Cleaning out Sims Collection

Wow, it has been awhile since I last posted!  I’ve pretty much been out of the loop on all things Sims, and I hate to say it, but I am afraid I don’t miss it.  The only thing Sim related I am familiar with right now is SimCity Social on Facebook.  Yeah, I admit I hated it when it first came out, but it has improved some – you’re no longer spamming the heck out of your friends for one – it now lets you spam only those that play the game.  Plus, you can build a pretty good city without even paying a nickle.  It’ll hold me over until SimCity 5 is released.

Anyhow – enough rambling…I should get to the point.  I’ve collected a huge mass of various items, and at this stage in life, I’m questioning “for what purpose does this serve?”  It has dawned on me that for the most part, it just sits on the shelf.  Why let it sit there when there are people that could possibly make use of it themselves?  I need to stop collecting every tiny little thing/every single version and only get the items that either mean a lot to me, or have some sort of purpose.  So with that being said, I’m clearing out most of my Sims collection – only keeping the few things that have some sort of sentimental value to me.

Check out all of the goodies I have at the link below…well, some of the goodies – I have a ton more stuff to add, but keep checking, as I’ll be adding more everyday (with shirts, posters, and more!)

Ebay – Jud’s Sims Collection


  1. NoTime says:

    Its a shame the games are region locked :/

  2. Ibce says:

    jud, im dirt poor and really wish to participate in the sims forums, but all my games are arred. do you have an unused code for sims 3 that i can use to gain acess to forums?

  3. Jesse James says:

    lol, Still sorry to see you go, Jud. By the way, My son wants to know how you created your spore creature Avi. He wants to build it. Kid’s a huge Spore fan, lol. Good luck with your sale.

    • Judhudson says:

      Oh god, it’s been ages, so I can’t quiet remember. I know he is on the exchange/sporepedia if it is still up and running…so search for my username ‘judhudson’ and he should pop up…Then you can download him and modify it :)

  4. yannick says:

    Serious, i like to buy this all, only is that i live in Holland with the vucking ‘Euro’.

  5. Jesse James says:


    Serious, i like to buy this all, only is that i live in Holland with the vucking ‘Euro’.

    Doesn’t Paypal have an international account thingy?

  6. Jesse James says:

    lol, Thanks Jud.

  7. Jesse James says:

    OMG, My son’s in love with your spore page! You are really talented at building those things. I like the Pixar creatures myself. SO thanks again.

  8. NoTime says:

    Is their anyway to just buy rather then bid cause I thought you could on ebay.

  9. Bas says:

    You should add a warning that many games only work in NTSC regions.

  10. Anthony says:

    Wish you acceptted money orders since thats the only way I can pay by. You have games I really want. Expecially simcity creator and the sim animal games for the wii.

  11. Anthony says:

    What is going to happen to the games that don’t sell on ebay?

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