Stepping down & some other notes

EDIT -November 2012: Spon1Player (Dan) is now the owner of ‘SimPrograms’, which has been branded to ‘BeyondSims’.

*Sticky announcement* I haven’t been participating much in terms of posting news, and there is a reason for that….as I said in some of the previous comments, I’ve pretty much been distancing myself away from Sims/EA.  I just don’t find the fun it in anymore, especially since most of the news coming out makes me want to rage and rant.  I’ve began to question myself – why bother with the supporting EA when they clearly don’t give a rip about us? (I’m speaking about EA in general, not the SimGuru’s – at least they are somewhat trying to communicate to the fans).  Why should I spend be constantly spending money on sub-par products that really don’t interest me that much anymore?  Why keep giving EA free press and the only form of communication are takedown notices?  I’ve pretty much had enough with the way the company is headed, so I’ve pretty much stopped buying their games and keeping up.

So, with that being said, it gives me two options:

  1. Close Simprograms and venture on to personal projects.
  2. Keep Simprograms open, but hand the site over to someone who still enjoys EA/Sim games.

Now, seeing as it’s always been about the fans, and that people still do enjoy reading the site (I’ve read some comments about how it’s dipped in quality and that some folks don’t really care for some of the staff here – and you’re very much right to express your opinion on the matter) it’s probably best to go with the second option.  So with that being said, I’m stepping down and handing over the site to Bryce (TheBlackScorpion).  He still very much enjoys the franchise, and even though some may argue that I should close it anyways, I think he can do a sufficient job of keeping the site up and going for you guys – providing you care to give him feedback when necessary (just don’t be rude about it, that’s one of my pet peeves).

I’ll still be around – probably drifting in the comments, but as for the Simprograms twitter, he’s pretty much using that now (my personal one is now set up in case you want to follow that) and give the staff a hand when necessary, but I doubt I’ll be doing much or any posting.  If you happen to have any requests or news, please pass it onto the staff members and not me.  As much as I loved The Sims in general, I think it’s time to move on.  I still love Maxis, and will support them on SimCity 5 – but more than likely I’ll be doing that by being an ‘average fan’ and not a webmaster.




  1. funnykid says:

    Thank you Jud for everything you’ve contributed to the community. I’ve followed your site since the early days to your involvement with 8DS to Spore to now. It’s been a wonderful ride and your site has become the go-to source for Sims news (at least for me anyway). Your work has been a big part of what kept me with the franchise (and what kept me in the loop!).

    I pretty much echo what you posted about the franchise and the change in direction it has taken in the past few years starting with the later days of The Sims 2. After periods of struggle, complaints, and frustration on my part, I’ve realized EA will never change unless it wants to. I’ve pretty much stopped caring about new products beyond Ambitions and what used to frustrate me only humors me nowadays, Mind you, I still comment and I still complain, but it is no longer filled with passion. It’s like having a deteriorating relationship – I tried and tried but realize it’s just not going to work. It’s time to let go.

    Personally, I’m looking forward to SimCity 5 as well. Here’s hoping the new rejuvenated Maxis can carry on Will’s legacy with dignity.

  2. Awwww …. you will be sorely missed, and you have helped me out on a number of times with various Sim news and I thank you for it Jud. best of luck with whatever you do, I just wish you didnt have to leave the simming community. Today is a big loss!

  3. ricslady says:

    This is sad news and I’m sorry it has come to this. I agree with everything you said about EA.
    Best of luck to you Jud. I hope I’ll still see you around.

  4. snarkysims says:

    Jud, thank you for all you have done for the community. I don’t comment much, but I do avidly follow your site. I am glad to hear The Black Scorpion will continue to carry the flame.

    I don’t blame you at all for the decision you have made. I have many of the same frustrations with EA/The Sims. Best wishes in your future endeavors.

  5. jesse james says:

    May good fortune follow you. I am sad to see another simmer/sims fan webmaster go, but it is understandable…even commendable. Thank you site you built, it has also been my main source of sims & spore news for some time…since before I got brave enough to post here, some of the users are intimidating…lol. You will be missed.

  6. Happy trails to you, until we meet again.
    Some trails are happy ones,
    Others are blue.
    It’s the way you ride the trail that counts,
    Here’s a happy one for you.
    ~Dale Evans

    Good luck, Jud! :)

  7. says:

    You will definitely be missed, Jud. But, I know that the site will be left in good hands with BlackScorpion. Good luck with everything in life! :)

  8. says:

    YOU WILL BE MISSED!! thankyou for everything you have done and i hope that you don’t miss us too much 😀 understandable though, i see why you are leaving… I’ve considered it many a time as well…

    But thanks :)

  9. Jovan says:

    Well this is just sad, really. Jud is not the only one who wants to leave this franchise. The game is not fun anymore. When I was expecting a brand new EP for sims 2, I was so excited about it. But after I got that EP, I enjoyed it with the fullest. Now with the sims 3 EP’s, I only play first 2 days the new expansion pack. Why? Beacuse it’s frikken boring!
    I understand why Jud is leaving. I can only wish him good luck!

  10. Michael says:

    I understand how you feel about this. I really enjoyed checking and reading this site. As a matter of fact, this is one of the sites I checked daily for few years since Sims 3 first came out, but as right now, this is only one site other than Sims 3 site to check daily. Yeah, I think the second option is the one and TheBlackScorpion is the one, he does a good job. Thanks for what you have done with this site and other news in past.

  11. says:

    Good-bye jud. Good luck with whatever you do next.

    As a side note I hope that EA start making better games or for EA to have little to do with the sims 4.

  12. thesimling says:

    Goodbye… you’ve done an incredible job over the years, and this site has been your child of sorts – through it we’ve seen your story, your new home and other incredible things.

    We’ve also, sadly seen EA alienate another Sims fan…

    I will miss you, but you’re my friend on Facebook so I’ll keep in touch. THAT BEING SAID, we have to remember one thing: CONGRATULATIONS TBS!!!

  13. starwind says:

    I loved your creations (both object and programs) for Sims 2 and enjoyed the site for news about Sims 3.

    I am sad to see you leave but glad the site will stay up and continue on.

    Thank you for all the work and time you have put into this.

  14. ludogego says:

    Sad news. Thank you Jud for all you have done for us and that you won’t close the site. I don’t play the game since Showtime’s release but I still enjoy reading news about it.
    Feels like EA are screwing a lot of stuff lately.

    Farewell and good luck!

  15. Christopher says:

    Thanks for making this site. I’ve been using it as my primary resource for Sims news since I stumbled upon it years ago!

    I understand where you’re coming from. I think I’m approaching the same place myself. I’d been playing hardcore since I re-discovered Sims with Sims 2 in my late teens. I couldn’t resist getting all the EPs. Now, I don’t feel much of a pull to care that much about Sims 3 and haven’t really enjoyed the EPs I purchased so far. Now I just check for news in case something interesting ever happens and don’t even play the game except on rare occasions of boredom with everything else.

    Maybe I’ll move along with you.

  16. Davy says:

    Thanks for all you’ve done for us Jud ! I’m pretty at the same point as you for the Sims franchise.

    I’ve been playing since the Sims 1 but when the Sims 3 came out with all the uninteresting EP’s with it, I’ve lost piece by piece my interest in playing with it. Maybe it’ll change or not but like others I like watching news on this site. Hoping that something fun will come out… one day.

    I wish you the best for the future, good luck and thanks again for all Jud !

  17. Sookielee says:

    Thank-you so much for all the years you have been providing news, information, patches and other stuff for the franchise. I personally have been following this site since 2001. I so remember coming here to get the programs I needed to create content for TS1 and find out about other useful tidbits. You will be missed in the community and I wish you happiness in all your future endeavors.

    Black Scorpion will do a great job with the site. He does still have a passion for the series that many of us don’t anymore. His sense of humor is unique and once you get used to it, quite funny. As long as I am active in the community, he will have my support just as you have for all these years.

    Once again good luck and best wishes.

  18. Jonny says:

    It’s a sad and gloomy time for Sims fans right now, not only how the franchise is being treated, but that respectable and much loved web masters such as yourself are leaving the crowd.

    You will be sorely missed, Jud. I hope that maybe, one day, if the franchise is rebooted (aka The Sims 4) you will once again return and grace us with your presence.

    Take care.

  19. Thank you for everything you have done for The Sims Community. I’m saddened to see you step down. I have been following Simprograms since the beginning of TS2 and have enjoyed everything you have written, even the non-related Sims news.

    I expect the anger from fans will continue to the end of TS3. The Sims 4 will probably determine the future for The Sims franchise, whether good or bad.

    I wish you the best, and thanks again Jud.
    Brandon Golden

  20. I’m a new fan and I’m really enjoying your FB presence. Thank you so much for not closing your site but handing it over. I think TheBlackScorpion is a great choice. I really enjoy his posts. You will be missed. Again thank you for your all that you have done for the Sims community.

  21. Thanks Jud for all you’ve done! I’m glad TheBlackScorpian is there to take up your position, and keep this site running – it is definitely the best Sims news site on the web.

    It’s the end of an era…

  22. videodue13 says:

    I’ve followed this site for ages and can’t remember how I stumbled across it. Its definitely the best sims website that I’ve been to. You will definitely be missed by everyone. Thanks for all you’ve done.
    Best Wishes for the future (which will hopefully include a lot of ghostbusting)


  23. Janelle says:

    I also wanted to pop in here for my first comment ever just to thank you, Jud, for all the work you’ve done over the years. This is the only website I go to for my sims information and it’s always been top notch. I still read the site every day and will continue to do so.

    Good luck with all your future endeavors!

  24. Chris says:

    It’s sad to see you go, but totally understandable. My passion for the franchise has dropped massively over the past 2 years, and it’s all down to EA’s new direction with the franchise and the decisions they keep making. I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to stay interested enough, but at the rate EA are going, it probably won’t be for much longer.

    I’m looking forward to SimCity 5 as I believe Maxis can still make great games, but as for EA and The Sims, I have no idea. I’m thinking The Sims 4 ( or whatever they call it) will be the deciding factor.

    Goodbye Jud, and thanks for everything you’ve done for the community :)

  25. MONTYRYAN says:

    NOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jud plse you are such an incredible person and you have done so much for the community. But, I have to agree with you about EA/The Sims

  26. bshag says:

    So sorry to see you go and I wish you all the best in your future endevors. I’m sure the site will be in capable hands with Black Scorpion at its helm.

  27. Jron says:

    Youve helped me so much personally, and were always patient and willing to communicate. I consider you a friend for sure. I love the site, love what you did for the community…but totally undertand you have out grown it and it has lost its appeal -mainly through their own fault. I whole-heartedly wish you the nest of luck and an awesome life!

  28. EA never says:

    :( This was my favourite site to read about The Sims or EA, also for SimCity and I really wanted to read SC5 news here, but understand how do you feel…

    Thanks for all your time.

  29. BeyondSims says:

    Sad to see you go, Jud. It’s a shame what has happened to the franchise, I am hanging in still – just about – hoping The Sims 4 brings me back – aswell as SimCity 5!

    Me and TBS will still be here posting, hopefully you’ll post occasionally too:3

  30. Arthur says:

    I definitely understand where you are coming from, and like everyone else, it is sad to see you go. I enjoyed reading your posts, even random. They were very informative and to the point.

    SimPrograms was/is a great resource. Thank you for all of your time and effort! 😀

  31. Jonas says:

    This is very sad… But you are totally right Jud. The Sims community is going down and down. I’ve been playing Sims since the first game came out many years ago and followed your website since the beginning. Last years, since the release of The Sims 3, I don’t feel like I am a Sims fan anymore. I enjoyed all games so much, but The Sims 3 is just trash. EA should change their strategy, otherwise they will lose many players and more loyal website owners. Thanks for everything you’ve done and good luck for TheBlackScorpion!

  32. Beatnuki says:

    Thanks for everything Jud, and good luck in everything in the future.

    This site remains a favourite to me always so I’m certainly glad you elected to keep it open! But I can also understand that the whole thing’s just not where you’re at any more.

    Best of luck to you always in all your future adventures!

  33. Tomak says:

    It’s pretty pretty sad when someone closes up something like that. I am also sometimes thinking about ending of my site. I’ve been doing it for about more than 7 years. You know everything has changed during that long time. I don’t even keen on The Sims, because EA has really started to suck a lot. It’s got totally the different atmosphere to compare with The Sims 2 produced by Maxis. But I still hope once it will get better and I will be still the patient webmaster as I am now. Hope it’s not your final decision, I adored your site full of fresh news. And still do! Ponder over that…

    Good luck!

    Tomak from GAMESIMS.sk

  34. ichigo says:

    je suis peinée d’apprendre ça, mais contente de lire que le site va perdurer avec les autres membres..

    Et je te comprends, on a tous été déçus a différents moment et de plus en plus par le fonctionnement d’EA..

    Je te souhaite bonne continuation dans tes futurs projets..
    Et merci pour le travail réalisé :)

  35. sawcat says:

    Thanks for what you’ve done since the Sims 1 days Jud. I can understand the disgust, because I’m feeling some of it for the last ep & stuff also

  36. Thomas says:

    Thank you Jud for everything you have done for The Sims community! I do hope to continue to keep in touch. Good luck with everything in the future!

    – Thomas (@Lucky711)

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