Dutch Retailer Micromedia list The Sims 3: Showtime!

According to the Dutch retailer Micromedia, Showtime will be released on March 8th. There is two listings, one for a standard version and one for a Limited Edition. Check it out below!

Source: Rincón del Simmer


  1. jesse james says:

    The first thing i think of when ( hear “showtime” is talent shows, staged magic acts, las vegas style entertainment…that or devil may cry…lol

  2. says:

    Showtime is usually used to refer to either TV shows (US) or Musical Theatre (UK)…

    “Life but in another form” could mean soap operas, etc. Maybe this pack is all about making TV shows, possibly reality style shows? A Film crew follows your Sim around filming them and then you can edit the footage?

    Superstar was a multi genre pack covering music, movies and TV, with the edition of celebrities. They have said they try not repeat EPs where possible –

    “a very light EP title, bright white letters on black background and something that has never been done before…”

    So while it could literally be anything (Movie show, TV show, Theatre show, horse show, Music show, etc.) it may be something that has been done before but only lightly (in Superstar)…

  3. jesse james says:

    Hmmm….could be magic, EA didnt do an expansion for it for TS2, just an add-on to apartment life…or it could stage magic like penn & teller ~nd so on… I am curisous, of course any EP i look forward to disappoints and the ones i think sound dumb are very enjoyable…on the fence about this one.

  4. jesse james says:

    Do you think they’d really release 2 different EPs based on the entertainment industry, it is to be something new after pets, unless that plan went out the window and they are rehashing something else….hmm….it is something new & most requested according to EA Russia…mysteries are frustrating without enough clues

  5. Dimi says:

    Seems like hobbies/new careers? Singing/acting/dancing/sports.

    Pretty sure ‘Showtime’ is real now with all the sites its showing up on…as we’ve seen before though the title could change (I preferred After Dark to Late Night!)

  6. bettyb says:

    Hmm. What might this be, a new version of Superstar for the Sims 3?

    (I always thought it a mistake they didn’t revisit that EP in Sims 2).

    If so, I hope EA finally adds a singing career (and maybe a few other instruments as well – the violin, and the saxophone).

    The ability to model and shoot a music video was a fun aspect of Superstar that deserves to be resurrected.

    Having Sims take part in plays, or perform in various ways in a theatre, or act as celebrity chefs, would also be neat.

    This has nothing to do with a Showtime time, but personally I really wish they would do a beach theme and make it possible for Sims to boat, swim and surf using the now pointless beaches. (We’d eventually need the diving board and the water slide back too then).

  7. Scrumptious says:

    Like this status if you often find yourself watching the shows your Sims watch on their TVs…even if you’ve seen them a bunch of times.

    could it be a hint? i found it on sims 3 facebook. mabye they intend to change the tv programs with this ep?

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