Seasons and Wildflowers

Source: Sims.Mixei.Ru

Flowers of “The Sims 3 Seasons”
Azalea flower Sims 3 seasons Azalia / Azalea

(The whole flower pink)

Black-eyed Susan flower Sims 3 seasons Black-eyed Susan / Black Eyed Susan

(The black core (stamens), yellow petals)

Blue flax flower Sims 3 seasons Blue Linen / Blue Flax

(Yellow core, blue flowers)

Flower Kosmeya Sims 3 seasons Kosmeya / Cosmos

(Yellow core, rose petals)

Daisy flower Sims 3 seasons Daisy / Daisy

(Typical chamomile)

beautiful flower Gaylardiya Sims 3 seasons Gaylardiya beautiful / Indian Blanket

(Black hearts, orange petals with yellow border)

Eriogonum flower umbrella Sims 3 seasons Eriogonum umbrella / Sulfur

(Full Yellow)

Flower Sweet William Sims 3 seasons Sweet William / Sweet William

(Red petals with pink border)


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