Zynga Cancels THE VILLE

So adding to the news earlier about Zynga laying off a lot of people in many of it’s studios, the have announced that they will discontinue The Ville. Looks like another win for EA and Sims Social. :D

According to The Next Web, the company also announced they would discontinue its clone of EA’s popular The Sims Social game, The Ville, and it may continue laying off employees by shutting down their Boston office in the near future.



  1. richard says:

    looks like the social game bubble is blowing

  2. Vstarr says:

    People are beginning to realize that this fad is a waste of time. It might be a win for EA, but I still wouldn’t waste your time on the social games.

  3. Andrew says:

    I used to prefer The Ville over TSS. USED to. Now, they’re both pretty boring to me.

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