SimGoodie – Generations interview, submit your questions

SimGoodie is holding a Q&A with producer Shannon Copur on The Sims 3 Generations this Monday, and they need your questions! If you would like to ask…well, anything about the newest expansion, I suggest you email [email protected]. With a little luck, it may just be answered! You have until Monday – so ask now!


  1. says:

    I am compiling an entire list over at SimsVIP. There are so many questions to be answered. 35 people have asked questions so far 😛

    4 pages in Word!

  2. Kiwi_tea says:

    Probably won’t be asked, it’s a bit long, but I asked:

    “Previous EPs have introduced some extremely long standing and seriously detrimental bugs into the Sims3 series, and patches have typically taken many months to resolve these bugs. An example is the extremely buggy transfers between the main world and WA subhoods where traveling to other worlds ripped family trees apart. This bug was reported 17/11/09, acknowledged 18/12/09, and only fixed on 7/7/10 despite interfering seriously with the core gameplay of the WA expansion pack. A more recent example is the broken Well Rested moodlet that came with the Late Night expansion and remains unrepaired, despite it being a bug that forces players to regularly reload their games if they don’t want their Sims to be perpectually miserable. Often we get third party support months before we get official fixes. Are we going to see a timely and professional level of patch support following on from Generations, or does EA simply not have the resources to provide that service? Will major bugs in Generations be fixed swiftly, or at all?”

    I should have added that skill gain – an essential component of the Sims 3 – is also still broken since Late Night, but the question was overly long as it was.

  3. Fouad says:


    I asked an important question (I think). The body hair is it like a tatoo or like a slider?

    body hair will most likely be part of the hair menu, probably below the facial hair.

    is that true there will be a body hair !! =O
    hope yes it’s really nice thing too add =D

  4. Migolia says:

    Is there a chance of a new batch of vegetables and recipes in this EP? The last EP didn’t bring too many new things to the kitchen and garden, which are my favorite part of The Sims.

  5. acee says:

    what about the toddlers and babies? I only found things about children, adults, and elders…
    The only thing I found new for the two was the stroller which is I think only for the toddlers…

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