The Sims 3: Supernatural Renders

Source: SimsVIP


  1. pulversoppa says:

    Sooooo hope that the light around the wand won’t be purple “all the time/mostly”. :/ I hate purple.

  2. Michael says:

    Cool! I assume the guy behind the gravestone is a vampire as well as he is wearing the same clothes on other render. I believe that woman in white dress, is a good witch while the other one is bad.

  3. Jesse James says:

    …Oddly, I hope there are new & selectable gravestones…Besides everything else.

  4. O looks great! I’m sure the glow around the wand will be customizable, like part of the customization of the wand colors etc. zombies look great! Haven’t seen a male fairy except in the trailer…. Hmmm or anything about the candles or bees :( or the small version of the fairies.

  5. Matt says:

    Please not good and evil witches again. An alignment system makes no sense in the Sims moral setting.
    And if they do it like Sims 2 then using magic to rape someone counts as good – which is just messed up.

  6. Josh says:

    Any of you remember the fairy animation thing from that one video with all of the animations that were secretly added in an update? And the magic glitter stuff?

  7. lunarhowl says:


    If you really zoom in on this picture :
    You can see veins running along the vampires face! Pretty neat, right? So there will be some differences from the vampire types, heh. Also if you look at the ”vampire pearing from behind a tombstone” render, it looks as if his fingernails are sharper. Hm. What do ya think?

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