Lucky Palms is Now Available. Time to give up your hard earned cash. JUST DO IT! Das Auto!

I want to be a produ… Oh my, how embarrassing. The new world is now available in the Store. Buy it now, right now. Also, my light bulb is about to go out. The flickering is driving me nuts. Honey roasted nuts. And yes, I’ve lost my marbles. Help me find them so I can play Chinese checkers. LUCKY PALMS!


  1. Spon1Player says:

    Random outburst? hehe

  2. GlossyGem says:


  3. Wow, didn’t think it was going to be the same as the other worlds! With all the excitement I figured EA would try to get away with charging an even higher price with Lucky Palms. I was predicting at least 2750 points. Definitely going to try this later.

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