Lyndsay Pearson gives us more Sims 3 details

Tracey John over at the MTV Multiplayer blog was able to get a sneak peek at The Sims 3.  During the demo, associate producer Lyndsay Pearson provided a few new details for the game.  First off, the UI is currently under a redesign to make it simplier for players to use – it’s original was too complex, more complex than the previous Sim games.  You can also still torture your Sims.  Depending on which traits you pick, you can visit the neighbor’s house to steal items or break things.  In fact, if you’re evil enough, you can even steal candy from toddlers.  Mwhahahaha.

Last but not least, the woo-hoo option will make it’s return, and with more places to make whoopie.  Work is a new place for your Sims to get it on.  However, parks and schools are still off-limits (but I’m sure once released, hackers will be right on this).  Now if they could only create a simlish version of Marvin Gaye’s song…

Read the full details here

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