Diesel Stuff Box

I love it! Now with that this and the press release is here, we need a confirmation on the release date.

  • http://Website rkalanu

    What I see I like, but it sounds and looks pretty sparse. Too much for too little. The arbitrary decision not to put any new gameplay in stuff packs is dumb- if they can do it with store objects, why not in stuff packs?

  • http://mysims.wikia.com/wiki/MySims_Wiki/ Dentface

    Eh. I like it. Don’t love it, but I like it, enough to buy it even.

  • http://Website Fiona

    Just another thing I would like to point out. Is it possible to make ONE post with all this info? I hate looking for 5 different posts.

    Another thing, The site is really messed up :/

  • http://Website Jeff

    According to Simguru Jenn it’s the week of July 10th in the US. I know that’s what Austraillia’s date is but she confirms it for the US as well.

    Jennifer Lane ‏ @SimGuruJenn
    week of July 10 RT @djeranotjuh: @SimGuruJenn Wow i already love @TheSims3 Diesel Stuff Pack! What’s The Release Date Of It? #TS3DieselStuff