SimCity 5: Inside the GlassBox Engine (First Gameplay Demo)

For those of you wanting to know what stage SimCity is currently in, you can catch the first ever gameplay demo videos shown off at GDC.  Keep in mind that they are still almost 2 years from release (2013) so they have a long time to improve/add/work on things.  Regardless, it is looking great!

Thanks to Os Games EA for the video links. :)

  • http://www.thesims3.com/mypage/Bafendo theblackscorpion

    I’m lovin’ it! I always love this behind the scenes vids that show off the genius of the dev team.

  • http://Website Sean

    Watched everything to do with the game now and it looks awesome! Add that to the fact that they are intending the game to be moddable is really great! The agents look very clever.

  • http://Website Renyc7

    looks a bit like simcity societies but plays diffferently

  • http://nunya.net KillBill

    I love how everybody is commenting and loving on Maxis’ Simcity and nobody cares about showtime XD Simcity rocks.

  • http://Website pocketgamer

    The problem I have always had with simcity is that I can never make any money to add new buildings. How do you make money in the game? Each sim year I lose more money and earning none.

  • http://Website porier01
  • http://Website Niels

    Remember, Maxis made this demonstrating the concepts of the new engine. When you look at the houses and factory buildings, they all look the same, so it would probably change visually, but also gameplay. How the sims make generated their and the city’s income will probably will revealed later.

  • http://Website Daniel Moreau

    I hope i won’t need a video card! or else i can’t buy it, i have a laptop which i will never get rid of, unless it breaks down.