The Sims 2 Site Closure Today

Today is the day that The Sims 2 Site will no longer be available. That also includes The Sims 2 Exchange. Be sure to download and save any content you want from the Exchange while you still can.

Don’t forget that you are still able to play The Sims 2 since it will only affect the Website and Online Features.


  • Sean

    This is really sad, the sims 1 one was also but I never really knew it was there wheras this is the site I used to go to for updates and read endlessly about the expansion packs I couldn’t wait to get. 😀

  • http://killer-radio.webs.com/ Starrfoxx

    I hope someone has gone through the process of saving all the objects and lots that were there. This is why I stick more with 3rd party sites like Sims Resource and MTS. They aren’t likely to close as quickly.

  • Sean

    True, although something ive been doing with the sims 3 site is saving to disk all my store bought items this time.