Political Ads To Appear in Some EA Games

Via G4. Did you know that you NEED TO VOTE? Well, politicians think us gamers do. Especially those of us in the States. And it looks like EA agrees with them. Say what?

Our president, Barack Obama will soon be advertising in Madden NFL 13 and other EA games, so if you see the face of our commander-in-chief pop up when you’re putting your plays together, do not panic.

Advertisements for the Democratic nominee will run in games across multiple platforms including Madden NFL 13 on consoles, casual games on Pogo.com, and other EA’s mobile games including Battleship, Tetris and Scabble. According to EA, the target is young people in battleground states such as Ohio, Nevada, Colorado, Iowa, New Hampshire and Virginia.

Thanks, Obama.

As yet, Mitt Romney, the Republican nominee for president, has yet to appear in officially sponsored video game ads, but according to EA, the offer is open.



  1. Josh says:

    Stupid politicians swerving America further and further away from a free market. We don’t need another republocrat running this country anyways.

  2. Damienf519 says:

    The Black Scorpion,

    That’s going to be kind of stupid, and annoying.

  3. bshag says:

    Sorry but in my opinion, gaming is not a platform for stupid politicans.

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