Congrats EA – you are the worst company in America for 2012

I’ve been watching this contest since Day 1, hoping EA would take home the golden prize, and guess what?  They did just that!  Congratulations, EA – you were voted as the Worst Company in America for 2012 by The Consumerist!  It had quiet a challenge too.  Paypal, Bank of America, AT&T, Comcast…While all of those have perfectly good reasons on why they should be the worst company in America, the gamers united and gave this worth title to Electronic Arts.  While most Americans know the other companies are complete crap, I hope this will be publicized amongst many sites and uncover EA’s tactics when it comes to screwing over it’s consumers.

Anyhow, enough ranting – check it out for yourself!  I can’t wait to hear John Riccitiello’s acceptance speech!


  1. Seth_soul says:

    They deserve it ! You just have to see where the Sims franchise is with them… a bunch of crap ! Sad for the Sim, but glad that EA win this prize 😀

    Sure they’ll never ask themselves why !

  2. deedee says:

    They deserve it for not fixing their ‘poo’, and having the worst customer service, hands down. Enjoy your ‘poo’, Rottenchili!! And give Humble a big steaming bowl of it, as well!

  3. I hope EA go bust.

    Seriously I do. And I hope the good, creative talent they have employed and are now milking for all its worth either find jobs at deserving game companies or go indie.

    They need to stop creating games as products and instead as carefully created pieces of digital art, as they should be.

  4. uknortherner says:


    Geez, was Maxis really that good on The Sims series before EA took over?

    They were nowhere near as bad. The games and EPs (forget the crappy Stuff Packs – they came after EA took over the studio) they put out pre-EA were at least functional, and although they contained bugs, they were rarely game-breaking unlike now. Also, let’s not forget that the EPs were actually stuffed with content unlike the glorified Stuff Packs masquerading as EPs now.

  5. says:

    Consumerist’s credibility is poo. Ballot box stuffing by 12yr. old minded advocates of truth and justice is just wrong and under handed. And for those that would call for the demise of EA, please consider that if your wish is fulfilled, then mine is not. And why the continued anger, its just a company. Sell your games, clear your favorites and cookies and walk away. And leave Me and others that love and play the game to wallow in the vileness that is EA.

    Long Live The Evil Empire

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