The Sims FreePlay Adds Pre-Teens

Pre-teens/tweens… I wonder how many Simmers would want this age in TS4.

iOS Simmers, get the Update!


  1. Damienf519 says:


    The only problem with adding more age groups, is that you will have to a certain number of them for each map to feel balanced, that and the number of adult sims you need to have for each career, extra… extra…

  2. n00biito says:

    Useless age group imo. We already have a lack of interactions and clothes for children we don’t need yet another age group that gets ignored as soon as they’ve been added to the game.

    You can play the current teens as pre-teens and I don’t see what they could possibly bring to the table in therms of game-play. There a lot of stuff that would add a lot more to TS3 that’s actually missing and USEFUL. Such as proper apartments, open for business type game-play, university type stuff like dorms etc.

    • Luna says:

      You are so butthurted person. I don’t what’s your problem, but you don’t need to act this way. Preteens aren’t pointless, yes I agree there are less interactions and clothes for children, but it doesn’t make preteens pointless. Eventually, the reason why people want preteens is because teens are the same height as adults.

  3. Beebee says:

    They need to update with The Sims Freeplay Fashion Show , with LONG AND SHORT hairstyles and modern updated clothing. Like S3 and exc.

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