The Sims 3 Katy Perry Sweet Treats Trailer

A low quality version of the trailer which I found in the comment section of SimsVIP. What do you guys think of it? In my opinion, £24.99 is way too expensive, and most of the clothing items are for female Sims… it isn’t really appealing much to the boys. If it was cheaper, however, I would probably get it.

  • http://Website GlossyGem

    I don’t like it :C

  • http://Website melanie

    I wonder if it didnt have the KP name would people still complain about it as much as they are.

    Im getting it (once it becomes cheaper) not for her but the objects. They look really cool, kind of fantasy like.

  • http://Website Amiolia

    What EA really ought to do, was to look at their game, see which parts of it are really missing stuff, and then make stuff packs for them. here’s a couple of hints: we have a lot of clothes for adult women. Not enought clothes for anyone else. We have enough non-usable decor items. Not enough of anything else.

    What do they give is in Katy Perry Sweet Treats? That’s right: women’s clothing and decor items… Ugh!

    I won’t lie to you: Katy Perry doesen’t appeal to me in any possible way, but I do like the look of some of the stuff on this SP. I especially like the idea of a new bike. :) In a whole, though, I’m very dissappointed about this SP.

  • http://Website Andrew

    Finally they made a song in Simlish, I’m kinda impressed with that… the objects and clothing though does nothing for me….. whatever….. hopefully I could just end up getting the songs and fireworks….. Seeing that they’ll end up make fireworks in a store thingy…. I dunno….. Basically for Sims 4…. oh no!!! Can’t even handle it. Not at all. 😛 Basically if they want a good game, ask us, we’ll tell you what we want… and thus a good game will be made. :)

  • http://Website Ricky

    Will this SP be available on the Buy 1, Get 1 Free SP deal from Origin when EP7 releases? That’s the only way I think I’ll get it.

  • http://Website Luis Carlos

    It could have been worse, with Lady Gaga.

  • http://mysimspieces.blogspot.com Carla

    Luis Carlos:

    It could have been worse, with Lady Gaga.

    LOL! I guess you’re right… but I’m still not getting this :)

  • http://Website Kabuto

    Boring trailer, useless stuff pack

  • Spon1Player

    I will admit. This is the poorest trailer to come from the sims.

  • http://Website Michael

    Those surely look nice, but it is not my cup of tea to use those in my game. It is mostly for female Sims because this is aiming to younger girls mostly, and perhaps many fans of KP are female? I also don’t purchase Sims 3 Stuff Pack because nothing looks interested enough to get, except some expansions. I did not get Showtime either.

  • Jordan Ray

    This trailer wasnt very good… But I’ve seen enough of the items through pictures to know what comes with this SP. it’s actually not TOO bad. Some of the items are okay and cool I guess. Going to buy this stuff pack. Don’t care what anyone else says about it.