EA/Maxis Planning New Sim Game?

Remember the days of many Maxis Sim spinoff? SimCopter, SimAnt and SimEarth to name a few. Well, it looks like they are reviving that tradition. EA has registered Sim Ocean in Europe just yesterday, the 25th of April.

Source: Siliconera and SimsGalore


  1. says:

    I hope this is the start of good things to come from Maxis! Spore was kind of a let down…hopefully this will be better as well as Sim City!

  2. jesse james says:

    This is interesting., hope it’s legit. it’d also be neat if they’d release an updated Compelation version of the old maxis/early EA maxis games. Besides sim city 2000-sc4 and the apartment/building management one that I found as a fluke at the library, alot of the sim games were before my time. Corse I didn’t invest in a computer till i was 21…..so.

  3. I’m intrigued! I am too young to have really enjoyed any of those older games but I love simulations in general – and played a bit of SimEarth.


    “WHALE DLC – Only £11.99!!!”

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