which makes your sim more likely to gain fame and hog all the attention. However, during our demo we noticed that your sim doesn’t need to have that quality to get up and dance on a bar (apparently that particular sim had the insane trait).

Other objects that are worth mentioning include a bubble bar, which is similar to an oxygen bar, where your sim can sit and blow different-colored bubbles. An effects machine can be added to spruce up the atmosphere with snow, lasers, or confetti. For a more low-key type of setting, there are shuffleboards, arcades, and dart boards to keep your sims busy. Everything we saw at the bars can be used in your own home, so you can have your own cocktail bar in that penthouse suite you’ve been eyeing. The city of Bridgeport is quite big, with landmark buildings and plenty of towering high-rises. A red dot on the map will indicate which club is particularly happening that evening, so it’s worth checking out what’s hot that night to make the most of your evening. Another way to find out where the party is at is to gossip with your fellow sims or read the newspaper.

GameSpot – The Sims 3 Late Night impressions pre-GamesCom 2010

  • Late Night brings players to a new Downtown location independent of your suburban setting from the base game (no “visiting downtown” a la Hot Date). Players start out living in a high rise apartment building that the user can decorate but not remodel completely (unless you enter a cheat), and can spend their time barhopping or trying to climb career paths which could lead to fame. The bars are the second major building addition to the game and you can build those from scratch or remodel any of the pre-fabricated ones included in the game. Different bar activities are available (like brawling and Mixology), but what’s cool about the bar scene is that the makeup of Sims in attendance changes from night to night. One night a dive bar might be the hotspot with celebrity Sims slumming it – another night, it might be a high class lounge that only Sims with a three-star celebrity or higher rating can get into.
  • Fame comes at a price unless you’re the child of a celebrity. Sims earn fame by bragging about their awesomeness in their job or talents with booze or bands. This gets other Sims talking about you and maybe open up gig Opportunities where Sims can earn more fame by working as a bartender at a famous bar or playing a show out in the park. Once your Sim’s celebrity starts climbing, they can sign autographs and move into classier places like the Penthouse or into a mansion across the river from the main Downtown area. Children of celebrities can be famous or not famous – but if they start signing autographs from childhood, then they’ll start on the star path early.

GamePro – The Sims 3 Late Night preview

Well, in Late Night, it’s probably a vampire which should please True Blood and Twilight Sims players. They aren’t fearsome or scary, really. In fact, you can’t bite anyone without their permission. You can hunt, which colors the Sims around you with a Predator-like thermal vision, but you can only bite your friends. Just like in real life, right? No? If Sims are willing you can also offer to turn them into vampires as well instead of just biting them. Depending on the level of the relationship (for example if you’re married to a vampire), you’ll also see different, more intimately-styled animations for the bites.

the-sims-3-late-night-20100813000335349 the-sims-3-late-night-20100813000338677 the-sims-3-late-night-20100813000341755

IGN – The Sims 3 Late Night at Gamescom 2010 preview

Sims Medieval

SimWay has posted their answers to the questions that were submitted when they checked out The Sims 3 Late Night, The Sims 3 for consoles and The Sims Medieval. Check out there answers here.

Late Night – Vampire can marry?
Yes, and they can even have babies. If a both of them are vampires, their child will be 100% vampire. If one is a Sim and a vampire, it is only a 50% chance.

The Sims 3 for Console – Will there be new characteristics that it is not in the PC version?
Only with the Wii it will be new characteristics.

The Sims Medieval – Will there be transportation such as horses in medieval?
There will be no means of transport other than on foot.

Check out these 40 screens of The Sims Medieval from SimWay.


The game revolves primarily on completing quests.  At the beginning, you choose a main quest which all other smaller quests related to it.  Once you have chosen the main quest you get Quest Points.  You choose a small quest.  Here you choose the quest who suffer and who will help and what we aim for.  You will lose some points off quest.  You complete the quest by the king to heal example.  It is here that you need a serum makes you’ll have a doctor you need rich. (translation really screwed this article up)

Simlicious – preview for The Sims Medieval

via SimFans

Today we had the honor of witnessing a presentation by the developers behind closed doors about The Sims: Medieval. In a room that was very cosily furnished with a fake fireplace, knight’s armour and red walls a game that was equally relaxing awaited us – at least in the first few minutes. It was initially possible to gain an impression of the setting of the demo version thanks to the bird’s eye perspective. Attention was paid to every detail here. The Middle Ages as a rather cheerless epoch was created with a lot of fantasy as was demonstrated by the textures of the buildings, the special trees or the ingenious interior fittings of the rooms. Nothing was missing. The witch tower, church, castle, apothecary and many more things round off this village backdrop. No details were spared in relation to the Sims either. The range of clothing seems almost inexhaustible. You can choose between a modest citizen’s garment, knight’s armour, a magician’s cape or magnificent regal outfits and play to your heart’s content with accessories such as belts or jewellery.

EA at GamesCom 2010 – Exclusive presentation on The Sims Medieval

Unlike typical Sims games, Sims Medieval doesn’t remove the walls of the buildings when you zoom into a building or castle. Instead it peels away the front of the building, leaving the sides and back in tact. The effect is like looking at a visual dictionary, which pulls away the layers of an object to let you look inside.

“We wanted to make sure you always remember that you are inside the castle, so we just peeled away the front so you can peek inside and see what’s going inside,” she said.

There has been a lot of work done to the Sims 3 engine for this game, Bernstein said, like adding sub-surface scattering to the character models to make them look warmer and alive.

“We wanted to go with a painterly look,” she said.

The look of the game isn’t the only thing the team tweaked for Sims Medieval, they also reworked the way the Sims speak.

“Simlish was altered to be more medieval,” Bernstein said. “We spent a lot of time trying to figure out how it would sound. Initially we thought about making everyone sound more British. We tried an over-the-top Monty Python simlish.”

What the team ended up with was a similish designed to sound like old English, she said.

Kotaku – Sims Medieval Doesn’t Stray Far From Its Roots

SimTimes provided many of the Sim fansites with live tweets from EA’s presentation of The Sims Medieval from GamesCom 2010.  Be sure to check out their list of tweets from Late Night.  Here is the information from Medieval:

  • Rachel Bernstein and the technician are ready :)
  • Everything fits on the medieval setting
  • The stories should feel different than in TS3
  • The castle is really pretty decorated
  • Every room is four levels high
  • The roofs have rafts
  • The fights have different factors like health or stamina
  • With kingdom points you can place new buildings
  • The sims look really realistic
  • You have three traits. One has to be a bad trait!
  • The kingdom has four factors: health, security, faith and knowledge
  • If you have a task, you can choose different quests, the sick Monarch can be killed with the help of the spy or cure him
  • Than you have to choose which hero sim you will navigate for solving the quest
  • With leeches you can cure sims
  • The sims bar on the left corner also reminds you your quest
  • The create the style tool is like the one from TS3
  • One kingdom in game
  • There could be more content for the game. Probably EPs?
  • No horses in the game ^^
  • And probably no custom content at this moment

At first sight, an attempt has been made about the aesthetics of the game Thus, photo-realistic graphics seem quite good, especially compared to the representation of the skin or hair of the characters. Side-band sound, Simlish, language inherent Sims consists of nonsense syllables glued to each other, trying to follow this new direction medieval. Result: there is a kind of grandiosity in the vocal inflections of the actors, very supported, and the syllables appear clearly detached.

Another aspect of the game revealed: customization. Indeed, inside the castle you can change things at will. You can change or move the furniture to vary the color and texture of objects. But to get the new furniture, equipment, exotic, new colors and even some weapons (including the famous sword Excalibur), you must first meet certain conditions during specific quests or simply find items scattered on the map. As for Sims, they are also customizable. You can customize them with many different outfits, change colors or also any part of their dress. You can even combine the clothes of the characters between them. The next collection is obviously vary the lifetime of the game are telling us and it should take ~thirty hours of gameplay for a player wishing to retrieve all objects and clothes, and anxious to redecorate all the places visited. While for wanting to clock int a dozen hours should be enough to finish the game.

English version – InfiniteSims | French verison – JeuxVideo

“Completing quests earns you a variety of rewards, including Kingdom Points. Kingdom Points lets you expand your kingdom, bringing in more buildings, and more Hero Sims, which opens up more quests that you can take on. So you’re constantly choosing from quest-to-quest, which Hero Sims you want to control,” explains Bernstein. The Sims Medieval is an achievement-oriented game, with platinum, gold, silver, and bronze achievements for each quest you choose to take on. Completing quests at the platinum level will help you with more Kingdom Points to help you satisfy the requirements for your Kingdom Ambition and meet your goals.

“We’re not historians,” explains Bernstein when talking about the art style for The Sims Medieval. “Our idea of what ‘medieval’ looks like, comes from storybooks and movies – and we wanted to capture that fantasy storybook look that we’re all familiar with,” says Bernstein. She points to fairy tales and even films, like The Princess Bride and Monty Python and the Holy Grail, as sources of inspiration for The Sims Medieval’s art style. She also points out sub-surface scattering, a technology that the studio is using to give the Sims a rosy glow beneath their cheeks, making characters look warmer and more inviting.

GamesRadar – Why I’m scared of The Sims Medieval

Thanks to SimFans for recording and providing the video!

Unlike The Sims 3, hero Sims that you create in Medieval will age but not die from Father Time. Things like a plague or murder can lead to the demise of mature Sims, but because this game actually has an ending, your Sims don’t fade away as time goes on. Created Sims will also have two specific traits and one fatal flaw that dictates their personalities. Don’t be too worried about the flaw – there will be quests specific to your Sim that can transform his or her negative attribute into a positive one.

Because medieval folks were a rowdy bunch, EA has also included dueling in this version of the Sims. The altercation I saw was between the king and one of his knights. I’m not sure what they were upset about as they both jabbered in Simlish, but eventually they pushed each other around and drew their swords. A 2D side-view of the fight popped up, and the demoer skillfully bested the king without killing him, though murder is always an option.

IGN – Gamescom: Medieval Sims Go Questing

You can actually “win” the game. You start by choosing a Kingdom Aspiration (e.g. “Biggest Kingdom”) and the game gives you a castle building with a Monarch already living inside. You play with the Monarch as if they were the head of your Sims household, feeding them and making them talk to other Sims — you can even have them fall in love, get married, and have kids just as in other Sims games. The playable Sim, however, has a daily job to do that comes built in; the Monarch has to write decrees or meet dignitaries, the Physician has to cure sick patients, the Blacksmith has to forge swords. Fulfilling the job and completing Sim-specific Opportunities (here called Quests) increases the playable skills and earns Kingdom Points that the player can spend to buy other buildings for the kingdom — like a hospital or a church. Each building comes with a new playable Sim character or two with their own jobs and Quests to fulfill that also earn Kingdom Points. Once you’ve built every building you possibly can and fulfilled all the Kingdom Quests that increase the size of the kingdom, you win that Kingdom Aspiration and that playthrough ends.

You can win, but you can’t really lose, either — although you can die. Once you’ve selected a playable character, you can screw around as much as you ever did in any other Sims game — flirting with non-playable Sims, having babies, redecorating a playable Sim’s house, etc. Neglecting the Sim’s job, however, has consequences: if the Physician doesn’t cure enough patients or doesn’t cure them completely, he or she can be thrown in the stocks where other Sims (even non-playable ones) can throw tomatoes at them. Multiple trips to the stocks can result in execution. In theory you could get every playable Sim in your kingdom killed, but you wouldn’t get a Game Over screen.

GamePro – The Sims Medieval previewed

Appreciate the upload, InfiniteSims!

les-sims-medieval-pc-006 les-sims-medieval-pc-005 les-sims-medieval-pc-004

Thanks for these, SimCookie


More screencaps at SimCookie

When you start up a new kingdom you have to select a mission for your kingdom. These missions variate a lot. For example; having the biggest army and also taking over a random number of other kingdoms or another mission to ban all the deceases from your kingdom. Every mission has its own set of quests you need to complete in order to fulfill your mission. EA told us there is going to be a dozen of them, so there will probably be about twelve missions. It will take an average gamer around ten hours to fulfill one mission following EA.

Sims 3 Nieuws – The Sims Medieval preview

the-sims-medieval-1 the-sims-medieval-2 the-sims-medieval-3 the-sims-medieval-4 the-sims-medieval-5 the-sims-medieval-6 the-sims-medieval-7 the-sims-medieval-8 the-sims-medieval-9 the-sims-medieval-10 the-sims-medieval-11 the-sims-medieval-12 the-sims-medieval-13 the-sims-medieval-14 the-sims-medieval-15 the-sims-medieval-16 the-sims-medieval-17 the-sims-medieval-18

Thanks Sims 3 Nieuws

I think this game fits perfectly into the collection of an average Sims fan. It’s a new game, but certainly not boring. The game will be a large part of the current appeal to Sims fans, but also speaks to new players because the game focuses more on strategy.

You can enjoy hours of discovering the beautiful neighborhood, the buildings and meet local Sims from the past. The best thing about this game is that you get all assignments, you must fulfill. It is not always easy you made! Because the game takes place in a special period, it is a whole new unique experience.

SimsPlanet2 preview on The Sims Medieval

In Medieval, you don’t necessarily switch control from one character to another and then another; instead, you will control a primary character by accepting an outstanding quest for that character (and if you wish to keep playing that character, then you can simply keep accepting quests for that character). One of the many heroes you can choose to follow as your active character is the realm’s king or queen, who resides in the castle, which itself can be edited and designed…somewhat. To keep the game’s look and feel consistent, your view of the castle in build mode won’t cut away all the walls; instead, it will give you cross-sectional views that encompass the entire room at a glance.

GameSpot – The Sims Medieval Impressions – First Details (source – InfiniteSims)

Sims 3 Consoles

recorded by SimFans

video recorded by SimFans

For more screens, stop by SimsExchange!


The way of playing xbox360/ps3 is not much change with that of The Sims 2.  You have a stick or a jet type things that you can stroll to an action to perform. Would you change sim then you just press triangle (PS3) or Y (Xbox). To map the menu mode, karma Powers, construction mode, press select to open. Use the arrow keys to change your mode of time, with the left joystick to control the jet with the right to control the camera.

Simlicious – preview for The Sims 3 on consoles

via SimFans

Photos provided by The Sims 3 French Facebook – special thanks to SimCookie for the notice.

46130_437524154016_87256684016_5043690_6856164_n 40590_437524179016_87256684016_5043691_740665_n 40590_437524184016_87256684016_5043692_3690756_n 40590_437524194016_87256684016_5043694_8145144_n 40590_437524189016_87256684016_5043693_6222461_n 40590_437524199016_87256684016_5043695_2290608_n 40590_437524204016_87256684016_5043696_5790822_n 40590_437524209016_87256684016_5043697_4810731_n 40590_437524219016_87256684016_5043699_2619576_n 40590_437524214016_87256684016_5043698_490295_n 40590_437524224016_87256684016_5043700_5593141_n 45124_437524249016_87256684016_5043701_970720_n 45124_437524259016_87256684016_5043703_1793024_n 45124_437524254016_87256684016_5043702_6730133_n 45124_437524264016_87256684016_5043704_3449508_n 45124_437524269016_87256684016_5043705_7548564_n 45124_437524274016_87256684016_5043706_7333593_n 45124_437524279016_87256684016_5043707_1851775_n 45124_437524284016_87256684016_5043708_6906804_n

98 images of Sims 3 on console


video from SimFans

In a special article from Nintendo-Online.de, they spilled a few new details on The Sims 3 for Nintendo’s upcoming 3D handheld (and successor to the DS), the Nintendo 3DS.  Translated details courtesy of GoNintendo:

  • planned for 3DS launch
  • new camera angels that take advantage of 3D
  • face-mapping feature
  • take a photo of yourself to transfer to your sim
  • possible online functionality

Thanks to SimFans for recording and providing the video!

My Sim floated into the air, sparkling with her new found confidence and ability to charm the pants off anybody who so much as glanced in her direction. I knew that laptop was mine. After making out in front of everyone at the park, he became my Sim’s steady boyfriend. The lovebird Sims made out some more, and I thought it was time to make an honest man out of him and had my Sim propose. He seemed flattered, put on the glittery ring my Sim apparently kept in her pocket just in case of a time like this, and we were engaged. Not content to end there, I held a small wedding ceremony for the Sims at the same place they got engaged at. Within a matter of minutes I had a husband and a fancy new laptop.

the-sims-3-20100818005854084 the-sims-3-20100818005847834

the-sims-3-20100818005841366 the-sims-3-20100818005859928


IGN – Gamescom: My Sims 3 Console Quickie Wedding

We didn’t have a lot of time to spend with the game, but we did get to create a brand new sim to see how the editor transferred over. Like the PC version, we were able to pick a sim from various age groups, so we decided to go with a toddler and mess around with some onesies and face paint. Every detail can be tweaked, from eyebrows to beanie patterns, and everything you make, including houses, other sims, and patterns can be saved and uploaded to MyStudio. MyStudio is accessible via the main menu and lets you share what you’ve created with the community.

We were told that all the PC features have been moved to the console, with the exception of the ability to be able to customize everything you come across in a neighborhood, and there are loading times when you move from one location to another. Because we couldn’t start the game with a toddler without a parent, we picked a random sim and jumped right into the game. As soon as you’re placed in a home, you’re given a seven-step tutorial that teaches you the basic controls. The L stick controls a green beam of light that acts as your cursor where you can highlight your sim and other objects of interest. The X button brings up all the options available for the highlighted item, and you can always reset your camera to your active sim with L3 or use R3 to center on your cursor. When you’re in a building with a second floor, the L2 button lets you see what’s happening upstairs. At first, it does feel a bit unwieldy when you’re so used to pointing and clicking, but everything of importance is easily accessible. The R2 button will display a message log if you need to refer back to something the game is trying to tell you, and the square button gives you all the details you want to know about your sim.

full article on GameSpot (thanks, Sims Galore!)

For a good ten years, the Sims on the PC are active. Well five years later, they introduced The Sims on console. And after The Sims 3 strike last year on PC and with “The Sims Medieval” has a fresh concept.

Successful model

Whopping ten years originally conceived by design legend Will Wright virtual personalities already in business. Millions sold, is the collection of expansions and console versions as well as a shelf filler blockbuster beyond compare and, according to EA, above all, enormously popular among female gamers. Rather, success is expected in a winking look at the real life, social interactions and consequences are. Driven by an unpredictable AI it is unlike any other game available on the market, and even after hours of intense Simming one experiences is always something new!

Fate of the consoles

A fresh element of the console version will be the forces of karma, to which the producer Sam Player, we had asked some questions. With these it will be possible to influence the fortunes of the Sims almost godlike. By letting a ball of fire in land in the area. Away from its efforts are being made to push the Sims experience possible for each console: The HD versions (Xbox and PS3) have an exchange, with which you can share the content created with other Sims fans and the Wii version gets a direct control over the characters and a separate multiplayer mini-game added.


  • Extensive Create-A-Sim Editor
  • House building
  • Optimized control
  • New on consoles: Karma forces
  • Technology adapted to the respective systems and optimized
  • Exchange of content on PSN and XBL
  • Exclusively on Wii: beach-town direct control Sims
  • Wii-city streamed seamlessly, PS3 and 360 with short load times between areas
  • Wii version with “Life Moments” multiplayer mode
  • Complete Sims sandbox on DS, including powerful editor
  • Typical Sims-Humor
  • Needs new life, careers, etc. (depending on the system)
  • Free roaming the city possible
  • Various system-specific content

Original info from 4Players (German) – translated to English via InfiniteSims


More screencaps at SimCookie

Source: SimsDomination

Once the The Sims 3 was released, it seemed only a matter of time until a console version would be released, but would it hold up the interactive soap opera on the console. Although they rely on known natural mechanisms, but adds the so-called karma forces as a new element. We were able to get an interview with Sam Player, Executive Producer for The Sims 3 Console.

4Players: What is your role on The Sims 3 Console Development?

Sam Player: I’m the executive producer for The Sims 3 on consoles and handheld platforms. I have been  a part of  the Sims Studio since 2006 and I worked on The Sims 2 Expansions Stuff packs for the first two years in the development.

Then I changed direction and worked on SimAnimals for Wii and DS.

4Players: Based on the E3 presentation, the Sims 3 formula seemsto be a good move for console. And on top of it, it will be improved significantly with the so-called karma forces. Can you explain what these forces of karma, how they work, and help the players with their Sims – or wreck havoc?

Sam Player: Each platform has its own set of Karma forces. Some are available in all versions, some are only exclusive to the specific platforms. All provide a lot of fun, but one of my favorite activities in the HD versions (Wii and PS3), is the use of “Epic Fail” Karma force against a neighboring sim,. To see how miserable and unhappy, it makes the sim, is a classic moment. In return, you can get a Sim, who had bad luck lately, with the “Giant Jackpot” take some money to the poor or make it with “Get Lucky” to the enviable types in the neighborhood, so that everything he starts automatically is a success in its wake. This is very satisfactory and gives an even stronger sense, to control the story. Of course I would never do anything to harm my Sims, but those who delight in ‘evil’ such things may have to be to enjoy the “Fire Storm” or “Quake Maker.

4Players: How do you get these powers?

Sam Player are: On each platform, the Karma forces have a slightly different set up, but the basic principle behind it: The more you successful you are in the game, the more karma forces you can unlock it. Additionally, you can get buy Karma forces on the karma points, you get access to when you meet the lifetime wishes of the Sims, which is acquired in the Challenge Shop or with which can be obtained at the end of each day at the “Hour of Reckoning” (hour of reckoning, NB .’s note will be rewarded).

4Players: What do you not think will be introduced with the forces a form of “cheating”, which is removed from the path of PC-Sims, which is a satirical image of the “real” life sitcom, where you sit in the director’s chair?

Sam Player: We still have the feeling that the player is the director. Karma forces will offer the player a director only tools in hand to tell the different stories. In fact, the forces of karma is not always available and rewards for a certain style of play only. The game will not allow that you can always and everywhere use your powers. In addition, they can go back in time during the hour of reckoning if it is decided by the games AI.

4Players: What else is there to elements in the console versions, which also are new to players who know the PC version already inside and out?

Sam Player: In the Wii version, there will be two new careers (and extreme sports

“The Wii version includes exclusive content such as a brand new city on the beach.”

Tourism), exclusive of personality characteristics as well as a four-player mini-game. The DS has something that we call “magic moments”: Here are specific milestones of the Sims with nice new animations celebrated – in addition it is the first adult “neighborhood Simulation”, which we present on the DS.

4Players: With the Karma forces is added a great new element. Are there any content that did not make it from the PC to consoles? In the E3 presentation in June it looked as as if you could no longer walk freely around the city.

Sam Player: You can definitely run free on all platforms through the city. On Wii it’s all seamlessly even possible. There are no load times once you are in the city. On the DS there is a short loading time, if you leave the house, but you can then wander around in the city. On the HD platforms, the city is divided into small sections, among which one with a short load time.

4Players: What differences are there between the console platforms, including with regard to the forces of karma?

Sam Player: On PS3 and 360 is the theme of “connectivity” very important to us. Only in these versions, players can connect with each other and share their creations with other Sims fans around the world and other players to download content – thanks to the integrated exchange system completely seamless to the Sims experience

“You can make a Sim with” Get Lucky “to the enviable types in the neighborhood.”

involved. You will see both short-and long-term challenges and can earn rewards and achievements 360 and PlayStation Trophies. [Note: This service is dependent on the availability within the PlayStation Network and / or Xbox Live.]

4Players: And on Wii?

Sam Player: The Wii version offers exclusive content such as a brand new city on the beach, with new residents, properties, careers, weather, Karma forces and life wishes. There is also an exclusive direct control mechanism: players can send Nunchuk joystick control their Sim directly through the city. The Wii controller is perfect for such a system. The city is also home to some areas that you are not yet able to see in a Sims game. Sims can live on houseboats or in tree houses and we have built several activities such as kite-surfing, that do not exist on the PC. There will also be a multiplayer game in the Wii version, on the happy social players: They will compete in this new “life-Momente’ mode against three of his friends where they bet each other for decisions that they to important milestones in the life stories to tell of their Sims – where they earn points and other rewards. All this is of course spiced with Sims-typical elements such as humor and irreverence.

4Players: What to expect on the DS?

Sam Player: The DS is our first truly open sandbox game experience on the handheld. We are very proud to offer a compact life experience for the “Travelling Player”. Our “Create-A-Sim” editor is unique on the DS when it comes to personalization options – it even includes more clothing options and objects as the predecessor on the PC! For the first time on the DS you can control multiple sims in a household the buildings or structures with floors and walls to change by using the stylus as a paintbrush. Of course, players can continue their home with decorative objects, textures and more change.

4Players: Will there be a system-wide sharing of content or you will be limited to the particular platform?

Sam Player: The exchange is exclusive for each platform. Xbox 360 gamers will be able to share content with other Xbox 360 players. PS3 players will only exchange with other PS3 players.

4Players: With the newly announced “The Sims Medieval,” does the franchise on PC in new directions. Can you imagine anything in this form on consoles, such as “The Sims Western” where karma forces influence the results at the poker table?

Sam Player: Currently, our focus is 100 percent sure, the potential of The Sims 3 consoles for the best possible potential.

4Players: Thank you for your time and good luck with The Sims 3!

The Whole Article in; German (at 4 Players) – English (at InfiniteSims) – thanks to Simillions for posting

simsdomination-glria-34-larger simsdomination-glria-36-larger simsdomination-glria-37-larger

Found on GamePro, with thanks to SimsDomination

MySims SkyHeroes

The MySims games have always looked good on the Wii, but now on the Xbox 360, the game is much more vibrant. With all the action happening onscreen, it is also much more hectic than what you may have been used to. In the single-player campaign, you play as a pilot who has crash-landed on an island and lost his memory. Luckily, you’re picked up by fellow pilots, and you learn that these people are part of a rebel group that is waging a war against the evil Morcubus (the nefarious villain in all MySims games). Morcubus is trying to take over the skies to prevent anyone else from flying, so you and your band of merry men are trying to recruit others to join your cause and fight back. Through 42 missions in 12 different environments, you’ll soar through the areas collecting power-ups and trying to complete the mission with the best score possible. The game is also set up so that you can’t really fail, but you will be rewarded for better performance. There are plenty of things to unlock, such as upgradable parts for your plane. Depending on your playing style, you can add parts that extend the range of picking up power-ups, upgrade your machine gun, or boost those power-ups. Part of the fun is experimenting, and there looks to be plenty of pieces and paint to make sure that your plane is the most unique one out there.

GameSpot – MySims SkyHeroes impression (thanks for the reminder, InfiniteSims)


Darkspore was created using the robust creature creator and procedural animation engine developed for Spore, but that’s where the similarities between the two end.

Because the game uses the Spore engine, players can customize their characters much more than with the typical game. That also means placing the items you get in battle anywhere on a creature. Armor placement, in particular, has a surprisingly high degree of freedom.

The game includes three classes and five fighting styles. The classes fall along the typical archetypes found in role-playing games. The Sentinel is a very strong, melee-centric character similar to a tank class. The Ravenger is like a rogue with very fast movements and the ability to dodge off-setting how fragile they can be. And the Tempest is like a mage or priest, specializing in area effects and healing.

The game’s different types of characters change the way a character attacks and defends.

Kotaku – I played DarkSpore and I loved it




Darkspore_Gamescom (1)JPG Darkspore_Gamescom (3)JPG Darkspore_Gamescom (2)JPG Darkspore_Gamescom (4)JPG Darkspore_Gamescom (5)JPG Darkspore_Gamescom (6)JPG Darkspore_Gamescom (7)JPG Darkspore_Gamescom (8)JPG Darkspore_Gamescom (9)JPG

The area we were placed in was called Cryos, a planet with floating ice fields over plasma. Before visiting any new planet, you’ll be able to check out what kind of non-player characters are going to be there and what kind of abilities they have. Each planet is vastly different from the others, so it’s crucial to see what you’re going up against and pick the best team to bring with you. We were able to play cooperatively with three other people and had our three creatures already picked out for us. Instead of playing through a game with just one hero, Darkspore focuses on a collection of heroes, so that you have plenty of variety and can create the best possible team before checking out a new planet. As we saw in our previous preview, the game will have five different creature types, each with its own resistances. Every hero that you play as will be unique, as you can customize it based on all the pickups you get as you progress through the game.

GameSpot – DarkSpore preview from GamesCom 2010

The true reason for naming this game Darkspore lies in the usage of the Creature Creator and the storyline of this game. The Creature Creator is an almost exact copy of the one used in Spore, with slight adjustments. Now you will be able to adjust your own weapons and armor. I am not sure what to think about this feature. Chances are I will use it rarely, being the kind of person just wanting to be skilled in a game, completing the levels with success. The looks of my creature while doing so aren’t that important to me.

The more creative players amongst us will be able to go completely berserk in creating the most brute armor and weapons, though. The looks of your own creature can be changed little to none, if I understood it right. But NPC-creatures can be created almost from scratch, based on a basic creature you get. And those are the ones you will see in your own game and battle against.

Sims 3 Nieuws – DarkSpore preview


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