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Norman McLaren once said that “animation is not the art of drawings that move, but the art of movements that are drawn.” While many of us animators in the game industry have moved away from the blue pencils and peg bars of our predecessors, observation and reference is still a major part of our workflows. The Sims is a game where we are trying to make little collections of polygons feel like living people with lives, hopes, dreams and fears, so it’s crucial for the animators to understand the reality of something before we can exaggerate it and make it part of The Sims world.


  • mysterious_sims UK

    When i read this i kind of had to make a comment, as it talks about reality. I bought the sims 3 showtime, and got the the Live Show Performances, (that perform at concerts) with my sims now. But im quite disappointed, the big audiences you see arent even real, there pre-made people shapes that move as if there real sims, before for the show starts the computer pops up these pretent sims altogether, like blanked cut out sims that cheer and move and clap. The real sims in the game go to the front of the stage, there are only, say 8 or 9 sims that are actually real!! EA added crowd cheers that are recorded to, it all looks false, its like they given up at the end. I was very happy with the game until this point!

    If you think Mass Effect 3 fans are disapointed? Sim fans will be to when you see this. : (

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