Real vs Sims 3 Diesel

I like it… I like it a lot.

via Sim Secrets

  • http://Website kiwi_tea

    I like the original Diesel coffee table, so it distresses me they’ve made it so ugly and 2D.

  • http://Website Kabuto

    Clothes meshes are like base game, they don’t fit like the real Diesel

  • http://Website Matt

    Why do they feel the need to break the Sims world with product placement stuff packs. Couldn’t they have at least simlished the characters on things?

  • http://www.sim-wolf.webs.com Chris

    Not much here actually look have decent… :\ Was expecting a bit more considering I found I warmed to the H&M stuff pack.

  • http://Website Simfan28

    Decent. No more, no less. I don’t like the weird look of the Katy Perry Atrocity Pack but here, I don’t like the over simplicity. I hope to see a SP with a great mix of diversity and originality. Here, I find nothing I can’t find everywhere. I find nothing to enhance a look. I wait to see the rest of the Pack but, it’s not a good start.

  • http://Website EA never

    They look HORRIBLE on Sims

  • http://Website chilliholly

    Why did they bother with this thing but in sims 2 h&m was brill but this is a waste of money