SimTimes and SimFans – More Pets Info From GamesCom

SimFans, SimTimes and Sunset Valley Times are adding bits of info from the Pets presentation and from Q&A to their twitter. We’ll update this post as new info comes in.

  • There is a Advanced Mode for the Create a Pet mode
  • You put different layers on the body of your pets. Dots, stripes, etc.
  • Entirely new buildings. New design of rabbit holes.
  • Tandem training. For riding you need a horse and the horse will also be trained by riding.
  • Every pet has its own special needs.
  • You can play with a laser pointer for playing with cats :)
  • The unicorns are bright and shining.
  • Unicorns are magical. They can set things on fire and teleport.
  • You can add unicorns on your households.
  • Sims up to teenagers can riding with horses.
  • Dogs can swim in swimming pools.
  • The pets only die by old age.
  • You can have up to 6 Pets in a household. But the Top is 10 (6 pets 4 sims is f.e. Possible)
  • Unicorns can also help plants grow.
  • cats can jump on the counter an eat old waffles
  • a dog has the need “Destruction”
  • there is a barn (self build) – there horses can have woohoo!
  • you can earn money with pets if you present tricks in the town
  • pets dont have lifetime wishes
  • No new careers for Sims.
  • Horses sleep standing up.
  • You can buy pets in several ways. But not at the pet shop which is included in the deluxe version. It’s just for buying accessories.
  • There is wildlife like raccoons and deers in the game, but you can’t add them to your households.
  • Cats do not learn tricks, but dogs do. Cats can learn to hunt.

Source: SimTimes, Sunset Valley Times and SimFans Twitter


  1. Nick says:

    “Dogs can swim in swimming pools”

    That’s a nice touch! I’m really enjoying the way this expansion is sounding! Much more detail than The Sims 2 Pets for sure!

    Now here’s to hoping dogs can drink out of the toilet and fetch the newspaper…cause that’s what dogs do haha.

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