TheSims2.com Closing on 14th January 2013

All patches are available to download from our website.

Since the release of The Sims 3 not much has happened over at TheSims2.com, and it appears that EA believes now is the time to retire it’s online features and website. This means that all patches, blogs, the exchange, and so on will no longer be available to view. I am also presuming the web page The Sims 2 launcher opens will no longer be active either.

If you wish to save anything from the website, such as a download from the exchange, make sure you do before the online services are terminated. Mind you, 8 years of operation isn’t bad.


  • cookiemunch3

    I’m backing up all the patches.

  • WindWineKiwi8

    This makes me feel so much more sad than a website closing should…
    In the summer of 2008, just before I started a very new, stressful period of my life I spent a good deal of time reading stories off the Sims 2 exchange – like Candi’s Uglacy and EphermeralToast. Also, Sims 2 is what I bonded over with a friend I am no longer close to, so it and its website makes me think of when we were close. Seeing it close makes me feel so nostalgic and sad…. Ah well, it’s an end of an era.

  • http://killer-radio.webs.com/ Starrfoxx

    The site is so broken, it’s no wonder nothing has been going on there. I haven’t been able to log in, and I still have my username/password. I think The Sims 2 community is still strong; we just need a better website.

  • http://s4.zetaboards.com/Sims_Paraphernalia ranabluu

    I have been trying to log on to the site for a month almost. I knew it wouldn’t be long before they shut it down. I am just trying to get on there and download some stuff that is on the exchange.

  • Roxy

    That’s no fair for sims 2 players V_V -sigh- I’m really going to miss this website. It had good stories and CC.

  • gjoxx

    Its a shame really, but it is the end of and era, just like like what cookiemunch3 said xxx

  • gjoxx

    sorry i meant to say just like what windwinekiwi8 said sorry xxx

  • dd

    aww i really needed that i just got on not a while back and it sucks with out all my downloads

  • Austin

    I agree with starrfoxx he has strong words of wisdom and its the truth.