DIY Curtains/Blinds/Shutters (Build-Yourself-A-Curtain)

“I know I am not the only who would constantly get furious at the curtains/windows/etc for not matching up with a certain window. This is something I found strangely odd but sort of brushed it off. That is, until bakafox brought the idea up, in the creation chat, of modular curtains and I offered to give it a try. Going into this project, the first thing I thought was “I must prepare myself for mega ultra failure,” but once I started to notice that it actually might be possible.. I kicked it into high gear.  What I love about these is that they can become basically anything you want them to. No! You do not have to make a curtain out of it  you can make what ever comes to your mind!”

This set includes a total of 27 objects that you can transform into your own curtain/whatever creation. These all go off grid and will have to be adjusted by going into off grid mode.

For an in-depth tutorial on how to use these, refer to this tutorial I put together: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r6R0-aPlqRQ

For Basic Instruction and Full List of Objects Included, refer to the main thread.

Download Here


  1. JesseJames says:

    See, this is something that bugged me too. and when sims studio made things adjustable, why were curtains overlooked? it didn’t make sense. I swear, I’m half tempted to learn prog/dev and make my own freakin’ games.

  2. Davy says:

    Thanks a lot for that ! It kills me everytimes I want curtains matched… and don’t find it yeah *x*

    You saved my PC from a death by “throwing through the window’s murder” !

  3. haha I found this article whilst looking for information on real window blinds however I have to admit, I love the sims game (although havent played the latest one) and now I know you can customise things in a studio, will have to purchase it and start raising a new sim family haha. Thanks

  4. Carl Smith says:

    I am a big sims fan and definitely love how the game has evolved over the ast few years, its funny because if you scan over the page quickly, those pictures do look quite real….

    Thanks for sharing, now all I need is an expresso machine to match my new sim blinds :)

    Abode Blinds UK

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