The Shorty Awards, The Sims 3 and A Free Store Set?

If the Sims 3 wins the Shorty Award in gaming, the Store Team will give us a free set. There’s no word what the set will be, but hopefully it’ll be something cool. If you have a twitter account you can nominate theme by clicking the link below!


Nominate The Sims 3 for a Shorty Award to unlock a The Sims 3 Store surprise!

Nominate The Sims 3 for a Shorty Award in Gaming. A The Sims 3 Store set will be unlocked for FREE download when we reach the #1 spot! We have until The nomination period ends on February 17, 2012. Let’s hope that we take first place by then!

Source: SimsVIP

  • tickleonthetum

    There’s no chance of them winning! Have you seen the current results?

    1. JJ Olatunji = 4219 votes
    2. Tom Syndicate = 4094 votes
    3. Toby Turner = 1642 votes
    4. Sean Plott = 1558 votes
    5. LReporta = 1394 votes

    6. The Sims 3 = 786 votes

    Not a chance in hell of getting to 5th let alone first, they’re dreaming!

  • http://ironseagull.blogspot.com/ Captain THPS4

    The Sims 3 doesn’t really deserve it anyway. Can’t imagine whatever set they would have chosen to be free would be a big deal either.