I wasn’t going to say anything about my being at the Sims 3 Creator’s Camp until after I got back but since someone out-ed me, I’ll just confirm that yes indeed I am here.  I am planning to blog about my experience with Sims 3, particularly as a tool for machinima, when I get back home which won’t be until later in the week since I’m staying here a bit longer to visit friends.  I’ll give you guys a chance to ask me all the questions you want then but please do not ask me right now because I won’t really be on the computer until I get back.

In the meantime, if you want, you can visit the worldsims website where you can listen to live podcasts from the event.  The second podcast has me in it for almost an hour trying to capture one scene (and not being very successful).  If you want to hear me suffer and yell at my sim, then head on over.  Later!