SimPrograms Contest – MadCatz Sims 3 Illuminated Mouse giveaway!

CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED!  Please give me an hour or so to where I can gather up all of the entries, put them into a randomizer and draw out the 3 winners!  Will be announcing them shortly!  Whew, that took a lot longer then expected….I need to find a better way of doing drawings, lol.  Anyhow, the three randomly picked winners are:  hlchlebik, Raphael Gious and Amber (aka Queenblood_Imp).  Thank you so much for playing guys, I’ll get ahold of the winners to get the details and ship em’ out!  And if you’re able to purchase one yourself – do so, these are awesome :D

Talk about an awesome company!  I don’t tend to get a hold of gaming companies to check in about giving away items, so it was a huge shock when I heard from MadCatz over the fact that they wanted to send me three Sims 3 Illuminated Mice to give away to our readers.  Of course, how could I pass up an opportunity like that?  I love giving things away to the readers and it’s not often I get to do it!  So with that being said (thank you, MadCatz!), 3 lucky readers will be randomly selected (because that’s easier for me to deal with) to take home one a brand new mouse!

Rules are:

1. Open to anyone

2. Only enter/comment once.

3. Must have a valid email address and check it often in case you win

4. Contest ends sometime Friday night on April 6, 2012

And since I can’t plug MadCatz enough, the mouses themselves are available for sale over at their Store for the low price of $24.99 ;)  Good luck on the contest!

No, you can’t have the TARDIS :P


  1. Those mouse look awesome!! I hope I win one :)

  2. amaliaprade says:

    So that’s open even to brazilians? I’m in.

  3. Joeybaggz says:

    Here’s to hoping I win!

  4. WOW! The first time I gather the courage to comment on your wonderful site, it’s the day of an awesome new contest! Morphinominal!

  5. i like it – its would help me to see the sims mood when i am not at computer

  6. ManagerJosh says:

    Cause history is made at night so close the books turn off the light and listen

    Let my heart be the teacher

    No one here to disapprove

    As we review the lessons you’ve been missing

    Let the moon be our only light

    Cause history is made at night

  7. NagaDontJump says:

    Illuminated, you say? … My precious!

  8. Mike says:

    Hope I can win!

  9. 5050Sims says:

    Ohh the contest ends on my birthday, hopefully that means i’ll have some good luck :)

  10. Chry says:

    I’d love one of these mouses. My bf said their a waste of money tho D:

  11. Arletta says:

    I never win things but hey. If you don’t try you definately can’t win. A little like hoping to win the lottery without actually entering.

  12. Renan says:

    \o/ That’s awesome!! Brazilians are in too, this time, Woohoo (if you know what i mean)

  13. I want me one of those. c:

  14. Argentinians included? I want it :)

  15. Austin says:

    This is a treat in today’s profit driven world!

  16. Bindy says:

    Oh wow these really do look quite awesome!!!

  17. michelou says:

    OK, I’m in. lol

  18. jenny says:

    I hope I win!

  19. Ricky says:

    I’m in. Never get a chance to win. So who ever wins, congrats!

  20. Laxus says:

    Want it =D

  21. Dentface says:

    Can I win the living mouse please? :D If someone else wins it, I’ll take the computer mouse. lol

  22. torcheshorts says:

    I hope i win!. just sayin.

  23. frankie says:

    I would like to win one of these, since they do look quite neat. I definitely need a new mouse, regardless. This could be very fitting as a new one for me.

  24. CLuBliON says:

    I want one of these

  25. BlackCat says:

    Heya! Great giveaway!

  26. syuw.1210 says:

    great giveaway!! i want one of those.. hope i win :D and good luck to the others :D

  27. Jag says:

    Wow I had no idea those existed xD Cool

  28. Chris says:

    I’d like one of those

  29. thesimling says:

    Thanks for the opportunity, please may I enter? :)

  30. Amiolia says:

    Do these work with Macs? If I remeber correctly, they don’t. :/ But, if I’m wrong, count me in. I want one. :)

  31. ME ME ME Pick Me….
    Please please please…
    I m an OLD Lady who loves the Sims

  32. Mspoodle says:

    Count me in!

  33. Nate says:

    Heh, could always use a new mouse, and this one would be quite cool to have. =]

  34. Rarar says:


  35. Patrik says:

    Oh, this is my time :D Thank you for doing this, these mouses are amazing!! Sorry for my english

  36. Julia says:

    If I don’t win I will buy anyway *-* I need a mouse ^^

  37. I want the Tardis too =P

  38. elliot says:

    If I don’t win I buy anyway it’s awesome *-*

  39. Sookielee says:

    Count me hopeful, I mean in.

  40. ribbitrabbit23 says:

    omg i really want one of these! they are so kool!

  41. Kyle says:

    I would soo love one of these!

  42. marcel piche says:

    want one for my girlfriend! :D

  43. AnjelusX says:

    OMG How did I miss those smexy things! I’d sleep my way across Lunar Lakes for one of those XD

  44. Cemil Akkurt says:

    Woha looks kinda weird.

  45. pezoii says:

    LETS GO MADCATZ !!! this is the right place to comment right?? :)

  46. Cemil Akkurt says:

    Looks kinda weird..

  47. Hello! I’m from Argentina, and long ago wished a worldwide contest. From age 9 i play The Sims, now I have 19, this mouse would be like a trophy, I really love this MOUSE. Thank you very much for this great opportunity! Argentine Reader.

  48. carnival isaac says:

    The mouses look amazing!!! I hope i win one

  49. surku says:

    I’d love to have one of those! Count me in~

  50. JardelMello says:

    I could not leave of participate, the draw will almost be on my birthday! =D

  51. it looks perfect and big :D

  52. SWEEEEEET!!! Thanks for the chance i love the SIMS <3<3<3

  53. Scott y. says:

    Iluminate me!
    Ok I probably didn’t even spell that right but I do know how to spell THANKS if I win

  54. chantel says:

    I got to get me one of those!!! :D

  55. Agnes says:

    Wow! This is super cool. Perfect for a Sims nerd like me ;)

  56. Adrian says:

    Pretty cool looking mouse!

  57. Shaun says:

    These look totally radical, brah.

  58. BDee says:

    Madcatz makes such great products and would love to win a Sim Mouse.

  59. Laura says:

    So in love with that mouse!! :)

  60. Pieta says:

    I would love one, but I never win these contests! LOL. I love simprograms by the way, check it every day. Thanks for keeping it going :)

  61. Spon1Player says:

    Going to give this a shot since my Microsoft Touch Arc mouse is starting to annoy me lol!

    Good luck to whoever wins..

  62. Tommyka says:

    Oh God I want this mouse sooo bad! I thought about buying it but now I have the chance to win it.

    Good luck to everyone! :)

  63. bshag says:

    Just thought I’d say, I have had one of these for a few months and never get tired of playing with it. It’s way cool! :)

  64. Fran says:

    I Love Sims, from Spain.

    I love Iluminated Mouse.

  65. BoomSimmer says:

    Awesome and cool! We are lovers and readers of Simprograms for years. It is amazing that they give us gifts.. Best luck to everyone here.

  66. Simandcool says:

    those are soo cool :D I’d love to have it!

  67. Lizzie says:

    Cool. Saw it last time I went to the store but I’m trying to save up to buy Showtime. Hopefully luck is on my side.

  68. Amber says:

    Oooh i hope i win!!!

  69. Anthony says:

    I would really love to win one of these mouse. I love The Sims.

  70. Beauregard says:

    Oh Gosh, I Hope I Win :D

  71. darkcow says:

    Good luck to all those who enter!


  72. hernan says:

    I participate in this contest … I’m from argentina

  73. Rodrigo says:

    I want to win the mouse!!

  74. LotrFanboy says:

    Sure, I’m in. Put me in the drawing. :)

  75. Parrot999 says:

    I really hope I win.

  76. Philip says:

    I’m in! Woooo! :D

  77. Smidgieroo3 says:

    OMG! I have wanted one of these so badly! id love the opportunity. thank you!

  78. Jyasatin says:

    Hehe, I would love to get me one of those :D.

  79. Fran says:

    Love your website and check it every day for Sim news!!!! Was going to buy the sims 3 mouse before I saw your competition, they look really nice:D

  80. jb says:

    Oh yeah sign me up for the contest :)

  81. Awsome Face says:

    I want it! Can I have the a mouse please?

  82. Alan Tong says:

    Thank you! Good luck to everyone! :)

  83. Simandcool says:

    oh I’d love to have it :D IM IN!

  84. GlossyGem says:

    New Katy Perry stuff will be great! :D

  85. Jonathan says:

    Id Love that mouse :D

  86. EA Russia says:

    Watch this video: from EA Russia. Publish on your site.

  87. MCSESSY says:

    I soo freakin’ want that mouse!!! <3 :)

  88. Ricardo says:

    Sweet! I would love that mouse! Thanks for the contest/giveaway!

  89. Ste88sim says:

    Lo voglioooooooooo :)

  90. Ruan says:

    Love this mouse! Would LOVE to have one! :D

  91. Great contest!
    It would be great to play with this mouse.
    Greetings from Spain!

  92. Ricky says:

    Those look so cool! Super excied actually. (I dont think my last comment posted.) I would love that mouse!

  93. Ricky says:

    I cant wait to see who gets it (it looks so cool!)

  94. Ricky says:

    Oh and yes I want to enter the contest.

  95. very cool…I would love to have one

  96. I cant wait for Sims 3 to come out :D

  97. Stefan Wentz says:

    Loooooove It!!! I’d love to enter :D

  98. pcd1love2u says:

    Enter me in! I’m still using a terrible old mouse with the bally on the bottom. xD GoodlUck Everyone!!

  99. Carlos says:

    Ohhh my favorite mouse¡ I like it¡

  100. Rob Hestar says:

    I would love to own either mouse!! :P

  101. Mich979 says:

    Woot! Woot! :)

  102. ricardo says:

    I WANT IT!!

  103. cutsocks says:

    Heya! Love contests!

  104. Hey girl hey! I could use a new mouse!

  105. Andrew says:

    Hope this comment means I’m in! In desperate need of a mouse and what’s a better way to show my obsession with Sims with a mouse like this? Good luck everyone!!

  106. Debuted says:

    The mouse is a cool invention by EA.
    Can’t wait for the illuminated keyboard giveaway ^^.

  107. Mirco.M says:

    Want this very cool mouse!!! ;)

    Greetings from Italy :)

  108. Hannah says:

    Really awesome giveaway. :) I’d love to win one! P.S.: I love your site!

  109. hlchlebik says:

    Looks Awesome!! Please Let Me Win One! :D

  110. marrecar says:

    Awesome news, good luck to everyone!!!

  111. LMcarrotcake says:

    Enter me please! These look so cool :)

  112. Dave says:

    I could really use a new mouse! Count me in! :)

  113. IDSD says:

    Hope I win

  114. victorabad says:

    enter me

  115. gregez1986 says:

    Would love to play the next SimCity with this mouse!

  116. Sebas says:

    Good Luck :)

  117. I need it..please!!!!

  118. Jon says:

    Enter me please :) Would love a Sims 3 mouse, especially an illuminated one!

  119. Flabaliki says:

    I’ll give this one a go :P

  120. Aj Navarro says:

    Hi!!!! Cute Mouse!!!! Hope i win this competition :D

  121. Vlad says:

    I kinda never win anything… so it will mean a whole lot to me if I win :D

  122. Wanessa says:

    Open in Brazil = I’m in!

  123. Marilia says:

    I want this :D

  124. Julio says:

    Good luck!!!

  125. Dawn Black says:

    These look so awesome, I’d love to be in!

  126. Danel says:

    Nice Mouse

  127. Janna says:

    Count me in for this! And thank you for the giveaway :3

  128. Key1103 says:

    Nice mouse

  129. mimi0302 says:

    Good luck everyone !

  130. blaxroze says:

    let me have it. I i’ll plug it especially when I play sims 3

  131. mixiko says:

    win this, i must.

  132. Genevie says:

    Good luck everyone! I’d love to have this, looks totally awesome :) btw, nice TARDIS ;)

  133. Loken says:

    i want that mouse for my mouse ( pet!!! ) to see what his reaction is!

  134. Jovan says:

    Also count me in :)

  135. Ash says:

    Awesome :P

  136. Alex says:

    It’s so cute! I love it! ;-)

  137. Dennise says:

    Ohhh Enter me into this awesome contest. When i saw this mouse I was like O.O “super sweet” :) Good Luck everyone.

  138. Renee says:

    Enter me please :)

  139. Edie says:

    I would love to win the mouse!

  140. Molly says:

    THIS WOULD BE AWESOME TO WIN! thanks for giving me a chance :)

  141. Nate says:


  142. Angel says:

    I’d LOVE to win. My mouse is outdated and falling apart. It being sims makes it even better!

  143. Angel says:

    I’d LOVE to win. My mouse is old and outdated. The fact that the mouse is sims 3 is even better!

  144. Kelly says:

    I’ve really been wanting one of these

  145. AnnieBonnie says:

    Oh, I’d love to get that lovely sim-mouse!!!

  146. Alexis says:

    I would love to enter. Thank you

  147. Karly Njust says:

    I would LOVE this mouse! I have been trying for ages to get one! :)

  148. Carolyn says:

    I so wanna wanna some of that,! thanks for sharing… even if I don’t win its a nice mouse…!

  149. Drerm says:

    As my mouse pet bited my pc mouse, it would be nice to win one of these.

    So i want it xD.

  150. Majuchan says:

    oooh! Goodie. I want the illuminated mouse! (not the mouse with fur. xD) I hope I’m one of the three winners. ^_^ hooray!

  151. Pam says:

    my birthday is April 5th; this would make an awesome present ;)
    thanks for hosting

  152. Holly says:

    I want one so bad!!!

  153. Juan says:

    the animal mouse would be fun but ill settle for the other one for now XD

  154. candiikitten says:

    I would like to enter. :3 ~

  155. candiikitten says:

    I would like to enter :3 ~

  156. Alex Morgan says:

    I would love to win this.

  157. jackie says:

    this is the coolest mouse ever!!! i would be super duper excited to win one of these…..ahh so awesome =D

  158. jj says:

    i would love to win one these ,it be cool see mouse change colors

  159. J says:

    Ooh yay, i’d love one! Good luck everyone!

  160. Violet says:

    Oooh I’ve been wanting one of these since it came out. =) it’s very expensive where I’m from though.

  161. Becci says:

    I would love to enter and hopefully win :)

  162. CJ says:

    I would love to win this. Looks cool!

  163. Allison says:

    This looks awesome! Sooooo hoping I win! :D

  164. Talia says:

    I would love to win even though i never win anything i enter

  165. Rayne says:

    YAAAAY SIMS MOUSE :D …. Now I must wait.

  166. CyberFox says:

    I want one illuminated mice too xD

  167. Tig says:

    I would LOVE to enter, and just know if I win I’ll enjoy every moment of making my hubby use it! (for all of 30 sec then I get the computer again. :)

    However just where did the darling little TARDIS come from? My hubby has been a Dr Who fan from the time when he had to sneak back down stairs and watch it after bed time. Way back in the land of kids where the TV remotes that my son thinks we’er making up!

  168. Djon says:

    My mouse! I want it to myself!

  169. Jaylenax says:

    Yesh please! i would love one.

  170. Aelex says:

    I found this mouse a month ago at Amazon and felt in love. ;) I would be great to have the mouse, because to win the mouse makes the thing even better. ^^

  171. Halie Howard says:

    Hi everyone! Man I am a new simmer only a teen. Really hope I have a chance, & I wish everyone lucky chances and happy simming!

    P.S. Man who doesn’t want a TARDIS? It’s Doctor Who?! Love BBC AMERICA right now! ;)

  172. I want one! I think its too cool to really have one! So generous of you to give one away. :)

  173. Jessica says:

    I hope that I get it and have a good chance b/c I could use a new mouse :)

  174. ladyloki13 says:

    Entering for a chance to win! LOVE these!!! And LOVE that your giving them away like this!!

  175. Thank you for hosting this contest! <3 I hope I win. 8D

  176. Michelle says:

    Sooo want one please! :D

  177. Kelly says:

    I love anything that lights up. So this would be very cool to have for free. :)

  178. Illiana says:

    *raises hand* I’d like to participate. :)

  179. Shelby says:

    These are so cool, I’d love to have one!

  180. Christopher says:

    Awesome. I thought these looked genuinely cool the first time I saw them. Hope I win.

  181. Simfan923 says:

    I’ve been a HUGE sims fan since I was 7, I really hope I win a mouse that’s apart of the sims universe.

  182. Amber says:

    These are awesome! I want one!

  183. sims3Tiger says:

    I WANT IT!!!!!

  184. nita says:

    Entering contest. Good luck to eveyone (:

  185. Saya says:

    Ooo! I would love to win one! <3

  186. Devylzangyl says:

    So awesome! I definitely wanna win one of those.

  187. Stephon says:

    awesummm so can i have it :P

  188. Patrick says:

    I want one so bad! XD

    MadCatz are a great company! :3

  189. Patrick says:

    Commenting again because the email I typed in my first comment was wrong! XD

  190. Tegan says:

    I’d love to win one! :D

  191. Jenny says:

    Awesomeness! I feel like I’m winning this already,lol! No just joking. :3 It’s almost impossible but it is worth the try, so I’m in. xD

  192. Pur3Bolt says:

    Is it Steam-redeemable? LOL just joking. Thanks for the nice giveaway :)

  193. Carrie says:

    This is really cool. Thanks for the awesome opportunity to win one of these. SimPrograms and MadCatz rocks! :-)

  194. paul c: says:

    looooool i want one of theses!

  195. duckeggpie says:

    ooohhh….yes please ;)

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