Is true weather/seasons next on the horizon for Sims 3?

We all want weather for The Sims 3.  A lot of players believed it should of been included in the base game.  However, I can’t say it’s exactly easy to implement.  They had a heck of a hard time getting the weather for Sims 2 implemented as one of the producers stated that their prototypes had it raining inside the houses.  EA knows we want weather and seasons for The Sims 3, and we can tell they’ve already been working on such activities from the special effects that were featured in The Sims 3 Ambitions.

Sims 3 Nieuws pointed out the following piece of information posted on Sims 3 Cri’s report of Late Night when the development team was asked if we were ever going to see true weather in our games:

Some people are waiting for “the weather come back”. There isn’t weather in this EP, but we asked about Melanie and her response was very positive at least in our opinion.

She said that they wanted to include the weather in this expansion, but they postponed its inclusion to make a great weather not only a marginal function in an EP with a lot of stuff.

So, can we think that weather/seasons will be the theme of the next expansion?

I wonder what theme they are planning next for the series?  Country/Farm life mixed with pets and weather?  Weather and Pets?  Something totally different?  Who knows!


    • Judhudson says:

      Sorry James – my mistake with Google Translator on Sims 3 Nieuws. That’s what happens when you copy/paste English text on a page that has been translated (the text repeats itself thanks to their translation system) :) It has been corrected. It has been corrected. 😉

  1. Duskey says:

    As long as we’re spitballing (since no substantiated rumors are out yet) Grant Rodiek stated back in the Twitter Q&A for Late Night that Pets and Vacation (relaxing one, not WA) themes are possibilities.

    Then again, it could be about space marines and meerkats for all we know… The Sims 3: 40,000 with Meerkat Marines. I’d buy that.

  2. PajamaRick says:

    I’ve seen several ideas for a “Seasons-Type” of EP for Sims 3 by various simmers! Some of them I really liked…one idea was for a Seasons-Holiday type of EP, where we’d have a lot of Holiday themed items (ala Happy Holiday Stuff) along with the weather! With the open neighborhood, it was suggested that we would be able to go “trick-or-treating” from house to house or have Carolers roaming the neighborhood!
    I thought this might be a distinct possiblity since they haven’t released a lot of Holiday items for us yet (i.e. no Christmas Trees, no recipe for Turkey, no real Halloween outfits)!

  3. J says:

    “Country/Farm life mixed with pets and weather?”

    He he, I remember you talking about a country themed pack around the release time of The Sims 3. It sounds pretty cool actually!

    Imagining cats and dogs loose in the city, what will they do? Dogs pissing on everything and cats running around and purring? Perhaps otherwise? Who knows!

  4. Kal says:

    This is promising! However, I really hope they don’t mix weather and pets into one EP – I know many people (including myself) that don’t want pets in their game, and many people that want pets but not weather.

    A weather EP would be better to focus on family and home activities (kinda like how Late Night is focusing on ‘out and about’ activites), and pets alone would be enough content for their own EP.

  5. i’ve been having an idea about this for a while now. Weather and Pets are the two biggest request for The Sims 3 and i have a strong feeling that we will get both in the same EP. Also curious to when EP 4 would be released… especially if it would have both themes.

  6. says:

    I sure hope! Weather was my favorite thing added to The Sims 2! Makes the game that much more fun and real. Would love a Farm expansion too!

  7. aWT says:

    Not sure if it’s going to be the next since this is something rather big to implement in the current engine, and it would take some time.

    Well, usually after a EP comes out, they sort of gives us a hint, let’s wait and see.
    But man, I can’t wait for Late Night!
    The best EP so far.
    And if Seasons be the next after this one, OMG!

    My Sim life will be “complete”.
    A big city raining at night, you go out and get all wet, see people running around to avoid the rain… Ha-ha.
    Well one can dream, right…

  8. Thomas says:

    @PajamaRick A holiday EP sounds awesome! But I’m sick of farms and such! We kind of have that in a few towns. I think the next town should be between to giant, and make them GIANT, mountains with snow caps and some snow in the town! Deer, bears, fox, all could roam around along with house pets added! I really want to see wild animals, and not just bird..! Now THAT would be cool, and different….for me!: D

  9. Karen says:

    Seasons was my Favorite Ep from The Sims 2 i’ve always wanted it in The SIms 3 so I’ll be super happy if that is the next expansion which I think it is. I dont care for Pets. It can wait. SEASONS FTW

  10. Michael says:

    I know and believe that pets, weather/seasons will be the new expansion for any number of the expansions. I would love to have those themes and it doesn’t matter which one comes first.

  11. Great news, but NEED pets first. Mrs. Tickle hasn’t played The Sims 3 yet as she is waiting for Pets, and as she said “If they leave it till last they’ll be a Sims 4 and then we start all over again!” So come on EA give us Pets or we’re just gonna give up on The Sims.

  12. says:

    I don’t think so because when simmers were invited at the french event, they said that those from EA asked them what they like and would see in Academy.

  13. Simillion says:

    I want a city expansion pack, and most of all I desire a Business Expansion pack, one of the best and realistic things added to The Sims 2 and my favorite. Maybe they’ll all be together in one pack?

    Again, 40,000 meerkats sounds cool.

  14. PajamaRick says:


    I don’t think so because when simmers were invited at the french event, they said that those from EA asked them what they like and would see in Academy.

    I’m pretty sure they mean a College/University type of EP! To be honest, I would also like to see something like this…although it might be a tad tricky with the open neighborhood & rabbithole buildings! :)

  15. Kiara says:

    Hmm.. weather was nice and all but nothing too interesting (to me). It always annoyed me, so I bought every household I ever played a weather machine and set it to permanent summer and clear skies.
    But I would lovelovelove pets.

  16. mimi0302 says:

    Ask someone who speak french, the translation is false ! It’s Melanie Pham whom insist to know what simmers want to have in Academy ! What this article is saying is that: when invited they asked many questions about late night and Melanie Pham asked them what they want to see in future Ep and more precisely in Academy !

  17. Duskey says:


    Ask someone who speak french, the translation is false ! It’s Melanie Pham whom insist to know what simmers want to have in Academy ! What this article is saying is that: when invited they asked many questions about late night and Melanie Pham asked them what they want to see in future Ep and more precisely in Academy !

    Does Academy have a different meaning in French? It seems pretty odd to refer to “Academy” out of the blue.

  18. Liam says:

    well to be honest I LOVE SEASONS, like snowing in the neighbourhood, no skwl for kids, snowfights EVERYWER and snow angels, then autumn, people raking up leaves or kids diving in leaf piles xD and in summer, husbands rubbing sunscreen on their wives lol and all that, hehe and I want to be able to go into the Sea!!!! like paddle init or just swim xD 😀 and i didnt even know it rains in ambitions… D:

  19. Liam says:

    OMG ALSO! I want a game like Making Magic in sims 1 but for sims 3 😀 the game needs a little magic 😀 like ressurection with like PRETTY effects, like a massive white glitter wave, and all sims fly back xD soo fun or summon meteors or summon things to annoy sims xD or make a rain cloud appear somewhere 😀 like ona sim!! XD or heal a sim, like with moodlet manager but with more affect 😀 or make a big circle around yourself and it shoots you in the air and takes you to where you want to go!, and flying. and freezing people, or control animals 😀 like deer or bears and make them attack ppl xD hehe, like karma powers. one can be a pretty star above a sim and it creates a massive glitter effect (star shower) and it heals all sims, and it leaves a crack on the floor, which lets light shine through, and then a unicorn will appear or a big man, and give everyone like 1000 simoleons or w/e 😀 just cool effects, like the power to control water or fire or air xD Like making wind blow people away, abit like seasons! or control earth 😀 just water THE MOST 😀 i love water 😀

  20. Khodadad says:

    Well I wish there was a Sims 3 that included seasons, i miss having snow in the town.
    But I think there will be a Sims 3 Seasons, or pets I also miss dogs and cats in the town and playing with them.
    At least EA could have made rain in Sims 3 base game however I really miss seasons and pets. I went to a website or a forum that said the Sims 3 seasons will be released in:
    1 February 2011, in one month from now.
    Right Now Sims 3 Late night isn’t that bad, disco, bar, music especially VAMPIRES.
    Mixology skill, piano, drums and bass, playing gigs, making bands, tickling the ivories etc…
    I miss Pets and Seasons.

    now playing:
    Assassins creed brotherhood, Sims 3 Late Night.

  21. Aloan says:

    Face Mapping. (Better than Pets and Seasons combined) The Sims game will reach it’s pinnacle, once it allows gamers to put real faces in the game. I don’t know if it will come out for the Sims 3. But if it does not, and instead comes integrated in The Sims 4, (which might come out no later that 5 years), together with all the new technologies (better graphics, AI, and all the good stuff) it will blow my mind.

  22. Aloan says:

    Before you write telling me this tech is in the 3DS version. I know. I was talking about the King of games, the actual Sims 3 pc version. I don’t know why Facegen does not come out with their tech for the Sims 3. Maybe it’s just so hard to program it to work with the Sims 3 specifically. I wish I was a computer language genious. I would make such a thing! But I see, The sims 3 is on the Cartoon side. I know. That’s sad though. Many users complain that it fails in comparison with the Sims 2. I agree, in that regard, but that the sims 3 graphics are a lot better in everything, yes it is! even though the sims looks cartoony.

  23. Obsidian2012 says:

    Dear SIMS 3 , I wish to have Magic, Pets, Seasons, & new episode of Life of marriages& all family events to gather all sims which are created from one family under one roof for couple hours , Will we have please SIMS 3 with specialities of accessories, I miss them in SIMS3, in sims 2 I hve them lots , I miss even cheat for full skills fast thank you Obsidian2012 :-)

  24. Bo Bo Nana says:

    Seasons should be right after The Sims 3 Bedroom Suite…. early 2012. I sure hope they bring ALIENS back! And a desert neighborhood. Preferably one like Strangetown (TS2) They should also have diving boards, cactus, and hammocks as welll:)
    Fingers crossed

  25. Tommy says:

    why don’t they give us a straight answer about why the games we want for the sims genre? instead they feed us a bunch of bologny that they have tell us in business term’s.. can they please tell us in term’s that we understand. some of us can’t understand business talk..

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