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Sweet Tea Deputy!

Genies are mystical beings, and not the easiest to discover. Late night trips into the catacombs, journeys through the dimensional gate on the Plasma Punch Gyroscopic Conductor, and even a legendary stage performance are all ways you could find a dusty old lamp. Of course, if you want to go the tried and true route, saving up lifetime happiness points to buy a lamp is always a good way to go. And, once you find one of these mysterious dusty old lamps, what else would you do but clean it!


Source: SimsVIP

  • http://Website Jerry D. Thomson

    Sorry but it’s ugly :( I wanted some other superficial creature.

  • http://Website damienf519

    Jerry D. Thomson:

    Sorry but it’s ugly I wanted some other superficial creature.

    Jerry D. Thomson,

    I actually wanted something, but the Genie definitely fits with Showtime’s theme. Besides Genies will still be fun.

  • http://Website JohnBigOz

    But they’re ugly -.-

  • http://Website alryan011

    i wished they made the genie more different. it looks like it was just created from CAS. i can create one like that without the glowing effect ofcourse but still, they should have given it a more distinct look.

  • http://Website JohnBigOz

    Exactly, there’s not special about it. They even sit as normal.

  • http://Website Amiolia

    The Sims 3 creatures tempt to be a bit dissappointing, I agree. What I really enjoyed in The Sims 2 creatures, was the way they added some wonkyness in to the gene pool of sims to come: these don’t do that. Either they’re so special that they can’t breed at all, or they look very normal sim-wise. :/

  • http://Website Cindy

    he is not flying with his legs crossed
    above the lamp in on a claod

    like in the sims 1 and 2

  • http://Website coolmatt1019

    Ok look it ugly i guess but that why we have Testingcheatsenabled true to fix it up

  • http://Website Jerry D. Thomson

    Why do we have to fix everything though ? :(

  • http://Website deedee

    As usual, EA worried about being politically correct, I guess that’s why no flying carpet. Just take a look at who’s on Ea’s Corporate board and you’ll see what I mean, lol.

  • http://Website sarsar12

    So… EA is really that annoyed to make a werewolf…? I mean Unicorns are cool but…


  • jesse james

    Lol, wow…seriously missing the previous versions of genies….and as for unicorns in pets, yeah…somebody deserves a dope slap for that…like mummies… a goose that laid the golden egg would have made more sense in PETS and been a helluva lot more practical and easier to animate w/o screwing up the neighborhood. I notice there’s less creatures for your sims to become, beyond vampires everything else is adoptable/buyable. and I don’t see how genies fit w/ Sho, unless making wishes come true…

  • http://www.simprograms.com/39503/sims-3-community-blog-showtime-genie/ OneDirection4EVER!

    Can somebody tell me where to find Genie Lamps? Please! That’s my question since the first time I heard that Genies are the new Life State in Showtime..Please!

  • http://Website ferguson1234

    genies can be found in your lifetime rewards, or you can find them when you explore the catacombs in the mausoleum. best thing to happen to sims3 if you ask me

  • http://Website Cheri

    Everyone is ripping on the genies, i for one find them entertaining. keep up the good work EA :)