LGR Plays – Lucky Palms!

Sweetness! Our favorite Lazy Gamer plays the newest Store world!


  1. LOL his reaction to Duke Nukem’s wish for love coming true from the wishing well was hilarious!

  2. vicka116 says:

    I already have this city, I really like it :).

  3. Nina says:

    I like this Guy! He is cool and funny! Cool review BTW Whats his Email Adress?

  4. bshag says:

    Good review but dude, you missed the best part of LP IMO, the dry lake area. I really like this area the best, with the rundown properties…that’s where my sim lives. I kept waiting for him to go over there, oh well. If he keeps playing Duke in LP, he’ll find it and hopefully give him opinion on the part he missed. :)

  5. Enjoji says:

    He also should have wished for a child; he might have gotten the evil child spring out of the well – that’s creepy as well as quite funny, lolol

  6. DaBoogadie says:

    He left out alot of stuff…lazy gamer.

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