1. Michael says:

    Cool! I assume the guy behind the gravestone is a vampire as well as he is wearing the same clothes on other render. I believe that woman in white dress, is a good witch while the other one is bad.

  2. O looks great! I’m sure the glow around the wand will be customizable, like part of the customization of the wand colors etc. zombies look great! Haven’t seen a male fairy except in the trailer…. Hmmm or anything about the candles or bees :( or the small version of the fairies.

  3. Matt says:

    Please not good and evil witches again. An alignment system makes no sense in the Sims moral setting.
    And if they do it like Sims 2 then using magic to rape someone counts as good – which is just messed up.

  4. Josh says:

    Any of you remember the fairy animation thing from that one video with all of the animations that were secretly added in an update? And the magic glitter stuff?

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