New Diesel Screen

Via Os Games EA

  • http://Website ShortyBoo

    I don’t like having English writing in the game. I hope that tank has a Simlish version as well.

  • djd703

    I completely agree. (side note) i also don’t like that some clocks in game have english numbers

  • http://Website Parrot999

    Those aren’t “English numbers”, their Arabic if I’m not mistaken and I don’t think the game has ever not used Arabic numerals.

  • http://Website Nate

    I’ve kind of got a feeling that the tank will only be in English, since this is a branded pack. Though, it probably wouldn’t be that hard for someone to change out the English for Simlish.

    And yeah, the game almost always uses Arabic numerals, with the occasional Roman numerals.

  • djd703

    I really do suck at trying to say things things correctly…