Hint at Seasons in Lucky Palms

Looks like EA are trying to hint at Seasons… what do you think?!


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  1. Wow, I really hope we will get seasons!!!! It is a major expansion we need!!! :) Can’t wait to throw snowballs at all you simprogrammers!!! and splash in a pool with the nice warm sun! Whee!!! :) Thanks for all the hard work you all do!!!!

  2. markydee says:

    What is it supposed to be anyway? Is it a fence?

  3. Chad says:

    so this does everythign except break wind?

  4. markydee:

    What is it supposed to be anyway? Is it a fence?

    The perspective is rubbish. I think it’s a parasol.

  5. markydee says:



    What is it supposed to be anyway? Is it a fence?

    The perspective is rubbish. I think it’s a parasol.

    Oh right. Thanks! ^^ Now I remember. UGH. I am getting pissed at EA’s poor product images. @-@

  6. Spon1Player says:

    It’s an umbrella :/

  7. Matrix54 says:

    Everything isn’t a hint to weather. -_-

  8. Sean says:

    Matrix, true but I don’t think this is too far fetched to be a hint.

  9. n00biito says:

    Meh, I don’t think it’s a hint. I think all the game site leaks are a hint that it’s coming. Not to mention the leaked outerwear in the exchange category that happened twice.

  10. Matrix54 says:

    ^It’s an outdoor item. Of course there’s going to be a reference to it being outside. They can’t parade around weather when writing a description.

    How many times has EA described an item, a Sim – anything – with text, and described something you haven’t seen in the game before. How about those solar panel walls and floors in build more that do absolutely nothing?

    It’s really pathetic the fan of series jump and shadows whenever the slightest mention of a change in weather is mentioned, and it’s annoying.

  11. dnrana says:

    Hey I know this might be a stretch but if you have Lucky Palms, go down to the Spa. When you arrive, go around the side and you’ll find two fake beach blankets (or recoloured carpets) under the umbrella described above (i think). Anyhow, i just figured that maybe they were hinting at Seasons by placing a tanning area around the spa.

  12. Jesse James says:

    Seriously ppl….you don’t know what a lightning rod is?

  13. Evan says:

    I really hope seasons is coming soon. Not just because I want it, but so all of the whiny comments begging for it would stop

  14. Thisisme says:

    I really thought It’d be something super awesome. Apparently it IS indeed a parasol…. which is something we’ve had since the base game….. so much for that excitement. EA just likes to mess with our minds or this is indeed another teaser that we will eventually get weather.

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