Free ‘Atomic Age’ Pet items when registering The Sims 3 Pets

Here’s something that was pointed out by SimsDomination via Twitter.  EA has added their description of what our free registration gifts will be via looking at the site’s source code (see pic).


Download your FREE* Atomic Age themed pet items now! With a variety of new activities and social interactions, take control of your Sims’ pets to discover surprising new ways to play with life!

Here is a pic of said items – thanks to The Simalogue for the image and to SimsVIP for pointing it out



  1. says:

    Atomic Age? I think that was one of the options we could vote on for the final name of what in the end turned up being called Futureshock. Makes sense since the items look like they could match the Futureshock theme.

    It’s too bad there’s even less items than the Generations set but I do like what’s there.

  2. MrHawk says:

    Atomic Age was the set from TS2 Pets with the space theme. The ‘Altitude Quantizer’ stairs in the TS3 base game are from that set I believe.
    It looks like it’s making a comeback.

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