Seasons in SimCity?

It looks like SimCity will have Seasons in-game, which is absolutely fantastic. This game is looking better everytime I hear something new about it!

And from this image below of SimCity, it certainly looks like the Autumn Season, it’s beautiful.

Thanks to GlossyGem


  1. Starrfoxx says:

    I hope it’s actual weather and not just a change of scenery or land tiles depending on where you build. That is a cool picture, though. Imagine Sims 4 looking like this and allowing you to go in and play those sims. I still think it would be fantastic if SimCity and Sims were combined in some way aka. SimsVille. To be able to build your town/city and then simulate the sims inside would just be fantastic.

  2. MapleSim says:

    That pic is really beautiful in an spooky way! I quite agree The Sims franchise could borrow some graphical touches from SimCity…

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