Sims 3 Future Stuff Pack Community Poll Results

Well, well, well… The one I voted for and KNEW would win, has won. Here’s to hoping that the 7th Stuff Pack will be, “The Sims 3: Teen Stuff“. Anyone else excited? I really hope it will add a lot more items for teens like the Sims 2: Teen Stuff pack did.

Thanks to the lovely SimsVIP for the info! Oh, also Rincon Del Simmer.


  1. Carla says:

    Well, if that turns out to be real, looks like I’ll be saving even more money by not buying yet another SP (after this dreadful upcoming Katy Perry SP)…

  2. Moonseeker23 says:

    Awesome that’s what I voted for too. Will save my money get that instead since I don’t feel like trying to make an ice cream parlor with the KP stuff.

  3. I voted this too. I hope this time they listen.

  4. Robb says:

    Teen Stuff? Oh well. I’m sure that it will sell well since TS3 seems to target the teen audience (as evidence by Katy Perry themes and nearly all discussions on the forums), but I am sad that the Sims franchise has lost most of its innovation and often recycles previous EPs and SPs.

    I still like reading Sims news, but I have not been interested in buying or playing the games in well over a year.

  5. Nathan Viney says:

    i did not want this. i wanted storytelling or party.

  6. Jron7667 says:

    I couldn’t be less interested in more things for teens not to do… much rather have had story telling or party.

  7. IDSD says:

    I’m just happy it wasn’t Decades, I was scared for a minute.

  8. Dragon says:

    I think bath and kitchen is the best, but it doesn’t on the list = =”

  9. Jordan Ray says:

    Im excited for this stuff pack. It’s better than the other choices. Plus there really isn’t that much teen styled stuff in the sims 3. This would be a cool SP.

  10. jesse james says:

    All i can say,…Pathetic. the whole damn game is teen centric so let’s add a teen sp too…. they’ve forgotten this game appeals more to ppl who aren’t teens but lets be age biased and market to teens…

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