Preview of new Spore parts in Better Spore

If you don’t recall, a few users have figured out a way to create new parts for Spore.  Although it’s still difficult to do at the moment, Ball Lightning from Sporedum has created another new part for a creature, and he would like to show you what he’s accomplished so far.  I for one would like to congratulate him as well as his modding buddies for the attempt at doing this.  Hopefully the process of parts will be easier to create in future releases of the SporeMaster tool!

Over the last few weeks me, Mettra and Virakotxa have been working on making new parts for spore. After getting them into the game, they were still black just the same way that Void’s Glasses were, however we have done a proof of concept texture. You can see the created creature in the video below.

Do you want to have a specific part? Post other in our Official Part Request thread or post in this topic.

We are always looking for new modelers to help out the workload. If you are good at 3D modeling and are interested in making new parts first read this tutorial, then if you are ok with it head over to the BetterSpore forum and post in the Better Spore Development team thread. Feedback is always welcomed.

Preview of New Parts at Youtube

BetterSpore Homepage

BetterSpore Forum


Q. Will the creatures which contain these modded parts be able to upload to the Sporepedia?

A. It is theoretically possible, as Virakotxa has shown with her creature which contained Void’s glasses. However that was on auto-upload and so far testing has shown that we can not upload it and make it successful when clicking the share button. We will be trying to contact EA to see if we can make it so it will be like C&C and have it so that people who don’t have the mod will get a ‘?’ and will not be effected while people with the mod can play with it.

Q. Will new parts effect my saved games or my spore game?

A. This mod will be safe and secure, we will have many people Alpha test it. Also it uses the same format as patch 1.03.


  1. dudicoff says:

    nice job guys simply fantastic just a few questions will this put any viruses or other bad stuff on my computer?? plz reply

    • Judhudson says:

      Absolutely not. The Spore/Sims gaming community is pretty much a safe place to be. Seeking stuff outside of that (say torrents (certain kinds), warez, illegal cracks and software, adult material) could introduce a virus onto your machine)

  2. LOL DUDE says:

    I wish that Ball Lightning would update it so that it works with GA. I’ve made a recreation of the Grox called the Grax… and he has Dr Pepper robot parts.

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