The Sims 3 Piano Theme

Jack aka “Oinkk” has used his time and talent to create sheet music of The Sims 3 Theme for those who play the piano.  His hard work and dedication has earned him a spot on this site as well as even being featured!  He even recorded himself playing it (audio only, no video) in which you can watch below as well as download the sheet music for yourself.  Since the music was created by ear, there may be a few mistakes in it so please take note if you decide to drop off any comments.  However, I can say that it is way better than I ever could!  Great job, Jack, wish I had a piano to play it myself!

The Sims 3 sheet music for piano

The Sims 3 – Original Theme

The Sims 3 – Christmas Style Theme


  1. James says:

    Hey ! Ive been searching everywhere for The Sims 3 Piano Score and this is the only place i have been able to find it but when i click on it it says “HTTP Error” So the links Dead ……. i was wondering if anyone could Fix the link cause i’m desperate for the score !!

  2. cassidy wright says:

    can u send me a copy of the sims3 main theme on piano can u help me too ive got a copy and it dosnt make sence
    07818451364 text me xxx

  3. cassidy wright says:
  4. Jack says:

    @Cassidy Hi, sorry for the late reply. You can either keep it held down, play it in octaves or play it in rhythm. It’s totally up to you! And also, the sheet music is pretty much the barebones of the theme, so you can experiment by playing things in octaves or different octaves.

    Also, to everyone, I’m happy to answer your questions by email (it will probably get a much quicker response). Just click my name, and your mail client should open. If not, it’s me [[[[at]]]] happykittens [[[[dot]]]] co [[[dot]]] uk (replace the [[[[at]]]’s with @ etcetera.)

  5. Cassidy wright says:

    can you do me a favour , i go to ridge wood and just woundering where u live , btw can you write the sheet music gain and put down every note you played please whaen you have time then put it on this link xx xx k tar big help xx

  6. Cassidy wright says:

    Hey its me xx can you write it down please and email me at the link above xx thanks you have bein an insperation to me xx im currently learning the sims build theme 1 xx and 2 if you need anything i can get it xx tar love ow just so you know iim a girl xx

  7. Marion says:

    does anyone know the name of the different musics the characters can play on piano in the sims 3 ?
    cause there is one i really want to know the name of. and that for years.

  8. Ana says:

    Many thanks to Jack! It’s perfect, cause I’ve been playing some bits and pieces on my violin, but now I have the whole song! :) THANK YOU! :)

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