Sims 3 Future Stuff Pack Community Blog and Poll

A new community blog and poll about future Stuff Packs? Oh yeah! Read the blog to see the choices and then go to their blog and vote! w00t!


Hello Simmers! My name is Jennifer Lane – some of you know me as SimGuruJenn – and I’m one of the producers on The Sims 3.

The Sims community has shared so many cool ideas for new Expansion and Stuff packs over the years and I’m here to ask for your help again!  The team has been brainstorming possible future Stuff Packs and we have a few ideas to share and get your opinions on.

Because you’re honorary developers today, I am obliged to tell you the same thing I tell the team when we brainstorm: “Any, all, or none of these ideas may be part of a future product.”  Now that we have that out of the way, take a look at the options and vote for your favorite. The poll is here

OPTION 1: The Sims 3 Storytelling Stuff
With the Sims 3 Storytelling Stuff pack, you’ll always be ready to set the stage, host a costume party and play with tons of décor, furnishings and clothing from several different themes. Build a secret Superhero hideout, a nefarious villain’s lair or use the included pre-built lots.  Deck out your home in Sci-Fi gear, giddy up in your own western backdrop or scare your neighbors when you dress as a scary monster!

OPTION 2: The Sims 3 Sports Stuff
The Sims 3 Sports Stuff will have you cheering for your favorite team! Score souvenirs and trophies to deck out your home, dress in cool sports uniforms, and host an outrageous tailgate party.  And with the latest in workout wear, equipment and body paint, you’ll be ready for the pros.

OPTION 3: The Sims 3 Party Stuff
Hang the streamers and blow up some balloons because it’s party time!  With The Sims 3 Party Stuff, you’ll be the hostess with the most(est) when you plan a perfect dinner party, prepare a gorgeous wedding or even host a casual TV night with your BFFs.  Grab some cake, set the buffet table and call your friends. It will be a night you’ll never forget!

OPTION 4: The Sims 3 Teen Stuff
With The Sims 3 Teen Stuff you’ll have the freshest room on the block and the totes trendiest clothes for you teen Sims. And you’ll be dressed and ready for your next social event whether it’s prom night, girls’ night out or even cheering for the home team. From cool posters to funky bedroom furniture, you’ll be ready, set, and go.

OPTION 5: The Sims 3 Decades Stuff
From Hipsters to Hippies, you’ll be groovy with the retro fashions and furniture from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.  Shagrugs, big hair and plaid shirts are fer sure to inspire your Sims to relive yesterday. Like, totally. Grab your boom box, watch your favorite show on a console TV, or cook dinner with an avocado-colored stove. The Sims 3 Decades Stuff is Da Bomb!

Jenn Lane (SimGuruJenn)

Source: SimsVIP

  • http://Website richard

    OPTION 6: none of then.

  • http://Website Jerry D. Thomson

    Yeah they all sound VERY exaggerated for a stuff pack but I’ll go with The Sims 3 Teen Stuff…

  • http://Website melanie

    I want party stuff. I hated parties in Sims 2 until the celebration SP came out. I loved the pack so much I would throw parties all the time. But in Sims 3 ihaving parties is boring again. There is nothing to decorate with so I never throw or go to them.

  • http://Website YoungOldPrude

    Is it really so difficult to create a Stuff Pack dedicated to landscaping? I loved the plants and the building structure items that came with Mansion and Garden Stuff for TS2. But is this an option? No. It has to be sports, party crap, so-called “stylish” clothing, more decorative dust catchers…
    Make a Stuff Pack for introverts already!

    *Sighs…* I guess I’ll vote for Decades Stuff. At least (if it’s chosen) the retro theme may bring back the aura of TS1.

  • http://Website J


    Is it really so difficult to create a Stuff Pack dedicated to landscaping? I loved the plants and the building structure items that came with Mansion and Garden Stuff for TS2. But is this an option? No. It has to be sports, party crap, so-called “stylish” clothing, more decorative dust catchers…
    Make a Stuff Pack for introverts already!
    *Sighs…* I guess I’ll vote for Decades Stuff. At least (if it’s chosen) the retro theme may bring back the aura of TS1.

    yeah, same thought line, same decision made

  • http://Website Rarar

    Decades Stuff sound the best to me.

    There’s no need for Storytelling stuff, as there is already a LOT of CC that does the same.

    I dislike Sports Stuff because I dislike Sports, LOL.

    Party Stuff = Celebration Stuff

    Teen Stuff = Teen Style Stuff

    Decades seems like the best, as it is original.

  • yannickvanloon

    I like this all :D

  • http://Website Matrix54

    Why are they giving options for things they’ve already done way too much? Is this the creative team at work? O_o
    I guess decades stuff is the most “new” of them all, still we do get quite a bit of retro stuff. I thought Fast Lane Covered that, and various other sets in the other EPs and stores..

  • FromFrankie

    How about “A good one”

  • jesse james

    Youngoldprude & J said it for me, I want our damned garden themed ep/sp already, not every gamer plays to be famous, rich and the toast of the town. Still waiting for a slider to control my hollywood undead issue too (overrun with vampire celebrities) or an uber patch sp to fix everything w/o breaking anything else (that would sell big time!)

  • Lime

    Decades Stuff for me, please!

  • http://Website pulversoppa

    A “hair” stuff pack would be best really, with just like 30 new GOOD hairs for _every_ life stage and gender. I don’t want cc in my game, and I need more hairs without stupid hats on them. I want _hair_ hair. Long vivid hair for both men and women, hair that’s loose and free and natural, without a lot of decor on it. I want TONS of hairs in a hair stuff pack.

    But of these I easily choose storytelling since those items seems to be most useful… :D

  • http://Website Villamarilla

    The decades one seems the most interesting to me… But I imagine they will pull out one decade at a time, just to get more money…

  • http://Website Esmeralda

    The Sims 3 Decades Stuff and The Sims 3 Storytelling Stuff.

  • http://Website Mya

    Decades seems different but I wanted them to list a Sims 3: Babies and Infant Stuff, but they didn’t.

    I’m going with Sports stuff, I would love if they added a new animation or two but I’m not holding my breath.

  • jesse james

    Sports will get it. have you seen all the ppl on the forums wantibg sport stuff? Like all the ppl who wanted a superstar remake….

  • http://Website deedee

    You really think your vote will count? Last poll I voted on was for the name of the Sci-Fi world they created, and they still went with the name they picked, not what we picked. I wouldn’t waste my time.

  • http://Website derek pearce

    its pretty bad when they have to ask us if there ideas are any good, seems EA is loosing ideas.

    cough cough seasons cough cough open for business

  • http://Website uknortherner

    Here’s a novel idea EA: How about some damned bug fixes?

    Just in case you need a reminder of the fixes we’re still waiting for:
    Running disease.
    Broken lighting.
    Broken mood (sims plunging into depression despite buffs)
    Broken routing.
    Broken ghosts leaving en masse from the graveyard.
    Broken jam sessions (why only two options out four available?)
    Generally broken AI. Seriously – I thought things were supposed to have moved on from TS1?
    Every goddamn clothing item post base game set for random and/or all categories, including balding hair for YAMs. This includes the free Store crap like the flippers and rubber duckie ring.
    Broken Ambitions lot placement in Sunset Valley/Riverview/etc.
    Broken mixologists who seem to spend more time dancing than serving drinks.
    Broken butlers.

    Need I go on? Probably not, because when it comes to EA, I may has well be smashing my head against a brick wall.

    Still, while these bugs continue to be fixed by the community itself (except the lights because it’s a shader issue), it’s good to know that EA are putting their time to use on pointless features that few people want like social/Facebook nonsense and overpriced (and horribly broken of course) Store crap.

    Good old EA.

  • MrHawk

    uknortherner you made my day.
    I love you :)

  • http://Website Vstarr

    I bet EA will release all of them, and our votes are just determining which ones come out first.

    In any case, Decades and Sports sound good. But it is EA, so I’m not expecting anything brilliant.

  • jesse james

    They are polling the community because we all bitch/moan/complain too much about what we want. so they threw together the most requested ideas posted and streamlined them into stuff packs, then probably we’ll see 2 of them marketed. that and i worry they’re borrowing ideas from blogs off their site…I outlined a decades idea suspiciously similar in my blog on there…cept I wanted a VW microbus and 1800′s-1960′s type things.

  • http://Website Sean

    I voted for the Decades stuff pack, it sounded the most interesting.

    Not keen on the Teen, Party or Sport stuff packs but I wouldn’t mind the storytelling one winning either.

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