KP Sour Tricks (LOL!!!) B-Roll + KP Doing The Simlish Recording of That Song That I Don’t Know

Movie time! Sit down, shut up, turn off all electronic devices (and I mean ALL), pay no attention to the probe-a-lator above you and enjoy this movie thing. Silence is… MANDATORY!!!

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  • Thomas

    You’ve really never heard her song T.G.I.F.?! Man, you really dont know much about today’s pop culture do you lol, it’s a great song and music video that give homage to the 80s, you should check it out!

  • Chris

    Actually the song’s called “Last friday night ( t.g.i.f.)” and yes, it’s really awesome but this… Stuff pack… isn’t…

    They should have made it as a store pack so they didn’t have to waste plastic and paper for the box.

    Maybe it’s a great theme for little girls but EA should now that this isn’t zheir main customers…

    • Judhudson

      I personally don’t care for Katy Perry, but I admit, the song TGIF is pretty catchy. I wouldn’t mind hearing it in simlish.

  • http://Website Nathan Viney

    i like that song. got very bored of this though. sorry i was not at the tour so i have no idea what you are referencing

  • http://Website Mike

    Scorpion not sure why but this post has really got to me, firstly your “sour tricks” joke was incredibly unfunny, then you say you’ve never heard the song “Last Friday night” you clearly need to get out more and listen to today’s music because it was a very popular song and still is. Honestly can you just stop? We get it EA have made bad choices but your stupid jokes are really REALLY annoying.

    • Judhudson

      One can easily not know who Katy Perry is / never hear Last Friday Night. My parents never heard of it – but thats because they listen to country. In fact, I was in a similiar position last week when they released the single for Men in Black 3 done by Pitbull. I was like “who the hell is Pitbull?” Apparently he is pretty popular (though his Men in Black single sucks soooo bad). They should have gotten Will back to rap.

  • http://Website Mike

    OK I can forgive him for not knowing the song, but I sick by everything else I said.

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