LGR Plays – Lucky Palms!

Sweetness! Our favorite Lazy Gamer plays the newest Store world!

  • http://ironseagull.blogspot.com/ Captain THPS4

    LOL his reaction to Duke Nukem’s wish for love coming true from the wishing well was hilarious!

  • http://Website vicka116

    I already have this city, I really like it :).

  • Nina

    I like this Guy! He is cool and funny! Cool review BTW Whats his Email Adress?

  • http://Website bshag

    Good review but dude, you missed the best part of LP IMO, the dry lake area. I really like this area the best, with the rundown properties…that’s where my sim lives. I kept waiting for him to go over there, oh well. If he keeps playing Duke in LP, he’ll find it and hopefully give him opinion on the part he missed. :)

  • Enjoji

    He also should have wished for a child; he might have gotten the evil child spring out of the well – that’s creepy as well as quite funny, lolol

  • DaBoogadie

    He left out alot of stuff…lazy gamer.