UK Simmers Finally Get Barnacle Bay Code-In-A-Box!

Seriously, when NA is about to get Hidden Springs Code-In-A-Box, UK Simmers get one for BB? WTH EA?

Thanks 50/50 Sims!


  1. thesimling says:

    Yes, another showing of how we never get anything first.

  2. MONTYRYAN says:

    I can NOT wait this long for Hidden Springs to come to the UK as a box. I can’t afford enough SimPoints! Please EA :/

  3. Scrumptious says:

    and it’s not even an expansion pack!

  4. jesse james says:

    We all want to run out & pay the equivalent of 20$ for a piece of paper in a plastic case. they used the cost of the case and dvd/cd to charge that price originally. they’ve eliminated the disc & case with digital download…but still charge the same amount. it is ridiculous.

  5. Dave says:

    I’ve seen Barnacle Bay in a box here in the UK for quite a while now! Perhaps we could only get it from certain stores.

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