The Sims 3 University Life First Screenshots

The Sims 3 University Life has been confirmed! Click here to read the announcement.

The first screenshots of The Sims 3 University Life have surfaced onto the internet today, following the upload of the box art for the expansion. It looks like it’s going to be full of content! The vending machines and ping-pong table look fab!




  • http://ironseagull.blogspot.com/ Captain THPS4

    Looks like we’re definitely getting a new world judging by that last screenshot. Now it’s just a question as to whether it’s a sub-hood like the WA worlds or a homeworld.

  • Damienf519

    Captain THPS4,

    The problem with a sub hood will be that we won’t be able to make our own. You still can’t create travel destinations with Create A World. If they give us just one, which most likely they will, our sims will always go to the same university. If they give us three subhoods like they did with World Adventures, than we’ll get bored really quickly. Its unlikely they’ll give us more than three.

  • http://killer-radio.webs.com/ Starrfoxx

    Looks 10 times better than Sims 2 University. Loving it so far.

  • Chad

    I see something that looks like a broadcasting antena and a sim interviewing another sim. Maybe a new skill? Ping Pong and vending machines!!!!!!

  • Scrumptious

    looks full of rabbitholes…

  • UtterlyUnzipped

    Looks good so far! Trying to spot the new stuff:

    New World
    New Rabbitholes
    Ping Pong table
    Vending machines
    Brain drain machine?
    College Radio equipment?
    Sketch book
    New Neon signs

  • http://killer-radio.webs.com/ Starrfoxx

    I’m hoping University Life adds some new careers similar in style to Ambitions. That might be what the radio tower and interviewing is.

    Sims 2 University added new careers that you could only get to if you went to college, so I would think Sims 3 University Life would be along the same lines. I just hope the new careers are interactive like Ambitions, Generations (day care), and Showtime. Less rabbit holes, please.

  • StingRay

    For those wondering about the stub hood, I am no expert but maybe they will finally introduce curved roofs (like the stub hood) and curved walls.

  • StingRay

    Did anyone else notice the orange truck in the 1st and 6th slide. I wonder what it is, to me it looks like what could be a taco truck.

  • SML

    There’s a lot to love on these pics, but many questions raised too. It looks like a new world, just like the TS2 hoods, and it would make eve more sense: perhaps new rabbitholes are for different departments and you have to apply and attend (like a real college), so the rabbithole mechanics wouldn’t be too far fetched…

    I love that they’re using laptops on the floor. Love love love it. I’m secretly wishing they do that since basegame.

    This is the first time we *see* the backpacks (where the inventory is supposed to be at), since the first game. Probably will function like WA chests, if that’s it I love it too.

    On the second to last picture, there’s a group in the back by the fence where the guy looks like he is cheering or excited and the girl is tumbling or exercising on the ground… What is going on there? LOL

    My main concern would be what about folks back home, this whole “everyone ages together” scheme can be difficult to manage.

    About curved roofs, I’d love to have them, but if I know EA well enough it is just another rabbithole roof — we have some neat rabbithole roofs already, like the school in Appaloosa Plains and the Cafeteria in Startlight Shores. Nothing we can build ourselves, unfortunately.

  • SML

    @Damienf519 I agree with you, this would not be a problem at all if EA wasn’t so myopic, I’d happily pay for custom travel destinations for WA at the Store, specially the last 2 worlds. If Sunlit Tides or Monte Vista were travel destinations I bet lots of people would buy WA just to play them.
    Make subhoods customizable and voilà, problem solved.

  • Spon1Player

    Pretty sure the inside of the schools will be rabbit holes, which I dont mind. Maybe if the rooms inside were rabbit holes that’d be better… but a lot of the windows are greyed out, and rabbit hole windows tend to be like that.

  • MapDark

    SML This is easily fixable with the NRAAS mods o_0

    The Travellers pretty much allows you to take vacations ANYWHERE

  • Death

    You should thanks to SimsDomination, your source is wrong, sorry.

  • Spon1Player

    We originally did thank SimsDomination, however since then the source was discovered and these higher quality images were found – hence Rincon Del Simmer being sourced.

  • rigger_mortez

    I’m getting more excited about this. I hope, they’d spill some info this January. TS2 Universtity is great, but it wasn’t as much as alive as I think this will be because of TS3’s seamlessness. I hope this woiuld give new careers, a lot of careers were not yet included from TS1 and TS2.

  • Kevace

    Combine University with Open for Buisness and its a no brainier…

  • CR

    they might just add the college to the town. Maybe that could save people from the sub hood but that might be boring… I don’t know

  • Cj

    And you probably might want your young adults out of their parents house so they be on their own. With a community of sims the same age as them! I think they might make a sub town like they did in sims 2 so it won’t feel strange for the users that played the sims 2 and for the new users who not used to it. Basically, they might just need to add back the sims sub town place, they might make it a little better then they made it in sims 2, Hopefully. This sims 2 university might depend on sims world adventures so people might want to buy it if they don’t have it.

  • Jason Square

    It’s a moving truck, not a taco truck. I honestly don’t mind the rabbit holes, it’s just for class time, I don’t want to have to control my sim or watch my sim just sit there. I’m really excited for this expansion pack.

  • KB

    Has anyone noticed the guy using a sketchbook in the 6th or 7th picture?

  • JL

    Wow! These pictures seem pretty legit! Sooooo excited for all the new stuff, and interesting new gameplay!In the first picture, behind the old medievel-college looking building you can just see peaked rooftops. Possibly they’re the houses that students stay in…?

  • Drake

    The building most likely are rabbit holes, but just to throw out some ideas. They could be shells. We have private and public room markers, the devs could have made a classroom marker, but as I said they are probably rabbit holes.

  • Dmoiuxxs

    i think its gonna be great , but im a bit worried about the price , bet is gonna be something like when the pets came out first month , or i could even say that it will be something like seasons . well the good thing is you kan have teenagers with no parents finally , sure they have cheats for it but i still wanted it . the bad thing is RABBITHOLES . If sims 4 (wich is not gonna happen soon) has them , i will stop plaing sims …the good thing would be to manage more houses at once . thats what i dreamed about a long time . then they could add traveling to other worlds we allready have , im planning to buy some other worlds , and sometimes i just wish to move my family to the newest town i have :((( . or they could even think of mor abillities of a job ! (sorry for my english) do you think its exiting , on your first day of game you want money , then you need to work , then you need to sit and wach the green bar and until it gets full , cuz theres no other thing to DO ! well after saing that many things i think and say , I still love playing sims ! 😀

  • Spon1Player

    If you don’t want rabbit holes in stores and restaurants etc. you could always play The Sims 1 or The Sims 2 :)

  • Ashlee

    @StingRay That orsnge truck is actually a moving van for the students when they transfer to university.


  • Mizuki

    On another site I saw that maxis is involved again 😀 must get better aye?

  • me

    captain … you don’t know that sims3 world adventures have all what you are talking about ?!