EA Easter Egg Card

EA has a Happy Easter card on their site. It may look innocent, but it’s not. There’s a few surprises(Easter eggs) that is up to you to find.


It’s Easter, so we thought we’d make you a lovely card. But it’s much more than just a card, it’s your exclusive invitation to a very special Easter Egg Hunt.

Only true gamers will find the hidden Easter Egg. So the question is, do you feel lucky?



  1. cloudyday says:

    I don’t get it, what Easter egg are you supposed to find?
    I end up with an explosion and a tv, is there another end?

  2. Robb says:

    Same result. I get to the Penguin-Lion-Cityscape and then the TV in the barren canyon. The End. Disappointing.

  3. Alexurt says:

    After you get to the CityScape, I pulled the building in the background down and it opened a hole in the ground for the Lion and Penguin to fall in.

    Then there was a TV that continuously told me…its over. lol

  4. Alexurt says:

    A friend of mine Mya over on Facebook found this:


    Seems the game ends there unless they add more to it by Sunday

  5. johnnyboi says:

    It’s a video game easter egg. It’s a reference to Dragon Age: Lengends.

  6. Nick says:

    How very interesting….haha

  7. Dana says:

    after you do this you click the telly 9 times then u get a suprise :)

  8. Alexandria says:

    LOL. After about two minutes of looking at this card, I realized there are some funny little things wrong with it. Look at the sunlight in the sky, and note that it isn’t coming from the sun. Also, that cute bunny is HUGE. There are two hills (one in front and one behind) and the bunny is sitting on the second, more distant one. Finally, the little worm in the corner. One of his eyes are sideways. :D I feel so smart….

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