The Sims Guitar Medley

Was gonna post this yesterday, but of late I have been suffering from insomnia. Freakin’ Daylight Savings Time. Anyways, this dude does a few classic songs from The Sims in the video below. He does songs from other games too, so why not check him out and subscribe if you like what ya hear.

Thanks to our awesome friend, the Lazy Game Reviewer for sharing this awesome video.


  1. Janna says:

    This is simply amazing. I love it!

  2. Nathan Viney says:

    this is beautiful

  3. Dentface says:


    Off topic: Could you bring back the Twitter, RSS and Text Enlarger buttons to the Main Page? They only appear on News Post pages.

    • Judhudson says:

      Dentface – not sure what you are referring to – can you help me out by taking a picture of what you mean? I don’t see anything missing that I’m aware of.

  4. Dentface says:

    Nvm. It’s back now. Strange.

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