Sims3.com Going Offline for Maintenance in 30 Minutes!

Wait! Maintenance in the morning instead of the afternoon? Interesting… I wonder if our My Pages will be updated or could it be in preparation for Thursday? Thoughts?


  1. jesse james says:

    if they continue, I fear the pc gamer will go the way of the dodo & saturday morning cartoons. but it is like anything that relies too heavily on one given thing or another, it becomes a weakness. EA has forgotten the Sims roots while trying to grow and branch the franchise, and that will become a pitfall and we’ll get a godawful reboot like what capcom is doing to DmC.

  2. says:

    Yep, they’re already changing the My Page. I was able to get to mine from the forums and the new layout is starting to take shape. There’s just a few basic things like the username (thesims3.com one, not Origin ID), a broken image where my sim’s pic should be, and join date.

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